Transcript for Christensen, Hans, [Autobiography], in Alten Christensen, comp., Heber C. Christensen--Annie Peterson: History of Their Life and Labors [1984], [14-15]

"We left Aalborg on the 6 th of April 1862 with a large company of Saints. It was my first voyage and my first taste of seasickness. At Hamburg we boarded the sailing vessel "Franklin" with Elder C. A. Madsen as our leader."

"We landed at Castle Garden, New York on May 30th and continued our road westward, partly by train and partly by steamer, until we reached Florence, Nebraska the early part of July. Florence was the outfitting place for those crossing the plains. With hundreds of others, I started from camp on the 24th of July. Older people with those who were not well would change about riding on the wagons on top of the baggage, but I walked nearly the whole distance. Because I was young and strong the trip was a pleasure and I received some of my first lessons in English, and also the art of driving oxen according to the American method."

"The train would camp for noon and night as near to water and grass as convenient. The wagons were drawn in a kind of a circle and on the inside we pitched our tents and made our campfires. This method of camping also served as a corral for our livestock. We saw quite a number of Indians but had no trouble with them."

"We arrived in Salt Lake City the latter part of September. Our hearts swelled with gratitude to God for his kind protection over us, both on land and on sea. The train camped on emigration square and we were surrounded with people who inquired for their friends. Those who had no acquaintances were taken care of by the Tithing Department until they could find a place to live."