Transcript for Christian Stucki life story, Library of Congress collection of Mormon diaries, 1935-1938

We came to Salt Lake City, Utah in July 1860, and came to Santa Clara, Utah in 1861. Before we crossed the plains we stayed at Florence where my father [Samuel Stucki] who was a turner and carpenter made many of the handcarts which were used by the Pioneers. My father bought a cow intending to harness her to the handcart to pull it across the plains. The cow ran away and tipped the handcart over and threw myself and my sister Rosina, who was about three years of age out. Father then gave the cow to a Danish company in return for which one of the men helped my father pull the handcart.

My mother [Magdalena Stettler Stucki] helped also but her feet got blistered and although she still had to walk she couldn’t help pull the handcart. My brother John S[tettler]. Stucki (9 years old) also had to walk, as did my sister Mary Ann who was six years old.