Transcript for Burton, Richard F., The City of the Saints, and Across the Rocky Mountains to California [1971], 180

We passed on the way a party of emigrants, numbering 359 souls and driving 39 wagons. They were commanded by the patriarch of Mormondom, otherwise Captain John Smith, the eldest son of Hyrum Smith, a brother of Mr. Joseph Smith the Prophet, and who, being a child at the time of the murderous affair at Carthage, excepted being coiffe’d with the crown of martyrdom. He rose to the patriarchate on the 18th of February, 1855; his predecessor was “old John Smith”—uncle to Mr. Joseph, and successor to Mr. Hyrum Smith—who died the 23d of May 1854. He was a fair-complexioned man, with light hair. His followers accepted gratefully some provisions with which we could afford to part.