Transcript for "Capt. D. H. Cannon's Train," The Mountaineer, 13 July 1861, 162


BEING sensible of the deep interest felt by the people at large in this year's emigration, we have deemed it advisable to supply the following list of names of the first emigrant train of this season. This company left their encampment near Florence on June 1st, and met a train from this city at Elk-Horn on the 2d, and the advanced teams of the Church train on the 11th. The Huntsman's Echo states that till the time of their arrival at Wood River, the camp enjoyed good health, and had averaged 18 miles travel per day:

W[ashington]. S. [Lafayette] Jolley; E. B. Jolley; D[avid]. H. Cannon; Elijah Thomas; Isaac Harrison, Phebe H Overbay; R. C. E. Nichols; Sam[uel] Ward, wife and child; W[illia]m. Dreemer, wife and four children; Levi Dreemer, Tho[ma]s. J[efferson]. Jones and wife; W[illia]m. Orton; Truman Higby [Higley], wife and four children; Walter Eladiom; Sarah J. Wooldridge; Ja[me]s. Bosworth; Ralph [Plain] Smith, wife and four children; E. R. Walker; Martha Bailey and son; Elam Spenny [Sperry]; wife and child; Fred[erick]. Merryweather and wife; Hylan Davis; W[illia]m. W. Hutchings; Fred. [Frederic] Kingston; Martha Henson [Hanson]; Lewis Williamson, wife and three children; Jane Peasley [Pearsley]; Robert Halford, wife and two sons; Martha E[llen]. [Roscoe] Sant; Robert Fisher, wife and two children; W[illiam]. Turner, wife and child; Joseph Oxborrow and wife; John Sandersen, wife and two children; John [Title] Druton [Denton], wife and three children; Joseph [Henry] Joseph, wife and three children; Ann Joseph; Reese Richards; J. W. Thomas; John Royle; John Bosworth and wife; Robert Thomas, wife and two children; Eliz[abeth]. Wilson; Manilla [Marilla Terry] Hanson and six children; Abel Mathews and son; Martha [Britland] Roscoe; W[illia]m. Green, wife and child; Charles [R.] Wootton; Eliz[abeth]. [Chandler] Ford and three children; Clark Berzee [Barzee], wife and four children; Bartlett Tripp; Gilbert [H.] Cummings, wife and four children; Lemuel J. Cornwell, wife and son; Charles Williamson; Emma Morris; Hilton [Milton] Cheney, wife and 7 children; James McCurdy; Susan Legget; Hurd [Heard] Cheney; Clark Higley, wife and four children; Justitia Higley; Harvey Lyons; Elisha H. Harrison; Mary Mills; J[ames]. S[amuel]. McGhotock [McClintock]; wife and two children; J. Greenfield; S[amuel]. A[llen]. Wilcox, wife and eight children; John McGuire; Crandall Ellison; R[euben[. B[urgess]. Eggleston, wife and child; Orson H[yde]. Eggleston; Tho[ma]s. George, and three children; Edward Burgoyne and wife; John [Jones] Allred and family; G[reene]. W[arren]. Allred; Isaac Y. [Newton] Allred; David H[arden]. Allred and family; W[illia]m. Miller; John J[ones]. Allred and family; Samuel Allred and wife; Robert Morris; S[olomon]. J[oseph]. Despain, wife and child; Susan Dean. Total 225 souls; 44 horses; 16 mules; 172 oxen; 64 cows; 57 wagons; 166 loose cattle.