Transcript for Charles Smith reminiscences and diary, 1842 March-1905 June, 31-42, 333

While at Mormon Grove i was Chosen a Captain of ten, and Clerk of the Company[,] J F [Jacob E.] Secrist was captain of the Company[.] we moved our camp ground out about two miles[.] this Company consisted of 54 Waggons 33 of which were Danish

on the 13th of June Daniel Horrocks died of the Cholera a Native of England

on the 14th we traveled 12 miles[.] this evening J M Coombs, paid our Camp a visit Deputed [deputized] by Bro D Spencer one of the agents of the P[erpetual] E[migrating] Fund Company to raise what means he could to assist the poor, and forward the emigration, means amounting to Several Hundred Dollars was raised,

the 2nd Company stood thus[.] 54 Waggons J F Secrist Captain[,] O[smyn] M[erritt] Duel [Deuel] Captain 1st ten[,] C[harles] Smith 2nd ten[,] E[rick] G M Hogan Pres Danish division[,] P[eter] Hanson [Hansen] Sergeant Danish Guard[,] N[oah] T[homas] Guymon Captain Guard[.] the Arms of the Company inspected on the 10th and reported in good order with a good supply of ammunition to Cross the plains with, the purchase of a horse was laid before the Company for the use of the Company and agreed to

on tuesday evening 12th D Spencer & Milo Andrus paid the Camp a visit[.] gave us some instructions, and pronounced upon us the blessings of the Almighty

14th we traveled 12 miles as stated before a good place to Camp. Bro Coombs who had been sent to obtain means for to assist the emigration obtained the following sums.

James Mather, $200.00
Peter Horrocks, 150.00
Margaret Ann Blench, 43.65
John Dolling, 7.00
Thomas Morgan, 50.00

Total, $450.65

Bro Coombs blessed us in the name of Lord, we then started on our journey at noon[.] traveled 11 miles[.] warm day and windy and camped on a Creek, at 7 miles we Crossed on (sic.) a Creek[.] good place to Camp

Saturday 16 we traveled 10 miles and Crossed a Creek bad Crossing and nooned[.] in the afternoon we went 8 miles and camped at a point of timber on the left of road.

Sunday 17 we laid by in the afternoon[.] the arms of the Brethren were inspected and instructed in their duties in relation to traveling[.] in the evening we had a sacrament meeting and preaching by the Brethren.

Monday 18 we traveled 8 miles and nooned[.] good Clear water on right of the road in a hollow[.] in the afternoon we traveld 4 miles and camped on muddy [Creek.] here we met a Company of Elders from the valley were going on Missions[.] in the evening there was a thunder storm, which prevented us from having a meeting

tuesday 19 in the Morning Captain Secrist Called a meeting and several of Brethren from the valley spoke and joy filled our hearts, we gave them the parting hand and bid them God speed[.] we traveled this day ten miles very warm[.] one person died in the danish Company. Sister Welsh was taken sick with the Cholera[.] in the afternoon while we were traveling i was called upon to administerd to her, this evening we had a meeting gave the saints some instructions and felt well, this night we camped at Oak point on the prairie. the next morning we traveld 4 miles and camped for the day near a good clear spring 1 mile from the Nimehaw [Nemaha.] this day died Thomas Morgan born at Alton[,] Illinois June 14, 1843. in the evening i baptized Elizabeth Ogleby also Wm Grundy for the benifit of his health and a Danish brother[.] we had a thunder storm at night

thursday 21st we buried Thomas Morgan near the road on a rise of ground, this morning we crossed the Nimehaw [Nemaha] a stream about two rods wide and a foot deep[.] we traveled 8 miles this day to Oak point, good place to Camp[.] this eve[n]ing we held a meeting and were instructed by Brothers Duel & Secrist, we confirmed Elizabeth Ogleby a member of the Church.

Friday traveled 7 miles[.] rainy day so stop[e]d early and camped near a grove of Hickory[.] good place to camp

Saturday 23 we traveled 8 miles to vermillion Creek and nooned[.] in the afternoon we went 8 miles further to Elm Creek, passed this day some U.S. Waggons[.] fine day pleasent wind. Died in the Danish Division Jens Poulsen age 70,

Sunday June 24 we rested in the forenoon[.] in the afternoon the brethren were drilled in the use of fire arms[.] we held a sacrament meeting in the evening[.] soon after getting up our Cattle something frightened our horses and 4 of them ran away.

Monday June 25th in the morning early two Brethren went to hunt the horses, the Company traveld a few miles and stayed a few hours to look for the Horses, but without success[.] we then went on to the Big Blue river and camped for the night[.] we traveled 12 miles this day (brothers Secrist and [John] Pugh went back to hunt the horses)[.] we held a meet[i]ng this night and preached to the Saints.

Tuesday 26 we laid by this day waiting for the Brethren who were hunting horses[.] in the even[in]g they returned without finding them[.] this eve[n]ing we held a meeting and felt to rejoice[.] Br. Secrist & pugh went back to try to find the horses[.] died this day in the Danish Division Mothe Marie Clemensen Christiansen age 3 years

Wednesday 27 we crossed the big Blue and traveled 15 miles and camped at a pond to the right of the road[.] feed rather scarse [scarce], died at this point John Falkner, from Nova Scotia aged 2 years

Thursday 28 we traveled to Indian Creek 15 miles and camped for the night[.] this day the wind was very high and hot, arid dusty[.] died this day in the Danish Division Johanne Mauritzens

Friday 29 Several thunder storms[.] in the afternoon we moved across the Creek. about a mile [.] in the afternoon Bro Pugh arrived with the Horses with the exception of one which had been kept back in place of a mule which had been lost that had been left with Bro Secrist, the Horses had been taken up on the Nimehaw [Nemaha.] Bro Secrist had been left back having been taken sick with Cholera[.] a Carriage had been sent back from Bro Blairs Company, in the evening died Stephen Welsh from Novascotia [Nova Scotia] of cholera, Bro Falkners oldest Son was taken sick with the Cholera, we were Called in to administer to him[.] Bro Blairs company came up with us this evening,

Saturday 30th the Danish division of our Camp moved on and 21 Waggons remained waiting for Captain Secrist, this morning Sister Falkner from Nova Scotia was taken sick with the Cholera[.] i was Called in to administer to her twice during the day[.] in the evening we held a meeting and Elders spoke forcibly to the Saints, Shewing [showing] them the Destroyer had power amongst us, it was agreed that we should hold a fast on the morrow and humble ourselves before the Lord[.] moved by Noah T Guymon[.] seconded by Charles Smith that we have a fast[.] Carried

Sunday 1st July Bro John Mayer and Edmund Ellis arrived with Captain Secrist[.] we removed him to his waggon[.] in the morning we washed and anointed him all over and laid hands upon him in the name of the Lord[.] this morning we held our meeting and fasted and prayed before the Lord and partook of the sacrament[.] it was considered wise to move to another camp ground[.] in the afternoon we traveld 10 miles.

Monday 2nd we started about 9 o clock[.] in a little while we were oblidged to halt as Brother Secrist was worse[.] the Company moved on to the Creek, several of us stayed with him until he died which was about one o Clock, we nooned on a small running stream[.] in the afternoon we crossed a stream two or three rods wide & from 1—to 2 feet deep[.] we sent a messenger on to Bro Blairs Company to get some tin to make a coffin with, that we might carry his remains to the valley, this day we traveled 12 miles

Tuesday 3rd we came to Blairs Camp on the little Blue[.] the Brethren tried to get out timber to make a wood Coffin but were unable to do so[.] this evening the tin Coffin was finished and the body was put in to it and soldered, the materials were deemend [deemed] insufficient to take his remains to the valley.

Wednesday 4th this morning we buried Captain Secrist[.] afterwards we held a Council consisting of N T Guymon[,] O M Duel [Deuel,] Charles Smith[,] Eric G M Hogan[,] Peter Hanson [Hansen.] after some conversation, it [was] moved by Charles Smith, seconded by O M Duel that N T. Guymon be Captain of the Company. moved by N T Guymon & Seconded by O M Duel that Charles Smith be Chapl[a]in of the Company[.] moved by N T Guymon & seconded by C Smith that O M Duel take Charge of Brother Secrists effects, after dismissing the Council we called a meeting of the Saints and laid these matters before them, which were accepted, in the afternoon we Started[.] Several teams took fright[.] five Waggons were upset[.] one axle tree broke[.] Bro Falkner was hurt in his Shoulder[.] we proceeded to right up the waggons and by dark several were ready[.] this day we travel[e]d 8 miles. Died in the Danish Division Martin Poulsen 1 year old

Tursday 5 by noon the Waggons were all repair’d. this evening Sister Falkner died from Cholera age 37 from Nova Scotia[.] we traveled 10 miles this afternoon

Friday 6 we trav[eled] 20 miles up little Blue[.] a great many ravines and hollows to Cross[.] rather difficult[.] this evening we met a Government train of Waggons. this [evening] five Cheyenne Indians camped near us[.] they appeared freindly [friendly.] they said they were hunting Pawnees.

Saturday 7th we traveled 10 miles and Camped whe(re) the road leaves the little Blue[.] this afternoon we held a Council meeting[.] it was agreed we hold a Counsel meeting and administer sacrament and fast until after meeting, meeting to commence at 7 o Clock[.] also that we travel in the afternoon of Sunday[.] this afternoon Stephen Falkner died from Cholera age 14[.] at night we held Public meeting of the whole camp.

Sunday July 8th this morning Elder Charles Smith rebabtized [rebaptized] James Falkner[,] Rebecca Falkner[,] Eliza Falkner. & Edward Falkner 1st time[.] meeting commenced this morning at 7 o Clock after Sacrament[.] the meeting was addressed by Elders Charles Smith and E G M Hogan[.] in the afternoon we traveled 15 miles and camped on Slippery Creek.

Monday July 9th we traveled 18 miles this day[.] no water until you get to the Platte river which can be obtained at 14 miles by going direct towards the river. this evening Burke Falkner from Nova Scotia died of Diarrhea aged 4

Tuesday 10 this morning mary Welsh died of Cholera[.] she had been Sick Several weeks[.] this day we passed Fort Kearney, travel[e]d 14 miles

Wednesday 11th we traveled 15 miles[.] we passed the Camp ground of the First Company[.] we found a writing that they had gone on after waiting 14 days[.] we concluded to travel on this evening[.] the Brethren killed a Buffalo

Thursday 12th we traveled 10 miles and nooned at a place Slough. in the afternoon we Crossed a Creek 35 miles from Fort Kearney[.] Steep going down[.] this afternoon we traveled 7 miles making 17 miles this day[.] good place to Camp

Friday 13 in the forenoon we traveled 10 miles, a little before noon John Prescott fell out of the Waggon and had His thigh broke by the wheel going over it[.] in the afternoon we traveled 6 miles making 16 miles this day

Saturday 14th we traveled 12 miles and then laid by for Sunday[.] road near the river[.] plenty of grass on the river Bank

Sunday 15 this morning we fasted and held our meeting and administered Sacrament[.] much instruction was given in relation to taking care of our Cattle[,] journeying and so forth[.] in the afternoon we traveled 7 miles.

Monday 16 we traveled 18 miles in the forenoon[.] we Crossed a Dry Creek with Several good springs to the right, you have to travel a good way without water[.] this night we camped on a Slough near the junction of South Platte

Tuesday 17 we traveled up South Platte 18 miles and camped at night on a Slough[.] plenty of grass but no timber

Wednesday 18 this morning Some Waggons passed us returning from Fort Laramie and some gold diggers, the road very Sandy in places[.] we traveled 8 miles and nooned in the Bottom[.] in the afternoon we traveled 8 miles and camped near the river, we passed the 3rd Company of Saints for Salt Lake about an hour before Camping

Thursday 19 we traveled 20 miles and camped on the river Bank 10 miles below the Crossing

Friday 20 we reached the Ford of the South Platte at 11 o clock[.] we Crossed 54 Waggons[.] Williams train of good[s] had just Crossed[.] just as we had crossed the 3rd Company came up and crossed[.] in the afternoon we travel[e]d 6 miles and camped on the plain[.] Some pools of water to the left of the road

Saturday 21st we travel[e]d to the North Platte and laid by at Ash Hollow

Sunday 22st [nd] we held meeting in the forenoon and administerd Sacrament[.] in the afternoon we traveled 7 miles[.] road very Sandy

Monday 23rd we traveled 12 miles[.] road very sandy[.] this morning our Horses ran away[.] got frightened by Some means[.] some of the Brethren pursued them 12 miles but could not overtake them

Tuesday 24th we traveled 20 miles and camped on the point of a Bluff near the river[.] some Sioux Indians came to our Camp this evening, quite freindly[.] we gave them provisions, we heard of our Horses this evening[.] they are with the 1st Company[.] Several of the Brethren were appointed this evening to go for them[.] we crossed a Creek a few miles before we camped

Wednesday 25 we traveled 22 miles[.] crossed a Creek a little before noon[.] we camped 8 miles below Chimney rock by turning of[f] the road ½ mile onto the Platte[.] we got our Horses back to day

Thursday 26 we passed Chimney rock and traveled 16 miles this day and camped a little below a trading post[.] two miles below where the road leaves the river for Scotts Bluffs.

Friday 27 we passed through Scotts Bluffs[.] road rather difficult[.] dangerous for heavey Waggons[.] we nooned wher[e] the road strikes the river again[.] in the afternoon we went up the Bottom 3 miles and camped making 15 miles this day[.] camp[e]d near a mile from the road.

Saturday 28th came to Horse Shoe Creek by noon 13 miles[.] no water but learned afterwards that there was water up the Creek ½ a mile[.] in the after noon came to the platte 7 miles making 20 miles this day[.] this afternoon we passed over a bluff 1½ miles[.] very Sandy

29 Sunday we laid by all day to rest our cattle and keep Sabbath[.] in the evening we held meeting and administerd Sacrament

Monday 30th we traveled 18 miles and camped on the platte below Laramie 7 miles[.] feed very scarce.

tuesday 31st we came to Fort Laramie and nooned[.] in the afternoon we traveled six miles making 14 miles[.] road rough and Sandy[.] camped on the platte[.] feed pretty good

Wednesday August 1st we took the road into the Black Hills and traveld to Bitter Cottonwood Creek 13 miles[.] we got water at some springs down the Creek

Thursday 2nd we went to Horse Shoe Creek[.] one of the Danish Brethren Broke a Waggon tongue[.] this we traveled 15 miles this day, feed good

Friday 3rd we started with the intention of going to the La Bonte river[.] at 6 miles we came to the Platte[.] good place to camp[.] the road leaves the river and comes to it again at 4 miles[.] we nooned here[.] we left the river and ascended the Bluff[.] road very rough for a little way[.] we traveled until dark[.] we then laid by until the moon rose[.] we then went to the river about 4 miles where we arrived about 4 o Clock on the morning of the 4th making about 30 miles alltogether

Saturday 4th we laid by all day[.] feed rather Scarce[.] river not running only in places

Sunday 5th we traveled to the La Prele river 17 miles[.] river low and feed Scarce

Monday 6th we traveled to the Platte[.] at Mid day we had a very heavey thunder Storm[.] we traveld 14 miles this day

tuesday 7th we Crossed Deer Creek about 10 o Clock in the fore noon[.] traveled this day 15 miles[.] camped on the Platte

Wednesday 8th we traveled 14 miles and camped 4 miles below the Crossing and 1 mile above the Bridge[.] feed pretty good

Thursday 9th we crossed the Platte at 10 o Clock in the morning and traveld to where the road leaves the river[.] distance 14 miles[.] good place to Camp.

Friday 10th we traveled to the willow spring and camped[.] feed poor and water Scarce

Saturday 11th we came to grease wood Creek and noon[e]d[.] feed pretty good[.] in the afternoon we went to Sweet water 6 miles making 16 miles[.] feed abundant.

Sunday 12th this day we laid by in the forenoon[.] we held a Council and talked over matters in relation to our traveling[.] in the afternoon we held meetting and administerd Sacrament[.] in the evening we held meeting[.] the Company this evening agreed that the Companies Horse Should be given to Captain Secrists Widow

Monday 13th we passed Independance [Independence] rock[.] we came to the Devils gate and nooned[.] in the afternoon we traveled 5 miles.

tuesday 14th we [traveled] 15 miles[.] road very Sandy

Wednesday 15 we came to the three Crossings of Sweetwater by noon[.] in the afternoon we traveled 7 miles making about 16 miles this day

Thursday 16 we travled 16 miles and camped on Sweetwater[.] feed very scarce.

Friday 17th we came to where the road leaves Sweetwater to go over the rough rocky ri[d]ges[.] Bro Newey Broke part of a wheel which detaind the Company Some[.] traveled 10 miles this day[.] the Danish Brethren in trying to Shoe an ox put his Shoulder out and had to Shoot him

Saturday 18th we came to willow Creek[.] we took the right hand road which is a good road and free from rocks and about 2 miles furthur than the other one[.] we traveled about 15 miles this day[.] feed Scarce.

Sunday 19th in consequence of feed being Scarce we moved on to Sweet water[.] traveled about 10 miles[.] in the afternoon it began to rain and continued until evening.

Monday 20th moved to the Pacific springs 10 miles[.] feed abundant

tuesday 21st we came to Little Sandy 22 miles[.] feed Scarc[e]

Wednesday 22nd we came to Big Sandy 8 miles[.] in the evening Bro John Lang and Elizabeth Ogleby were married by Elder C Smith[.] Suitable instructions were given by N T Guymon & C Smith

Thursday 23rd we came down Big Sandy 17 miles[.] Feed Scarce

Friday 24th we came to Green river and nooned[.] in the afternoon we forded the river[.] feed very scarce on Green river this Season.

Saturday 25th we traveled to Black Fork 20 miles[.] feed Scarce.

Sunday 26th we moved to Hams Fork 5 miles and laid by for the day[.] we had a meeting in the danish Division in the evening.

Monday 27 traveled up Blacks Fork 18 miles[.] to day we met two Waggons with provisions from the valley.

Tuesday 28 came to Fort Bridger 14 miles[.] here we met a party with eight Waggons with provisions for the emigration.

Wednesday 29 i started with Bro Horrocks to go forward to the valley[.] the Company remaind at Fort Bridger to Shoe and rest their cattle

Thursday 30th Elder Snow and Bassett came just as the Company was ready to start[.] traveled ten miles this day and camped at the foot of a rocky Hill.

Friday 31st we traveled 20 miles and camped near the tar spring 1½ mile east of Bear river

Septr 1st we traveled 8 miles[.] we had a waggon wheel to make

Sunday 2nd we traveled 18 miles and camped in Echo Kanyon [Canyon.] the Mail passed us about eight o clock P.M.

Monday 3rd Bro Arthur Stayner met us from the valley[.] we traveld 16 miles this day and camped at the foot of Echo Kanyon [Canyon].

tuesday 4th we traveled 7 miles and camped at the mouth of Pratts pass[Pass]

Wednesday 5th we traveled 12 miles and camped on Kanyon [Canyon] river

Thursday 6th we came over the Big Mountain and camped on the Brow

on the 7 we arrived in great Salt Lake City and camped on Union square