Transcript for Christensen, Maren Fredrikka Petterson, Autobiographical sketch, 3

I soon received employment with an English family. In three months they left Chicago and we decided to go to Omaha were there were more Mormons, but alas many who had apostized from the church. At the Omaha Station we met three Elders from Utah who took us to a hotel for dinner after which they took us to the home of some Saints and asked us to remain one week after which arrangements had been made for us to go to Laramie free of charge with an English family. Laramie was half way across the plains to Utah and the end of the railroad. I had not the least idea of getting to Utah that same year. Without money or food we left with this family and we were overjoyed to be met by the Church wagons at Laramie with provisions, such as flour; pork, beans and beef. When an ox could be spared it was butchered and the greatest economy used in baking and cooking and rationing out. We were three weeks from Laramie to Utah by ox team, to carry our provisions, but we walked all the way and arrived in Salt Lake City and camped on the old tithing yard. Next morning the company broke up and each one driving to their different places where the teamsters belonged.