Transcript for Byington, Joseph H., Letter, 3 May 1905, in B. Fay Byington, comp., The Family History of the Byington Family [1984], 77-78

Neeley Idaho
Onida Co
May 3 1905

To the Historian of the Gedediah [Jedediah] M. Grants Hundred

I saw a peace in the News of May the 1 requesting a few lines from any one that came out in Gedidiah Hundard as I was one that came out in his Compney in the yeare 1847 I thought I would drop you a few lines[.] I was born January 25, 1829 in the <state> of Ohio in Astabuley Co in a little Town <cald> Shieffeld [Sheffield.] at that I came out with a man by the name of Lievi [Levi] Evens[.] Later we was in Brother [Joseph Bates] Nobals [Noble's] fifty in Robert Harvey Pircerse [Peirce's] tenn [ten.] the first incounter that I can think of was when we was travling on the South fork of the Plat[te] River was that the fifty had too stop travling to let a Haird of Bufflows pas[s] down to the River[.] I think as ny [nigh] as I can recllate [recollect] that we stoped from three quarters of an hours to one hour

the next was when our fifty and Brother Snows fifty was Camped clost to geather when Brother Snows lost 75 head of theare Cattle throught a stamped[.] I was on gard at the time the gurd from our fifty run over to try and stop the Cattle from git[t]ing out but we coldent stop them[.] we keep them in till theay made three Cir[c]les around the Correll when theay brok[e] out and took for the Paraies and I beleve that theay never got But 4 head of them[.] this was on the Plat[te] River

the next axadent was somewhere on the Sweatwater [Sweetwater] we had stop the train or the Compney to look for a crossing over a little strem when Brother Charl[e]s Decker and som on[e] or two more that was with him came riding up with thear Blankets ti[e]d on thear sadles and floping[,] stamped the teams and theay went through the strem without looking for a Crossing and as ny as I can rectleact theare was a wagon brokin nor eny one hur[t.] you will hafto excuse my writing and spelling[.] I remain your Brother in the Gospel of Christ

Joseph H. Byington Sr