Transcript for "Captain W. S. S. Willis' Company," Deseret News, 20 September 1865, 403

CAPTAIN W. S. S. WILLIS' COMPANY left Wyoming, August 15th, 1865:—

William S. S. Willis, Captain; Frederick W. Cox, Chaplain; Alfred Lee, George Sims, W. H. Waylett, returning missionaries; Joseph L. Barfoot, Commissary; H. C. Fowler, Henry Walters and wife, Charles C. Shaw and family, D[avid]. M. Davis and family, M[ary]. A[nn]. Gough and son, Carl [C.] Assmussen, Sister A.[Augusta] A.[Adams] Cobb and daughter, Sister Meith, George Stokes, George Hilleir [Hillier] and family, Elizabeth Northern, Elizabeth Isom, Sarah Isom, H. [Henry] E. Cottell, Jane Sprague, Mary A. Davies, Robert Swain, Thomas Simper and family, Elizabeth Cutliffe, Rhoda Watts, Joseph Duncombe and family, Susanna Griffin, Sister [Mary Ann] Maddock, Archibald Fram[e] and wife, Elizabeth Salmon, William Dickinson, John Dewsnip, Mary Worseldine, Jane Pierce, Samuel Morgan and family, William J. Wixen and wife, Hopkin Jones and family, William White and family, Louisa Williams, Jon J. Streuli, Johann Kerzog [Herzog], A[nna]. Schubell, Stephen Spicer, Francis King, George Hardy and family, Margeret Lawrenson, Kate Thurgood, Matilda L. Webb, M. J. Everett, Prudence Brown, James Ash and family, Betty Butterworth, James Baxter and two sons, Elizabeth Bowditch [Bowdige], David Davies, Jane Cook, Harriet O'Brien, William Bromley and family, Jos. Bircumshaw and sister, Joseph Bates and wife, John Haseldine and family, Ann Hookway, Catherine Hagell, Samuel Hallett and wife, George Holme [Hulme], Thomas Harry and family, William Townley and family, Isaac Peek and family, Joseph Jackson, [W]Illiam Jardine, Elizabeth Killburn, Mrs. [Eliza] Kershaw and family, Henry Lashbrooke and family, Charlotte Gardner, Susan Miller, John Moss and family, John Ma[c]e, John Mears, Irwin McBride, W[illiam]. D. Newton [Newsome], William Priestly and family, Thos. Porcher and wife, Lorenz[o] Peterson, Bent Rolfson, John Sparks and wife, Jane Scutliff, Ann Crosby, Elesenere [Eliseman] Savage and daughter, A. Simm and wife, Clara Stillman, Mathew Templeman and son, Dorothy Wilson and family, Mary Williams and family, George B. Wilguss, Saml. Cox wife and sister, Catherine Brunton, Elizabeth Earl[e]y, Mrs. [Abigail] Roberts.