Transcript for Brunson, Lewis, to Robert L. Campbell, 28 Sep. 1862, [3-4], in Missionary reports, 1831-1900

On the 27th [of April] I was requested by President O. E. Bates to go to Florence in company with Jno [John] Brown to help forward the emigration[.] Accordingly I on the following day I took leave of New York, and Started en route for Florence travelling to Detroit via the great Suspension Bridge where I had an excellent view of the “Falls”, paid a short visit to my relatives in Illinois, and arrived at Florence on the 15th of May. On the 16th I started en route for Fort Desmoines after a herd of cattle and returned to Florence on the 30th. Here I staid until the 17th of June, occupying the time in hauling provisions &/c fitting up wagons, and otherwise assisting the emigration. A company was then organized consisting of 212 persons 251 oxen , 48 wagons, 251 oxen, 68 cows, 17 horses and ten mules, and I was called upon by Jos[eph]. W. Young to lead them across the plains with which requisition I cheerfully complied. We had a very prosperous journey, but on account of high water we had to cross the black hills which made our travelling a little more fatiguing than it would otherwise have been. During our journey I baptized forty nine persons many of whom had never before been baptized. A very remarkable case of healing I will here mention: One sister who was very lame desired to be baptized for her health believing She would be benefited thereby. Accordingly I baptized her, and in connection with the elders administered to her by the laying on of hand when by the blessing of God she was healed and enabled to pursue her journey.

On the 29th of August we arrived in Great Salt Lake City, being a little over ten weeks in travelling about one thousand miles.