Transcript for Brown, John, Reminiscences and journals, 1843-1896, vol. 1, 155-56

It was now time to commence operating for the Pertetual Fund company, Oxen cows &c were to be purchased[.] I went into Missouri & purchased 50 yoke of oxen & drove them up to Kanesville where I had the charge of them & had to heard them for more than a month before they were all given out to the brethren[.] This was very tedious I had to camp out on the Prairie with all alone the most of the time[.] It was one of the wetest Springs ever known in thet country[.] the Small Streams were impassable for days & week this made the starting of the emigration very late and after the companies had pretty much all Started[.] Elder Hyde who was Presideing there at that time told me to gather up the fragments, organize them and Start with them accordingly I did so & left the Missouri River on the 7th of July with upwards of 50 wagons[.] While crossing the Elk Horn River
July 1851

Elias Smith[,] Samuel [Pierce] Hoit [Hoyt] and others overtook us and joined the camp[.] We persued our Journey <over> the Planes without any thing of great importance or unusual occurrence hapening to us. The most remarkable thing that occurred was that I was able to manage the camp as Capain of fifty without any difficulty[.] there was not a single rebellion against my orders on the whole rout and unlike all the other companies came through without divideing up Notwithstanding we had some gentiles emigrants in company

Before leaving Kanesville I received a letter from home Stateing that my little son, Amasa Lyman died on the 7th of November 1850

I reached home on the 28th of September 1851[.] I found my family well[.] My wife had a daughter 8 months old[.] She was born on the 15th of January 1851