Transcript for Christian I. Munk journal, circa 1852-1888, 8-10

Sunday, July 10. At a council meeting held in the camp it was decided that five wagons should travel ahead to prepare a ferry on which to cross the Elkhorn River. These brethren reached the Elkhorn Tuesday., July 12th, but were forbidden by the men operating ferries on said river to do any work within a mile of their ferrying places.

Tuesday, July 12. We continued our journey westward and as we traveled along Herman Julius Christensen fell and was run over by a wagon. His nose was broken, but by administration and prayer he was convalescent in a few days.

Thursday, July 14. A second part of our company arrived at Elkhorn.

Friday, July 15. The third division of our company arrived at Elkhorn was and was ferried over across the river on the same day, making camp a short distance from the river.

Sunday, July 17. We made our first encampment on the plains, west of the Elkhorn.

Monday, July 18. We traveled quite a distance.

Tuesday, July 19. Sister Overlade [Karen Marie Jensen Overlade] gave birth to a child [Sarah Diana Overlade].

Wednesday, July 20. We arrived at Loup Fork and some of our company were ferried over the same day, making our  their encampment west near the southwest bank of the river.

Saturday, July 23. As we journeyed along we found seven graves.

Sunday, July 24. A brother by the name of Hans Anderson Pill [Peel] died. He was born on Bornholm and was buried on the prairie. On the same day Sister [Maren Hansdatter] Jensen, wife of Mads Chr. Jensen, gave birth to a male child who was named Denmark Jensen.

Wednesday, July 27. We remained in camp.

Thursday, July 28. We built a bridge over Loup Fork, crossed the river the same day and went into camp a short distance from the river.

Tuesday, August 2. We camped on the Platte River.

Monday, August 8. Bro. [Christian] Christiansen, a son of Father Christiansen [Christen Christensen], died and was buried on the prairie; he was born on Sjolland, Denmark.


Tuesday, Aug. 16. We passed Chimney Rock.

Saturday, Aug. 20. We crossed North Platte river and made our encampment on the other side, a short distance from Fort Laramie.

Saturday, Aug. 27. We made encampment on the west side of Deer Creek, where we remained several days.

Monday, Aug. 29. Bro. Herman Plase [DePlade] (born in Copenhagen) died.

Sunday, Aug. 28. Bro. Hans Larsen and Sister [Ane Marie] Madsen were united in marriage.

Wednesday, Aug. 31. After having rested several days, we continued the journey.

Monday, September 5. We passed Devil's Gate.

Sunday, Sept. 11. Two pairs of our company were united in marriage, Namely: Bro. Olsen and Sister Cirene [blank space], and Bro. Niels Petersen and Sister Petersen.

Thursday, Sept. 15. We made our encampment on Green River.

Tuesday, Sept. 20. We reached Fort Bridger.

Thursday, Sept. 22. We entered the mountains.

Friday, Sept. 30. We arrived in Great Salt Lake City and camped in the central part of the town.

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, a part of the company left Salt Lake City to journey southward. We camped for the night about four miles south of the town. On Thursday October 6, we continued our journey and camped by the warm springs north of the point of the mountain.

In the evening of October 7th, we camped in Provo, where we stopped two or three days. We arrived in Nephi on Wednesday, October 12th, where we stopped one day. In the morning of October 14th, we continued our journey, traveled through Salt Creek Canyon and camped for the night north of Uintah Spring. On Saturday, October 15th, we arrived safe and well in the place in Sanpete Valley where we expected to make our home. We called the place "Little Denmark" (now Spring City). On Monday, October 17th, we commenced to work by digging potatoes on Mount Pleasant Creek, working in the interest of our newly arrived company. On Sunday, October 23rd, most of the Saints who had arrived in our company renewed their covenants by baptism and partook of the sacrament. I was sick in the afternoon. On Wednesday, October 26th, William Andersen's stepfather, born on Falster, Denmark died.