Transcript for Christopher Arthur Emigrating Company journal, 1853 February-October

[Written by George Sims]

12 Thursday [May, 1853 at Keokuk, Iowa]. Fine day[.] much Warmer[.] gave out 1 axe to 2 Waggons to all uno. Captain Lyon[.] also 2 chains, & 3 yokes[.] Watch appointed[:][John Duncan] Heggie[,] How [,] Rough [,] [George] Horsfall[.] prayers attended in the room of Elder Miller, ascertained the occupation of all in the camp names of all those who had axes given to them[.] washed our cloth[e]s by the water side[.] health remarkably good[.] Elder Haight told us to take care of our chains and lard[.] oil Burned well[.] health remarkably good.

13 Friday. Fine day[.] Warm[.] prayers in the morning[.] Several sisters Washing on the Banks of the Mississippi, several of the Brethren at work on the roads[.] Brethren exchange their overweight goods for food and other commodities[.] Busily engaged in attaching boxes to their waggons[.] arrangements for starting in a state of preparation[.] (Brethren rejoicing in the fresh provisions afforded them by their employment[.] health of the camp remarkably good[.] The Tradespeople of people of Keokuk saw they were busy in caus agian [again] of the Mormon camp[.] the people of Keokuk were generaly civil[.] watch appointed[.] Some sisters remarked they would rather sleep in the tents with their husbands there

14 Saturday. Fine & warm day[.] prayers attended to[.] sold my Bed Pillows for 1½ dollar to reduce my luggage weight[.] saw some Brethren at work on the road[.] purchased some mutton / saw Bro Arthur [-] he said he would get the log Printed rather poorl

Sunday 15[.] Conference Held[.] Elder Wheelock[,] Picton[,] [John] Lyon[,] Arthu Parry[,] Crosby Present[.] Bro Chambers reporter[.] the usual proposition was made and accepted[.] Wheelock exhorted to keep the word of wisdom[,] carried[,] that all any Brethren be disfelloshipped that were found intoxicated. all thieves to be left on the plains[.] Morning & ever afternoon & evening meetings attended to[.] Sacrament administered[.] fellowship meeting in the evening

16 Monday. Wet the early part of the day[.] flour dealt out to Elder Lyons 18 Waggons[.] Elder [Robert] Martin recd [received] provision for Payres [sic][.] 21 was deducted from the full allowance[.] a Fellowship meeting in the evening at which Elder Lyon presided[.] wood & nails purchased for making the sides of the waggons

17 Tuesday. Very fine day[.] gave out Bacon for Bro Lyons company, in the afternoon the Rev- Mr. Harriss addressed our camp and endeavored to influence the minds of the people against their leaders[.] In the evening we assembled ourselves together and several Elders addressed the Meeting[.] (Elder Haight returned) most of the waggons were widened[.] the oxen were acpected on the ground[.] watch appointed by Elder [Richard E.] Waddington[.] general good health in the camp

18 Wednesday. Cold Morning & Windy[.] gave out 2 Bags of Rice and a chest of Tea[.] half the Tea given to Elder Arthur given but by me and Waddington[.] (this day a Pair of Pistols, Shot & Powder was placed in the Tent of Brother Walker[.)] He had lost them on board the International or had had them Stolen/on Watch with Brother Miller[.] dealt out rice & Tea (carried it round to the people)

19 Thursday. Fine day[.] very warm[.] Prayers attended to[.] Went to Keokuk about Journal[.] Felt very tired and unwell through excessive fatigue

20 Friday. Fine day[.] recd [received] 12 dollars to pay to Cooks Waterman closet cleaners &c [etc.] [.] recd 1¾ doll[ars] myself[.] Paid [Jonathan] Moyes 60 cents on acct of Waggon[.] Bought chisel Stone[.] laid out all my money[.] [William] Constantine very Bad[.] physician attended

21 Saturday. Paid 12 dollars to (see Copy Book) [.] a very fine day[.] tho/ 20 Company had their Oxen yoked (Proof sheet of the Diary punctuated by Elder Lyon[.)] (laid [sic] the principles of the Gospel to the Printer[)], (Borrowed 10 cents of Moyes) [.] Elder Gearys lottery came off at Waddingtons tent[.)] (Bro Waddington did not object to the repetitions of his successes in the diary[.)] in the night Peals of thunder and vivid flashes of lightning[.] Heavy rains[.] Prayers by Elder Lyon

22 Sunday. Sunday morning very wet[.] (had prayers)[.] was asleep in the waggon with my wife[.] the child Julia sitting in front[.] my wife in a dream put forth her foot and pushed the child out of the Waggon (she was not hurt thanks to Almighty God)

23 Monday. Gave flour & Bacon out[.] (very fine day)[.] Sold between 7 and 8 dollars worth of Diarys – Waddington owes me 60 cents[.] (Bro [James] Forsyth Insulted Elder Lyon[.)] – Printer sent 450 Diarys instead of 1000 for which he was paid 8 dollars[.] Elder Arthur gave me 2.0.0 and said that I was to have half the profits Bro Lyon 3/8 of the profit and [Henry] Maiben 1/8 of the profits, the 20 2.0.0 to pay the President and give him the change

24 Tuesday Paid E Arthur 7 doll[ar]s and 50 cents I.O 1 doll[ar] and 70 cents[.] (Weather very warm[.)] (2 or 3 Teams went out [-] Sugar Creak [Creek][.)] 485 + 485 = 970[.] 750 paid + 170 owe + 50 [-] = 970[.] ½ past 1 oclock Constantine died – Inflammation of the [-] dyssentery[.] (6 Bags of rice dealt out[)] Saints (not in t10 Company[.)] (Paid E Arthur 1.70 c[ents][.)] Mo E Py’- [morning and evening prayer] attended to

25 Wednesday. Fine Morning. A Council Meeting of the Priesthood called, in consequence of Sister [Clara] Newton Hadings father, [George P.] Waugh, in defending himself he unfortunately hurt her mouth – Her husband had been striking him – Bro [William] Newton Struck father Waugh[.] all parties were reconciled. By this time the sister made and their bread light – Heavy before[.] (Bro Constantine Buried.) Morning & Eve prayer was attended to[.] M-E pray’ att’ to

26 Thursday. Fine day. Went to the depot and got 6 bags of Rice and half Barrel of Salt[.] [--] to my wife for disease of the heart[.] (Many of the Brethren left us (for Sugar Creek.) in the evening we had a fellowship meeting[.] M&E prs

27 Friday. Fine Morning (6 Bags of Rice & half Barrel of Salt. given out[.)] (Rice 5 lb each to 1000 t[otal] company[.)] (wife much better after the administration)[.] M&E prays[.] prayers morning and evening

28 Saturday. Very Fine day. Bagnal Company arrived by the die Vernon-Falcon ship[.] a sister had lost a Box[.] Paid me a pound – prayers Morn & evening

29 Sunday. (Stormy <& rain>[.] No Meeting[.] Morng also after[noon][.] Testimony meeting in the evening. assisted Falcone company in putting up tents. Bro [Jacob] Gates asked if I had paid Bunting any money[.] I said $5.0.0[.] Bunting had deceived him.

30 Monday. Fine day (Hot)[.] gave out 17 mesrd [measured] Bacon & flour[.] gathered 525 cents for a sack[.] Waddington paid 450 for sack. about to return 75 cents for the Brethren – purchased 3 boxes of Nails – 10 cents[,] and Brad awl case for 40 – 6 lbs of Apples – Sugar & at Billings. Prayer Morng & Evening

31 Tuesday. Fine day. (Commenced with prayer[.)] Bought Jack Plane and Spokes[.] have 6 Spoons – Hooks – [-] – Bought [-] – Brother Bagnal 395 cents in exchange for a IOU

June 1 Wednesday. Fine day – Morning & Evg prayer – [John] Miller appointed for the Watch[.] dealt 4 mesrd [measured] of sugar pepper bacon & flour – gave Stewart an order for 40 lb of Bacon[.] ([.rance] sent to ocko with 12 men – Miller Captain of 12 men sent for the cattle[.] Bro Gates observed that we should go to away to morrow if he could manage it -- Old [Jonathan] Moyes bought a flag & top – caught in a Storm – Bought paper – & saws[.] prayer & went to Bed

2 Thursday. Morning 3 and 4 Heavy storm attended with flashes of lightning and thunder[.] 11 Oclock Bro Lyons company – started – Moyes thin[g]s left behind with 9 men to see after the cows – [Juliana E.] Davies sister moved to Bro [John Jones] Williams waggon – Sis [Elizabeth] Reynolds removed to Hassie for a few days when we shall overtake them[.] some things laid on a bush took fire. a few things burnt[.] Sis – Marshall –

3 Friday. Fine day. left by ourselves[.] Bro Bagnals Company behind us – Sister Reynolds came to us saying our luggage must be reduced to 75 lb each (sold Glass Picture frames. and Jack Plane – Moyes told Reynolds Bed[.] went in search of a stray ox – did not find it but found two others –. Posted a letter to my father. sold a Steam saucepan for Bro Moyes. Marshal –

4 Saturday. Very Wet. forked lightning. – our Oxen put into a field by Elder Haight – confined to bent but through continual wet[.] bought a pair of legging[s] – $ $1¾- 2½ lug[,] 2½ currant[.] group Meetings[.] said prayers morning – private prayer evening[.] Bro Haight returned[.] could not [find] cows[.] -felt unwell

5 Sunday. Very Fine & Hot[.] had a meeting with Bagnals Company – ½ past 10 – no Sacrament administered

6 Monday. Very fine day. Moyes & Company in Search of lost Cattle. making preparation for leaving. Morning & evening prayers – (sold a shirt – 2 Boxes[)] – reduced my luggage 75 lbs – leaving 75 to each person

7 Tuesday. Very Fine day[.] Cows arrived – preparing the waggon for starting. Moyes &c [etc] took the Cows – about 1 mile from camping ground –

8 Wednesday. Fine Morning[.] We left Keokuk without Sister Davies[.] travelled about 10 miles then camped near a farmhouse[.] Met Gates[.] told us to go on as far as we could – a Stormy [sentence unfinished]

BIRTH a female child [Marian Maiben] of Henry & Caroline [Penn] Maiben

Left Keokuk

9 Thursday. Early in the Morning about 3 Oclock Five that were on the Watch, returned to the wagon with the news that the Cows had run away – 2 oxen that were fastened to the waggon pulled violently and our sisters were frightened[.] 4 of us went to seek for them but it was dark[.] We returned to our Bed at half past 3 Oclock[.] we went again to seek for them, we found them in two valleys – all safe and all there. we put our oxen to the waggon and went on 3 miles further, camped and took breakfast[.] No general prayer. Camped at night 2 Miles from Sugar Creek, Placed the Cows in safety feeding $1¾ - to pay for it[.] Prayers[.] <davies ret>

10 Friday. Fine Morning – started to Farmington – and recd [received] 1 barrel of flour, and a bag of Salt – went on to the camp about 4 miles distance, arrived with the cows 56 in number[.] Gates called a Council meeting – and organized the company into two parts[.] the Independent and the L1.0.0.0. [Ten Pound][,] the Inde under Capt Carmichael – the L1 0.0.0 under Waddington[.] Captain Lyon to preside over the whole under Gates- drew up a Watch list for Thurkill – Maiben numbered the waggons – Moyes sold 2 calves for 3 doll[ars] each

11 Saturday. Very Hot[.] Travelled 15 Miles[.] Bro Cook’ Cow strayed[.] He stopt behind – Bro Maiben Beast[s] were tired and he was left behind –

12 Sunday. Very Hot & Fine. Entered the names of the independent Men and letterd and numbered the L10.0.0 company- Started at 9 oclock[.] found we had left a cow ready to calve behind at our camp[.] took [William] Cuffley back[.] found the cow in some bushes. left it with a farmer and Cuffley to calve[.] rode home in ox carriage – 2 Miles from String Town

13 Monday. Fine day[.] started about 8 oclock – Gates said Cuffley must come on and get cow into Wheelocks company[.] little Willy very ill[.] administered to him.

14 Tuesday. Rather Cooler. Travelled 14 Miles through drakesville – Willy seemed worse – Bro [Thomas] Ford summoned for refusing to Watch[.] pleaded sickness. Bro Lyon diss told him to do all he could[.] left Wheelocks company 7 miles behind us. Moyes sold a Cow for $4½ $ pd to Gates – 3d 50c

15 Wednesday. Camped at 4 o clock Soap Creek near Union Villa – in a storm[.] ground very wet – got the waggons across a Brook[.] Yoked the cows in pairs to [-] waggon[.] (Bro Hawkins nearly overturned – wonderful safe

16 Thursday. Weather Fine[.] Temperate[.] Travelled about 15 Miles. roads good[.] camped at 6 oclock on a large Priary [prairie.] abundance of water – and pasture – Cows. Had trouble with the cows in the woods – Yoked in Pair. 2 Milch [milk] Cows to three waggons

17 Friday. Started ½ past seven[.] Fine morning passed. Dodgers Point and took the right hand road [, which upon inqiury [inquiry] we found to be the best road- rolled on very fast, very warm in the afternoon[.] camped 7 miles within Chariton Point – Killed a calf weighing 120 lb and equally divided amongst 21 waggons – Alfred Moyes cut his foot with an axe – passed By the Burning we knew that we had passed an encampment. Watch appointed[.] Bro Gates proposed, that we should rest in the morning part of the coming Sabbath

18 Saturday. Started at half past 9 a.m. passed Chariton Town. 1 OClock – rolled along very fast and went – 12 Miles – and camped – where there was an abundance of Wood and clear Water at 5 oclock[.] a very fine day.

19 Sunday. A very Fine day. Council Meeting through Bro [Thomas] Hillier refusing to Watch – the morning spent washing and greasing waggons. no time for a general meeting[.] started at 2 oclock in the afternoon and travelled 6 miles and camped – 12 miles – from Chariton[.] Wood & water Plentiful[.] I went on watch with 6 others – my groin much swollen

20 Monday. Started about 8 Oclock[.] A Beautiful morning. Travelled abut 14 miles And camped between Chariton and White breast an B abundance of Wood and Water – a Beautiful Praiary [prairie]– Watch appointed from – [George] Chatfield[,] Maiben & [George] Jones –


[with a drawn picture]


21 Tuesday. Very fine morning[.] Started 9 oclock – Willy very Bad – died at ½ past 11. With [w]Hooping Cough and inflammation – at 2 oclock was Buried at White Thistle Prairie – in a Box of Bro Till. – Travelled about 22 miles – and camped at 7 oclock at a Branch of Grand River[.] an abundance of Wood[.] Watch appointed[.] (Bro Lyon superintended – the Burial of Wm Davies. age 2 ys & 2 months.) Had a Bath. groin Better through using Salt Water to it. anointed my feet with Con[secrated] oil as ministered to Julia.

22 Wednesday. Fine day[.] Travelled about 12 Miles[.] ca forded – 2 Branches – of the Grand River[.] Considerable labour of in filling the Hollows with Wood and earth – passed – Pisgay [Pisgah] Prairey – saw remains of cultivation – rested on the dwelling place of our people – camped at 6 oclock[.] an abundance of Wood & Water – Watch appointed – came on wet at 1 oclock. Axle tree of Bro Moyes Broken[.] Father Cooks Cow – dropped down exhausted – Father Cook fell in a Branch of the Grand River – Bro [.] now with cattle & Buaros

23 Thursday. Started ¼ Past 9[.] Travelled 10 Miles and camped at 2 oclock In Consequence of Scarcity of Wood and Water – for 30 Miles to come – a running Stream and much Wood. proposed to Start at 4 to morrow morning – Sisters employed Baking and Cooking

24 Friday. Started at ¼ past Seven. rested at 1 oclock. found Wheelocks company had overtaken us[.] much difficulty crossing two running Streams – the second one – Bro Williams waggon – overturned – with his child in it into the Stream – the child not hurt – the Boxes was taken out – the three waggons in company camped – we took the Body first and then the carriage[.] the rest of the waggons camped – a mile distant – But little wood. the carriage had sustained little injury – Two Bro [brethren] were up to their necks in Water – (Moyes[,] Williams[,] Hawkins. waggons left Behind).

25 Saturday. Started 9 oclock[.] and Moyes, Williams & Hawkins – waggons – overtook the camp at half past 2 oclock. camped on the east Bank of the West Fork. and a Nodaway River – Travelled about 22 miles. Squires asked me to carry my children – 5 miles to the [sentence unfinished] Camped at 9 oclock[.] very Tired[.] (Broke the slide of our waggon.) – Plenty of wood & Water – (rested for 2 Hours in at 2 oclock)

26 Sunday. Very fine – rested till 3 OClock[.] Sisters employed – Baking &c, [etc.] afterwards we rolled on 4 miles to cross a creek in case we their might be rain[.] the weather continued fine[.] we camped about five[.] Bro Gates gave some instructions about Travelling and proposed to start at seven in the Morning[.] divided a Young Calf between the Sick and aged of the ten pound Comp[an]y.

27 Monday. Started ½ past 7. Fine day & warm[.] rested at 1 oclock till 3 – having rolled 10 miles – Travelled 2 miles – and crossed a Stream then crossed the east Branch of the Nishny Bottomy [Nishbotna] River – afterward – we crossed Indian Creek and camped close by at half past 6[.] (a pioneer party was sent before to prepare the Banks of the Streams for crossing with Bro Gates[)] – during the night Heavy Storm. Thunder & lightning – about 50 miles from Kanesville

28 Tuesday. Off the ground by a quarter to eight A’M. Travelled 15 miles and rested for dinner[.] Travelled 5 miles more then was ferried over the West Fork of the Nishny Bottomy River – and camped at 9 oclock – plenty of Wood and Water[.] (Paid a Quarter dollar each for the Waggons being Ferry’d over. Cows and Oxen Swam across[.] no accident occurred (Watch appointed[.)] 21 $ for waggons for L10.0.0 company[.] Calf Broke it neck[.] Waggon run over it

29 Wednesday. Started ¼ to 8 – the ferry Boat Sunk – and Some of the Brethren had to swim for their lives – rolled on till 2 oclock[.] took refreshment. Crossed Silver Creek & Cag Creek. Travelled about 16 miles – camped ½ past 6 – plenty of Water – but little wood[.] Watch appointed[.] Camp general good health[.] 10 miles from Kanesville[.] (held a council meeting about watching[.] Bro Gates said we must be Strict about the watch as we were coming to an Indian country and that stringent measures must be adhered to [.] divided a Young Calf between the Sick and aged of the ten pound Compy.

30 Thursday. Fine morning[.] Started 8 oclock[.] early in the morning Bro Gates Said that Bro King should be disfellow shipped for carrying away a [p..n] of wood from a Bridge[.] arr rested from 1 until ½ past 2 – Travelled 14 miles – arrived in Kanesville 6 oclock[.] Bad feed for the cattle[.] supplied f with Water from a Cottage Well[.] Wood far off – gave an acct of the number of the people for food[.] Fine day[.] (Went on watch) with Moyes[.]
Arrives – in Kanesville

July 1 Friday. Very Hot. Waggons Brought Flour Bacon Salt Soap & Sugar[.] 6 Waggons employed – sold for 2 3 dollars (Trousers white)[.] Shawl – Curtains[,] Frock – Bought 12 lb of Sug – 4 lb currants – 1 Pint of oil pine of lemon [sic][,] tanni[c] acid – (Dealt to the Saints flour – 100 lb of Flour to each person.[)]

2 Saturday. Fine day[.] dealt to the Saints – Salt Soap (Sugar 1 lb of to each person[)] – 1½ oz tea to each lb[,] 1½ of soap to each person – also 10 lb of Bacon to each person[.] (Bro Dykes said dont sell calico or cloth[.] Calico 35 Cents in the Valley – linen – 1 doll per yard)

3 Sunday. Very Hot. a meeting[.] Elder Haight proposed and moved that Lyon be Chaplain that Waddington be Capt of the Whole Company under Bro Gates – that Moyes be Capt of 50. – that Bro Williams by be Captain of ten – Meeting at 6 oclock[.] Gates addressed the meeting[.] closed with prayer by Elder Lyon – watch appointed[.] E[lder] Gates exhorted to temperance[.] Henry Maiben’s Child Blessed by Eld Haight – Named Marian

left at Kanesville – Bro
Bath & Sis Bath

4 Monday. Fine day[.] Anniversary of the independence of America[.] Watch appointed all day (no cases of drunkeness)[.] (sold coat for Moyes for 3$) [(]Storm at Night)

5 Tuesday. Fine day[.] Watch appointed all day[.] preparing list for the Watch (Bro Smith seeking a lost Cow – Alf[red] Moyes and other B sent Brought home 2 oxen bought by E. Gates[.] (Bro Moyes and others Building a Bridge)

6 Wednesday. Fine day – appointed a Watch during the day – as well as night[.] Bro Gates making inquiry about moving camp close to Missouri River[.] Saints buying and selling. Arranging their waggons and preparing to start

7 Thursday. Fine day. Started from the Camp at Kanesville from 3 oclock P.M. – arrived by the side of Missouri River – in the evening – formed the waggons into a ring – appointed watch – (Paid 25 cents to Hiller for putting a shelf to waggon[)] (spoke to Bros Ford – Parsons – who said they would come no further at present on acct of Fatigue – and want of good Cookes victuals – Bro Fell also stayed at Kanesville – also Bro Jordan also Bro and Sister Bath.

8 Friday. Held a council meeting when it was moved [-] and carried that Elder Sims attend to arranging the list of the watch and that E Thirkell be released from his duty and only retain his captainship – a meeting in the evening Elder Lyon[,] Gates present[.] opened with prayer[.] Elds Gates[,] Lyon[,] Waddn [Waddington] addressed the meeting[.] watch appointed

9 Saturday. Cows equally divided among the company. Bro [William S.] Gibb[s] & [Thomas] Hillier employed making yokes – Bro Moyes & other Brethren – making preparations to cross the water[.] Bro Brown Appleton Almond Company joined us[.] Weather Fine – (a ferry boat home made in used a Skiff & Ferry Boat in use to take us across the Slew[,] the overflowing of the Missouri

10 Sunday. All hands busily employed[.] Women and children watching the Cattle[.] others employed[.] Some employed making a Br road from the slew to the river – one waggon got across only. (Bro Lyon appointed by Elder Gates to see after the Watch[.)] (one waggon joined the camp of the Danes 2 miles from the Missouri[.)] One Waggon crossed the Missouri

11 Monday. Many hands employed in getting across the Slew—and Missouri. 12 waggons[.] the labor was heavy as the Banks of the Missouri was soft and the the was over their Knees pulling the Boat along[.] the rest was plying at the Oars and [-] to the sail But little Wind[.] every body employed[.] Some mending[.] cattle[,] weather fine

1½ $ each Waggin

12 Tuesday. Fine day and wind in our favor[.] 16 Waggons got across, with less difficulty as we big an [began] to better. understand our work (10 Men was appointed to Watch cattle night and day. to Sleep in Bro [Charles] Noyce[’]s tent) then were a few unwilling to work[.] Bro [Jacob] Gates said they should have their things put out and left behind – This message had the effect of setting them to work[.] one dollar and half paid for each Waggon[.] Thank God no accidents occurred. no one took Cold as yet though many of us were up to our middle and water disengaging the Boat rope from off the Snags

13 Wednesday. This Morning very fine[.] the remainder of the Waggons got across. a 12 yoke of cattle- the Wind blew hard and we were in danger a little[.] I gathered 12½ doll[ars] of the Independent Company for their Waggons & loose Cattle Crossing the Slew & River—1½ dol for each Waggon & 10 cents for loose Cattle[.] all hands employed – 2 Watches appointed
on the Slew side[,] watch to remain there Dol[lar] Cent – for each wagon
and sleep in Noyces Tent – (an abundance of milk for those on the Slew side of the River 1 50
Gathered for the Whole of the Independent Company – 14 doll 10 cent

14 Thursday. Crossed a fork of Platte River[.] Very Fine day[.] all of the Saints very Busy the whole of the day from early morning to night[.] at night the Boat was in use[.] Bro [John] Bignal and his men and Bro [Thomas] davidson and his men were employed[.] about 24 yoke of cattle got over the Missouri, the Wind blew very hard in our favor[.] a few gallons of whiskey were drank) [.] many of the Brethren were up to their necks in water and mud. Considerable labor in hauling the boat along the Strand of the River[.] mud up to the knees along the towing path[.] (went to town and made—purchased for 2 Bills[:] Hat[,] Whiskey – was without food whole of the day. (preparing charcoal)[.] Repairing Waggons[.] an abundance of pasture and wood[,] water[.] Watch day and night.

15 Friday. fine Weather[.] got remaining of the Cattle over—Save a few missing cattle—preparing to Start coming across

16 Saturday. Started at 9 o clock from the encampment 2 Miles Valley Side of the Missouri River—travelled [illegible] Miles—and—camped after resting 1½ hour at dinner time[.] very stormy night[.] difficulty in raising men for Watch[.] Bro [Jonathan] Moyes sick after cattle with Bro Waddington

17 Sunday. Started 9 o clock[.] fine day[.] rolled on 10 Miles and rested. accomplished 8 miles more[.] good road—cross papier River [Papillon Creek]—good Bridge[.] prepared list for 4 Captains—for night Watch only and a list of old men and boys for day morning and evening watch—prepared Cow list—plenty wood and water[.] Prepared a Watch

Loup fork

18 Monday. Started 8 o clock[.] crossed the Elk Horn River. Paid one dollar for each Team for (also Crossed a creek before) [.] Rolled about 18 Miles.
Camped plenty of Wood and $20 t 10 company
Water—Davidson on Watch $9 Independent

19 Tuesday. Started 8 Clock[.] Cool Weather[.] Raining in afternoon[.] camped 7 o clock[.] No wood nor water—Moyes & Waddington returned with. 5 Cows[.] Watch appointed—(rested 2 Hours Midday—passed—3 dead oxen[.] Travelled 18 Miles.Sold Ox & calf for $5Chaffield – on Watch

20 Wednesday. Started 6 o 7 Clock without Breakfast. Because of no wood nor water[.] Rested - 11—and Stayed ½ Past 2—Crossed Shell Creek and 2 other Streams—camped—8 o clock[.] few fires lighted—most of us wet throw [through.] Weather Cool. (skunk by A Moyes under the ear)[.] [-] Thirkel[l] & Wilson and men on Watch[.] Now faling “ about the line of Waggons)

21 Thursday. Started 10 OClock[.] Travelled along a good Sandy Road[.] camped on the Bank of Platte River[.] Plenty of Wood[.] (overtook Bro Wheelocks Camp. Waited while he ferried over.

22 Friday. ferried over the Loup Fork of Platte River—began ¼ 4 [3:45] AM finished 11 Oclock—(paid 1 Doll[ar] t 10) [.] Com[pany] $20[.] Indep[endant] $13each Waggon—
had Breakfast rolled on from 1 P.M to 7 oclock about 12 Miles—and Camped[.] But little Water[.] no wood—very good Road

23 Saturday. Started ¼ to 8 [7:45.] Rolled on 10 Miles[.] rested 2 Hours for dinner and rolled on 10 Miles more[.] very good Sandy Road[.] camped 8 o clock[.] plenty of Wood (Came to a Sandy pass Between Bluffs[.] (Bros Chatfield [and] Jones on Watch)

24 Sunday. Camped all day[.] Many of the Sisters in the Morning Baking & cooking[.] Some of the Brethren Cookie fishing. Some gathering Wood (the day was very fine. in the afternoon 4 o Clock a meeting was called by the Blowing of the Horn[.] Bro Lyon[,] [Richard] Waddington, Gates addressed the meeting – Bro Lyon exhorted to general obedience, and suplications to God[.] Bro Waddington said he could lie down happy because he felt He had done his duty. Bro Gates observed that we was amongst the Pawnee Nation the meanest of the American Tribes – exorted us to watch and not to be far away from the camp – no[t] to whip our cattle to much- and pray to God to combat the elements for us. He said we had improved more than he expected – in driving – and general knowledge of our duties – remarked we should have Buffalow meat soon – he said our circumstances would be worse because of the saleratus – and poisonous water – he wanted to eat his dinner the fi[th] of October in the valley[.] Lyon closed meeting with prayer

25 Monday. Started 8 O Clock[.] rolled on till 1 o clock – rested one hour and half—near the fork of Platte River. (enquired after Elder Horsfalls health[.] Saw him—he seemed dying. Breathing very hard – rolled on again and camped at 7 o clock[.] no wood—a Pond near—used Chips for firing—Plenty of grass—very Sandy Hilly Road[.] Travelled about 15 miles. [John] Squires—children poorly[.] thought the health of the camp not so good—Saw a grave of a Dane

X [illustration] X.

26 Tuesday. Started ¼ 8—Rolled on till one[.] rested and Buried our Bro—Started again—and camped acrossed prairy [Prairie] Creek—no wood[.] much difficulty in crossing[.] Bro Waddington—Hawkins had to unload 3 chains snapps and hooks[,] 1 Yoke Broken[.] (our road was sandy and very heavy and Men and Beast very tired—grass rather Scanty in places

Jno Horsfall an Elder from London died this day 8½ PM[. Buried 1 o clock complaint disease of kidney and rushing of Blood to head[.] Had 2 fits[.] age 51[.] (Bro Horsfall was an amiable man—and died with a smile on his countenance. he had suffered much from dibeitz [diabetes]—Bro Lyon prayed over him and carved a Tablet to his memory

27 Wednesday. Started 8 o clock. good mould road[.] Travelled 12 Miles and arrived at Wood Creek[.] 3. O Clock—Overtook Wheelocks Company—plenty of wood—and running stream (generally inployd [employed] Baking wooding—glad to get wood after—Buffalo & ox chips—167½ miles from Winter Quarters—crossed 3 mud holes[.] Bros Chatfield & Jones on Watch – Fine weather.


28 Thursday.



[illustration] X


The Morning past was spent Mending chains &c Bro David Coordon died age 77 at 10½ o clock—Buried at 1 o clock[.] (prayer by Bro Lyon[.] (Brethren cutting wood—Fishing &c[etc.] Sisters employed Cooking, Baking, Washing as we heard wood would be scarce[.] Rolled on 9 miles and after 4 o clock camped[.] 8 o clock plenty of Water Grass 3 Miles from Wood[.] Thirkell on Watch. a few Muscaters [mosquitoes]

29 Friday. Wet day. Met 27 Elders from Valley[.] 6 Waggons—and—27 Horses & mules[.] Started—9 o clock[.] crossed Ash Creek[.] Travelld with Wheelocks Company—and camped at night with them. at 8.0 Clock, gave Bro Ross letter to Tho. Hilliker—Water no Wood—Travelled 18 Miles—good Mouls Road—rested 1 o clock[.] a Waggon & Buggy—the Californian Emigrants [-] Intelligence that Buffalos were near us

30 Saturday. Started 8½[.] Saw 12 Indians[.] they smoked—and took oath—in Wheelocks Company[.] passed Wheelocks Company. 10 o clock crossed Elm Creek. rested at 3. o clock—Traveld altogether about 20 Miles—camped—at Buffalo Creek a running Stream good Water and not much Wood 6 Miles from Buffalo Creek

31 Sunday. Travelled 7 Miles before Breakfast and camped at Buffalo Creek[.] a running stream of good water. not much water Not much wood[.] held a meeting at 5 o clock—Morning part spend on Bathing Baking &c Several Brethren went after herd of Buffalo that was left on the road. Elder Forsgreen Company left us after this Meeting—his company did not join the meeting—Bro Gates remarked that we had much improved and all hand[s] to assist at pushing the Waggens—

X [illustration] X

August 1 Monday. Started ½ past 7—Rolled on 10 Miles—and rested. Crossed Buffalo Creek[,] Willow Creek and another. rested at 4 o clock during a violent Storm of Hail/Rain—Rolled 7 Miles more—total 17 Miles—passed 3 Graves—one of an Emigrant Shot by an Indian. on Watch—one Name of Johnson one Healey with a note behind the Tablet for a man the Name of Adams—and—Bro Chambers who came by the International[.] Various Buffalo Bones about[.] In company with some californian Emigrants— with sheep & cattle[.] No Wood plenty of Grass[,] Water

2 Tuesday. Started 7½ o clock[.] Rested 1 o clock[.] very fine day—Road Sandy—Rolled on very fast—camped near the Platte River. Plenty of Grass But little Wood[.] Rolled on about 18 Miles, 20—Martin & Bignal on Watch—Good Spirits returning Principles conversed upon—Peace in the camp—Drovers near us—a little sickness. muscators—

3 Wednesday. 4th Thursday. Chatfield & Jones on Watch. Started 8 O. Clock after Bro Thirkell buried his child—

[drawing of a baby]
BIRTH of a Male child [Eli Brazee Hawkins] of Bro Hawkins. rested at 1. O clock near a Beautiful Spring of Cold Water[.] very Hot[.] Elder [John] Butlers child was not hurt seriously was administered to—up walking. Camped at Car[r]ion Crick [Creek]. fuoer [fewer] Muskaters—enjoying our Buffalo—Travelled 17 Miles—and heard [.] In Company with Elder Haight, he had seen Buffallow

4 Thursday. 3 Wednesday X
[illustration of coffin, etc.] X

died Rebecca Thirkell Age 11 months[.] from Brigstock Northamptonshire[.] From Brethren this morn with some Californian drivers[.] Shot 2 Buffalos[.] divided among the Waggons—Started 12 O Clock[.] rather a Short time—rolled on 15 Miles. Elder [John] Butlers little boy fell under the waggon and was run over by the Hind Waggon Wheel—seemed hurt no Bones Broke

5 Friday. Started 8 O.Clock[.] rested at 1[.] Crossed 4 Muddy Creeks—Sandy road near the Platte River[.] Bro Waddingtons Horse Mired and left till mired Morng [morning] at Black Mud Creek[.] Made 14 Miles[.] Grass Water[,] no Wood

6 Saturday. Started 7½ rested at 11½ [.] a very Sandy road Crossing Between Bluffs[.] Made 15 Miles[.] Crossed the North Fork of the Platte River[.] no wood, plenty of grass and Water[.] a very Hot day[.] (Bro Waddington left Behind (Horse) [.] fewer Muscaters [mosquitoes.] recoovry [recovery] of Health. late in the evening a violent Thunder Storm[.] several of the Brethren felt a Shock through the lightning[.] tent were blown over

7 Sunday. A Fine Morning after the Storm[.] we spread out our wet Bedding[.] the ground about the Camp was covered[.] (2 Waggons was repaired[.] one had a new axle tree put which took the whole of the day, very busy Cooking and Baking[,] Washing[.] at 4½ a meeting assembled[.] Elders Gates[,] Lyon[,] Waddington addressed the meeting[.] Bro Gates cautioned us not to eat more than 4 or 5 lb of Buffalo—also to pray against Sickness[,] as we had brought the Seeds of Sickness from the Missouri[.] also to be peaceful and prayerful and have power with God. to value life [-] we might speak ill of him behind his back but not before his face[.] to cultivate good feeling among each other—not to leave our Waggons as we had no wood this side fort laramie[.] to be kind to others—Lyon closed the meeting[.] davidton [Davidson] [Hogan] No Wood. Plenty grass & Water.

8 Monday. Started 7 O Clock[.] a very Sandy Road Between Bluffs[.] rested at 1 oclock till 3 o clock[.] Crossed 4 Sandy Creeks—Sandy Bluff Creek[.] Camped at 6 o.Clock[.] grass—Water—Some sickly in the Camp—No Wood—passed—Forsgreen Camp at dinner Time— (Saw the print of the foot of Some wild Beast[.] (Jones/Chatfield on Watch[.] Camped in a Storm[.] Heavy peals of thunder Lightning[.] (the Danes are now passing us) Travelled about 15 Miles

9 Tuesday. Started 8[.] Crossed Shoal Creek[,] Small Creek & Small Creek—rested at Rattle Snake Creek for two hours—in Company with the Danes—camped 7 o clock[.] No Wood plenty of Grass near the North Fork of the Platte River[.] also Crossed Goose Creek[.] for the Most part a Sandy heavy road[.] Travelled 15 Miles[.] Much better[.] Big MusCaters [mosquitoes.] Saw 5 Indian Sioux Hunters[.] gave them some Sugar. Sickness still in the Camp[.] a Fine day[.] Watson/Thirkell on Watch

10 Wednesday. Started 7¼[.] Crossed Wolf Creek, a Steep Sandy Road—Between Bluffs. Rested 1.O Clock[.] Made 14 Miles—plenty of Muscaters) [.] Camped 7 o clock. Grass & water[.] (Bignal on Watch[.] very Cold all day[.] left the Danes Camp Behind[.] Saw several (Sioux Indians on horses[.] gave them Bread & Sugar

11 Thursday.
[drawing of a casket]
DIED Mary Agnes Thirkell—age 6 Years of Brigstock Park Northamptonshire—of Fever—Start[.] Had Buried 1 o clock[.] Started 8 rested at 1—Crossed Castle Creek[.] Road part Sandy part Mould[.] Made 18 Miles (Camped 7 o clock[.] no Wood[.] near the fork of River got Grass[.] Saw a Tablet Stating “ Haight passed on the 7th August[.]
(Davidson & Noyce on Watch)

12 Friday (Half-quarter Day). Started 8 o clock[.] rested 1 o clock[.] Crossed Crabb Creek) very Sandy Road—made 18 Miles (about) Camped 6 O Clock[.] fine day (passed a dead ox[).] Chaffield [Chatfield] on Watch[.] Several sick Ague[.] Poor feed at Stagnant Water No Wood[.] Gathered some Wood that had floated on the Sand

13 Saturday. Started 8½ O Clock[.] a very Sandy Road[.] Crossed 3 dry creeks[.] rested against the Ancient Bluffs Ruins[.] rested 1 to 2½[.] Camped 6½[.] plenty of Gras but way from the Platte River—no Wood—92 Miles from Laramie[.] passed a Dead ox[.] Fine day[.] found that Burning Buffalo chips in front of our Tent Kept Muskaters away—less ague & fever in the Camp

14 Sunday. Very fine Morning[.] Bro Forsgreen Company passed us at 2 o clock[.] we held a council meeting[.] decided A. Moyes[,] Hawkins[,] King[,] & Griffeths be held in reserve for extra Watch—for neglecting their Watch[.] also that the team tens water their cattle[.] that Bro [George P.] Waughs Waggon be lightened[.] that co [James] Almond and Caffly [Cuffley] be appointed day Wat Captains. a Meeting at 6 oclock[.] Elders Gates[,] Waddington[&] Lyon attended the Meeting—Testimonies were Borne[.] E. Gates exhorted us—to pray for the Sick not to While—to be kind and to go to the Valley with the Spirit of God in our faces

15 Monday. Started 8 o clock[.] rested at 1—very Sandy Road. Chimney Rock in sight[.] no creeks—rolled on 20 Miles remarkably well. Camped 7 o clock[.] good grass North fork of Platte—Bro [William] Tremayne Still Sick of ague—and Sister [Janet] Forbes. fine day. Noyes [Moyes] & davidson on Watch

16 Tuesday. Started 8.O.clock—rested at ¼ 1 O clock—till 2½[.] a Sandy Gravally Road[.] no. Creeks—Bro Moyes went Back after a lone Cow—and found a Wolf eating her. Several wolves had been there that her Bones had been nearly picked. Camped 7½ close to Platte[.] Grass good. plenty of Buffalo Chip and Some. Sage[.] air very pure[.] health of Camp improving—Jones & Chatfield on Watch. Made about 21 Miles[.] a fine day[.] the Company in front. passed Chimney Rock

17 Wednesday. Started 8 o.clock. Rolled till 12½[.] Sandy Road—but harder and Better Travelling—camped—7 o clock[.] good grass a mile & half from the Platte—a Small with well near[.] Rolled on about 15 Miles—Still Burning Buffalo Chips[.] very hot day[.] Still Sickness[.] Child of Bro Squires very bad[.] Wilson & Thirkell on Watch[.] (Private Council Meeting [John] Peterson[,] Striker[,] A. Moyes) be appointed day Wat Captains. a meeting at 6 oclock[.] Elders Gates[,] Waddington[,] Lyon attended the meeting—Testimonies were Borne[.] E. Gates exhorted us—to pray for the Sick not to While—to be kind and t go to the Valey with the Spirit of God in our faces.

In the Morning we forded the River to ascertain if we Could Cross—found we Could not

18 Thursday. Started 7½[.] rested at 1—Better Road[.] Sandy in Places—Rolled on 22 Miles—passed the Danes about 5 o clock[.] camped 7½ o clock—Wood—Water ½ Mile—Bad feed for Cattle—Millions of Grass hoppers. Air remarkable Clear & Pure[,] a luxury to breathe[.] (Bignal on Watch. 18 Miles to Laremy [Laramie]—

19 Friday. Started 7½[.] very Sandy heavy Road[.] Camped—between 12½ and 2½[.] Made about 14 Miles. (davidson and Noyes on Watch. a few Miles from Fort Laramy – poor feed. Near the Platte[.] camped—8½[.] Wood in Plenty

20 Saturday. Started 7½ - Arrived at FORT LARAMY [Laramie] at 11 oclock after crossing—a wide part of the Platte[.] current very strong. Many Brethren Bought of Government Stores[.] Treade 120c Gall Lagur 15 cent per lb Ham 17½ cents per lb[,] Pork 12½[,] Bacon 15 cent per lb (the Stores charged by Dollar a gallon for treaded and every thing in else—proportions—the Government officer was very Kind to us[.] Camped ½ 5 [4:30][.] poor feed—near the Platte[.] Made—10 Miles about—rejoycing we had come half way[.] Chatfield on Watch

21 Sunday. 6 Miles west of Laramy good feed near the Platte (Bro Williams at work[.] Held a council meeting[.] parted the company[.] 17 Waggons with Waddington & Thirkell. 9 independent and 8 [br---] company—and 16 with Gates and Moyes. (Bro Capt Maiben & Capt. Davidson with the first company. Yates addressed the meeting—Lyon closed With prayer[.] Plenty of wood. Washing And Baking[.] health of the Camp Improved. Thirkell on Watch other the side the river—8 Brethren Swam on Horseback Swam across—Co journal officer at our meeting

22 Monday. A Fine Day—parted with Bro Waddington Company—16 Waggons—in the Morng rested hourselves [ourselves] the whole of the day[.] held a Council Meeting—appointed 22 Night Watchmen and they rest [in the] Morning and every Watchman spent there [afternoons] Washing & Baking[.] 3 Sisters went to fort Laramy—6 Miles away[.] was fetched home late[.] Making at the forge to repair Waggons—cattle on the other side the River—good feed plenty of Wood—the Danes passed us. Bignal on Watch—) So 7 Saints still sick

23 Tuesday. Much difficulty in crossing the River—with cattle—they Smelt Blood while gathering them—and Moaned and Scattered off[.] Bro Gates and Moyes assisted. the Road was very Hilly and Sandy[.] Started about 9 – O-Clock rested 3 o cock[.] Camped near a running stream plenty Wood—and Grass—(McCauslans axle Tree Broke[.] Made about 11 miles—(Maybin [Maiben] on Watch[.]) passed an Indian Trading Post. and Indian Village

24 Wednesday ([typed in]St. Bartholomew.) Started 8 O Clock[.] rested about 1-oclock for two hours[.] passed through a Beautifuly Mountainous Country[.] crossed a clear Cold Springs[.] Camped—6½[.] good feed & Spring Creek[.] abundance of loose Wood[.] lovely weather[.] the air very pure and the clouds very high[.] free from Muscaters[.] appearanceus [appearance] of Buffalo—(some Still Sick (Crossed the Mountain and came down near the edge of the River (Made 20 Miles) Maiben on Watch)

25 Thursday Started 8 o clock[.] rolled over a very Hilly country—rested at 1½ to 3.o clock. crossed a creek[.] we are now [on] a new Road for. 60 o[r] 70 Miles[.] camped at 6½ o clock. Near the river. Plenty of wood and Grass[.] a Beautiful day[.] air pure clear[.] rather cold morning and evenings[.] made 17 Miles. here you could see for 40 miles. distance[.] Saw two communitcators from the other part of our company[.] we found Elder Staight, Wilson on Watch, a few sick

26 Friday. Started at 8 O.clock and traveled a very hilly country and came into the old road and crossed—the Lebonte River and came into the North Fork of the Platte Lebonte River[.] rested at 4 for a short time and camped[.] But found no running water—obtained our water from small sleues. (Grass short but pretty fair for feed[.] Plenty of Wood. Made 18 Miles[.] Bignal on watch) the Travelling was generally fine[.] dry weather but cold in morg [morning] & nights (air pure)

27 Saturday. Started 8 O clock[.] crossed 3 dry creeks[.] rested 1½ [o’clock] for an hour[.] rolled on til 7 in the evening—very Mountainous Country—good supply of water from 2 Creeks[.] Grass short and dry[.] one ox Could scarcaly [scarcely] get along[.] air very heive [heavy]—and cool[.] Made 14½ Miles—road continually over rocks[.] passed some Sulfer rocks (Plenty of Wood [)] Chafford on Watch—Health a little better

28 Sunday. 7 men were Sickly with a fever y of [text missing.] 2 Oxen died[.] Started 8½[.] Travelled a hilly Sandy Country[.] Old Buck[,] an Old white ox dropped down dead. Was left on the road near dying State another ox that had been very Weakly all the time (we rested near one o clock—Crossed dear [Deer] Creek—the climate was cooler and Travelling easier. we purposed to overtake the remnant of our Company and did So—about 7½ near the River Platte[.] Scanty feed[.] our milk diminished—another Seemed [illegible] proportion of flour[.] all the Men were counselled to Walk all the time except the Sick

29 Monday. Bro Waddingtons Company Started first—and then we Started at 12[.] passed Crinked [Crooked] Muddy Creek and Camped on the Banks of the River Platte[.] Weather fine and refreshing—the Cattle fed on good Grass the other of the River[.] 6 Brethren were Still Sick with ague—We over took Bro Waddingtons Company and camped with be they went forward and camped Crucked [Crooked] Muddy Creek[.] road better and not so hilly[.] Wood plenty

30 Tuesday. Started ¼ to 8[.] Travelled a Sandy and Hilly Road rested for the most part[.] crossed muddy creek—& 2 deep ravines—and Camped at 5 O.clock Near the Platte River. very good grass—and plenty of Wood (ague Still in the Camp)[.] Many of the Saints had Some Mutton given to them by the Californian Emigrants[.] Some sold it to their Brethren. at 5 C[ents] p. lb[.] we made at 15 Miles and purposed to rest all day—Wednesday. (Bignal on Watch.) Some good large fish had been caught[.] all the men that could had been Counselled by Gates to Walk) and Women as much as they could—

31 Wednesday. rested the whole of this day[.] Bro Williams doing repairs & shoeing Cattle[.] Camping near the other part of our Company[.] Some caught fish weighing a pound each[.] we rested because we purposed to Travel 50 Miles the next 2 days[.] my left foot was Swollen[.] Gulfrem was administered to[.] got better of it[.] Chatfield on Watch[.] We held no Meeting this day[.] [illegible] feed for our Cattle hear at Platte[.] loads of Wood[.] a Beautiful camping place

September 1 Thursday. Started 7½[.] Crossed the Platte River and took a new Road directed by the Californians—who gave us several sheep that they could not carry along—we rested about one O’Clock by the Platte[.] by this Road we avoided the Poisonous Springs

16 Miles



Bro Waddingtons part of the Company traveled with us—we camped together 7. o clock[.] No Water middling feed[.] we took enough water with us[.] NO WATER tho Sick a little Better[.] (Some Service Berries [illegible]—Mabin on Watch[.] very little milk—

2 Friday. Started ¼ 8[.] avoided drinking as water Till we were told we came to a good Spring where we watered the Cattle. and travelled altogether about 18 Miles[.] BIRTH of a male child [Charles Horsecroft Wyatt] of Jno Snoses [John Moses Wyatt,] Sarah Wyatt from Brighton Sussex—camped near a spring midday feed for Cattle[.] No Wood[.] plenty of Sage for Burning[.] our Company together—Sickness Still with us—fine dry Weather

3 Saturday. Started 8½[.] rolled along a Heavy Sandy road[.] camped 4—o clock near a Stream[.] No Wood[.] rather Scant feed[.] camped 1 Miles from Independence Road [Rock][.] passed a Salaretas [saleratus] lake—and gathered plenty of Saleratus[.] cows giving but little Milk[.] provident [illegible] we [illegible] were blessed with Mutton[.] flour was rather low and bacon nearly gone—the Sick little Better[.] Come to Sweetwater River

4 Sunday. (15th after Trinity) Started 8 O Clock[.] passed considerable Saleratus[.] passed the Devils Gate[.] Rocky Mountainous country[.] camped by a Stream[.] middling feed for Cattle[.] for fuel Sage[.] OX DIED Elder Gates called a Meeting[.] Elder Lyon opened with prayer[.] [-] Gates stated that we must roll on as we had not too much Bread Stuffs. He exhorted to be faithful and prayer that the Lord might control the elements for us[.] He said he was not so religious to stay in place on Sunday while his cattle were starving—He had used all the Wisdom God had given him to do[.] He had done his best[.] He Said dont sell a pound of flour[.] Chatfield on Watch[.] the whole of the Company together (Weather very windy and cold—

5 Monday. Startd 8[.] rested near 1[.] Made 17½ Miles[.] Camped Sweet water [Sweetwater] River[.] Bitter feed[.] No Wood[.] rocky Mountains country[.] May camped 6 o clock[.] 1 Cow very weakly[.] the whole of Compy together[.] Morni[n]gs very cold & cross[.] loads of Saleratus[.] getting very short of flour[.] Wild ducks shot—

6 Tuesday. Start[e]d 7½[.] rolled on till 12 O Clk[.] Camped for 1½ hours—a heavy Sandy Road[.] camped 5½ Near the Sweet water (River—Wood growing on the rocks[.] middling feed—we had a Cow that would not travel Westward[.] a frost in night.

7 Wednesday. Started ¼ 8[.] Bro Sims and Bro Priestley went Back 3 Miles after a weak cow[.] She would not travel[.] Bro Williams shot the COW[.] [illegible] were 10 Miles behind the Camp and got home <at> 10-O Clock at night[.] a the Camp was by the Sweetwater River[.] Poor feed for Cattle[.] Camp travelled 18 Miles[.] crossed the SweetWater 3 times[.] Burning Sage[.] Weather Cold except middle of day (gross salaratus)[.] road Sandy and heavy (Country Rocky[.] Wolves Howling—Some Ducks[,] 1 Goose and hares Shot

8 Thursday. Started ¼ 9—rested for food for Cattle and to [-] get wood for charcoal—Travelled 14 Miles. rested at 1 O.Clock[.] Camped near the Sweetwater River[.] Feed for Cattle rather poor[.] Plenty of Plenty of Wood—rough Sandy Roads

9 Friday. Started 9 o clock[.] rough Hilly Road[.] rested 1 oclock for half an hour[.] Made 15½ Miles[.] crossed Strawberry Creek & aspenpoplar Creek—Camped at Willow Creek (crossed the Sweetwater River once[.] Poor fieed feed[.] left a Cow behind and an ox and found her devoured[.] Met Doctor Bernisel with the Mail

10 Saturday. Started 9½[.] Travelled 4¾ Miles and rested—near a narrow Stream—and pretty Fresh grass—Went on and Made altogether 12 Miles (at Night Charles Decker with a few others camped with us close to Sweetwater River—Middling feed[.] well off for Wood. Weather cold morning[.] fine Weather. Saw Snow capped Mountains[.] Bro Moyes[,] Smith away all night supposed they camped with the Danes—in search of 2 to Missing oxen[.] Bro Waddington and Bro [William] Evans—took a road wrong road a little way from the Camp

11 Sunday. (16th after Trinity) Rested all day (Bro Williams Shoeing Cattle all the day[.] in evening we held a council Meeting to arrange the watch[.] Bro Gates addressed us exhorted us to diligence and care of our Cattle[.]) Made out a list of men women and children & Cattle to forward by the next mail to the Valley—(we organized our company into one part which before was Separated in two parts—a fine day—104 Men—88 Womin [women] 72 children


Passed Pacific Spring --


12 Monday. Started 7½[.] rested 12[.] Gave the cattle feed off a Sough – Travelled 22 miles—Camped 9 O Clock Without feed Wood or Water—crossed the Dividing ridge. (Big Sandy) crossed Little Sandy Pacific Creek[.] Camped on the Junction & Pacific Creek & at the Oregon and Californian Road

DEATH Rick [Richard] Fell Squires 5 y[ears] 10 m[onths][.] from Putt Putney England

13 Tuesday. Started 5¼ without Breakfast[.] rested at Big Sandy[.] Plenty of Water Wood and Middling—feed for Cattle[.] 204 Miles from Valley[.] Little Sandy Weather very fine day warm[.] made 14 Miles[.] Camped[.] Middlg good feed & Water no W little Wood[.] Squires child Buried

2 OXEN killed Cause of Weakness[.] Independent oxen

14 Wednesday. Travelled 17 Miles this day[.] Started 8 O Clock rested 20 minutes—Camped

KILLED AN OX and divided it out[.] Met Bro Piercy and seveal Elders from the Valley—

Camped at Big Muddy Big Sandy[.] Mi Poor feed & good Water & Wood

15 Thursday. Started 9½[.] rested for 2 hours at Green River. In Company with the Danes crossed the Green River—Camped 3½ Miles near the Green River—Wood & middling feed[.] found a sick ox and killed it s[.] weather cold (little rain)[.] Travelld about 15 Miles—(Sandy Road and Windy

16 Friday. Started 20 past 10[.] rested for 20 Minutes at 2. O Clock—Travelled on altogether 17 Miles—and camped Near Green River—7 O Clock—Scanty grass—large Sage[.] Sandy Road—(Bro [Francis] Crowther very Bad) Father Haggie [Heggie] broke his legs) (Bro [Junius] Crosland Mountain fever. & delirious) (Health of Camp Improving—Sister Forbes still ill




17 Saturday. Started 10. o. Clock[.] Travelled 5 Miles and Camped at Ham[’]s Fork to Burn Charcoal. and Shoe the Cattle[.] plenty of good Grass—& Water and an abundance of Wood

1853 9th Month, September 18 Sunday. Sunday Camped all day (Shod Some Cattle (Hams Fork[.] Bro Crowther very Bad


1 Dead OX Since 11 Sept[:] Dead ox 7 4 1[.] Dead Cow 2 2 1[.] 22 Sept: 23 30 25

19 Monday. Started 8½ O. Clock[.] Crossed Black fork of Green River[.] Travelled 14 Miles—Middling Grass—Plenty of Wood[.] (DEATH) of Francis CROWTHER[.] Age 27 from Birmingham[.] Camped at the 4th of the Black Fork of the Green River[.] Waddington & Urie Started

20 Tuesday. Started 8½[.] Rested about from 1 to 3[.] Camped at FORT BRIDGER [.] Middling feed[.] Bro Gates found an ox and divided it out

21 Wednesday (St. Matthew). Started 9 O Clock[.] rested near 12 for 1½ hours[.] Crossed Mud Creek and Camped without Water good feed plenty of Wood[.] Camped Near the Soda Springs[.] Waughs tongue of Waggon Broke[.] Bro Gates Held a Council Meeting to divide the D 10.0.0. flour equally[.] EGates this movement was carried by all round the Council

22 Thursday. DEATH of JUNIUS CROSLAND [.] Age 30 from London[.] Started 8 O. Clock[.] Travelled 17 Miles[.] Camped at Bear River[.] Plenty of Wood &W and Fine feed[.] Very Mountainous Country

2 ox dead 2 Cow Dead[.] Passed the Soda Springs—

23 Friday. Camped all day By Bear River to Shoe Cattle & Repair [illegible.] and went back food Waggon and to bring Some Cattle that was left Behind[.] Met Some Brethren from the Valley who told us that provisions was coming

3 OXEN 4 died

24 Saturday. Started 8½ O. Clock[.] Crossed Willow Creek and camped[.] Travelled 15 Miles (near a Stream[.] No Wood—

lost 2 Cows

1853 9th Month September

25 Sunday (18th after Trinity) Started 8¾[.] Rested and rested from 1 to 3 rouung [illegible] all the time[.] Travelling along the Echo Ka Kanyons [Canyon]—Plenty Wood Water and Grass[.] Made 14 Miles—Thirkell on Watch[.] lost 1 Ox and 1 Cow

26 Monday. Traveled about 14 Miles and Camped at Weber River[.] Bro Willliams Darley & Danley [Danby] found 5 horses 2 mule[.] Mary Williams Without food (Bro Nayee let us have some Biscuit and Bad Oatmeal[)]

27 Tuesday. Started 10.O Clock and rested abt ¾ of an hour. Made about 13 Miles. lent Bro Forsgreen a horse[.] Country very Mountainous and numerous creeks[.] dividing a little oatmeal and Biscuit among the Bretheren who were desperately short—(pudson on watch[)]

DIED 4 OXEN—1 ox killed for eating

28 Wednesday. Started 8.o.Clock Travelled over the Hills 4 miles High—met P.P. Pratt had brought us—200 lb of flour[.] we served out ½ a Panacan to adults – Camped[.] turnd the top of Hill[.] Cowes Compy. (in Sight of the Valley Basin)

Thirthith 3th

1 OXEN – 1 Cow lost

29 Thursday. Started Near 10. O Clock[.] Made about 8 Miles—Fine day—got [a..] Some of the Waggons left behind a Mile (Some Wagons passed us laden with flour—

Wilson[,] Sarley[,] Damby 2 OXEN – COWS
Ford[,] Hayward[,] Welsh[,] Wilson

30 Friday. Arrived in Salt Lake City[.] 2 Waggons overturned.