Transcript for "Capt. Mumford's Train," Deseret Evening News, 19 September 1868, 3

CAPT. MUMFORD'S TRAIN.—The passengers' names coming in by this train will be found in another column. By letter from Capt. Mumford to President B. Young, with which we have been favored, dated Rock Creek, Sep. 11th, we learn that the train started on the 1st inst., the company having been organized with Elder James Smith President of the Saints, Elder Francis A. Brown Chaplain, and Elder Samuel Southwick Secretary. Four deaths had occurred in the company up to date: Mary Rollinson, aged 72; John Williams, aged 75; and two infants. The health of the company was good at date of writing. The nights were cold, but large fires and extra clothing warded off its effects. No Indians had been seen by the company on the way. The returning missionaries with it are James Smith, Francis A. Brown and Henry Barlow.