Transcript for "Celestia Clarissa Bromley Buys, reminiscences", DUP Pioneer History Collection, Page 2.

In June, 1866, the Mormon emigrants came, and a friend of ours, Robert Daybell and family, visited with us a few days. We disposed of our things, got a tent, and other things ready and bid goodby to our relatives.

We then take the steamboat for Omaha, Neb. July 3, 1866 with Captain [Samuel D.] White's train. We go for a few miles then lay over for the 4th of July. In this train there was Robert S. Duke, later Patriarch Duke, who had gone to bring emigrants. Robert Daybell, wife and baby were coming with him. Robert Daybell was lost, and never found nor heard of: The men went back to hunt for him. The train Stopped over but the Indians were bad. They had burnt the stage station, horses and some telegraph poles. Captain White said we must go on, so the children and old people ride in the wagons.

Every man took his gun and walked on the right side of the wagons. I drove the team. The teamster had his gun ready to shoot if the signal was given. There were about fifty Indians. They would come almost to the train, make a circle with their horses, then get under the horses and point their arrows at us. That night when we camped the Indians came to the campfire. The Captain gave them bacon and other things. They smoked the pipe of peace. The next morning we went on our journey unmolested.