Transcript for Brown, Prudence, to Joseph and Ann Brown, 9 August 1858

Wood River, August 9, 1858

Dear Father and Mother,

I imbrace this opportunity to write to you, to let you know how we all are. At present we are all quite well, yet our hearts are sad. I must tell you not to grieve when you receive this letter and the sad tidings of the death of your beloved son and our dear husband and brother Samuel. We laid his body in the grave this morning on the Broad Plain. Yet I am happy to say under the shade of a large Elm Tree. His grave is in a beautiful place, and should you travel this road when you come to the Valley you will find it about 12 miles above the lower crossing of the Wood River. We dressed him in his clothes and had a very good coffin made for him. The Company was very kind to us.

Dear parents, you must not morn for him, for he is happy and we will meet him again in the morning of the first Ressurection. He has gone to do a work that he could not perform, and stay with us. We morn to leave him, but we are resigned and acknowledge the Hand of the Lord, which you must try and do. We did all in our power to save him, but he could not stay. If you have received my letters, you will learn that he was not well before he started on this journey. He did not seem to suffer any pains. It seemed to be weakness, and he died without a groan. I am glad that I was here with him. I am sorry for one thing and that is that he has not had his blessing in the House of the Lord. Yet I know there are those upon the Earth who can act for Him, and oh, I xort [exhort] you all to be Faithful in this cause, for this is the work of the Great Jehovah. Tell Benny to be Faithful, for he has onse [once] been with the Church where he could get his blessings, and has not got them. Tell him for me to hasten to the mountain of the Lord, and do a work for himself and the departed…. and Father, I loudly cry for you to come and gather your little Flock around you, and I hope they may all prove to be bright and shining lights in your Crown, and Mother I say rejoice that your children are striving to keep the Commandments of God, and that [text missing]

Elbert sends his love to you all. They are Babttised in the channel of light, and they will prove a blessing to you hereafter. Tell Father Wilbert not to grieve, or think that Cate will not have Friends. I wish he was here with us, and all the rest of you, but I must tell you before you start on this Journey, that this is a hard road to travel, we have meet with many things to try us since we started, yet we go on saying all is wright [right], and I hope, and I have full confidence that we are sustained in your prayers. The road is free for immigration now and I think we will go on without any molestation. I hope you are all well. I often think of you and wish you was with us, and I hope the time will speedily come when you will be. I must bid you good night as my sheet is full. I have many more things I would like to tell you but will wait untill another time. Give my love to all. Cate sends her love.

From your Daughter Prudence.