Transcript for "Recollections of David D. Bulloch," 42.

In 1863 Samuel White was Captain of our Company. He was also our Captain in 1868. A circumstance happened when I was down to the plains. Brother Charles Adams from Parowan had his three yoke of oxen on his wagon and an electrical storm came up and the lightning split telegraph poles and struck the hind end of the wagon, made a hole in the cover large as a hat and set the wagon on fire. He was loaded with 3400 pounds of powder, stoves, etc. We all ran to his rescue, pulled off the cover and used the emigrant cans of water we had along to drink to douse the fire. The lightning ran right through the wagon, along the tongue and killed five out of his six oxen and knocked him down. Had it struck an immigrant wagon many would have been killed.

When we returned with the emigrants in 1863, those in my wagon all remained in Salt Lake.