Transcript for Christopher Jones Arthur autobiography, Library of Congress collection of Mormon diaries, 1935-1938

{Pages 5-6}

We steamed up to St. Louis and from there to Keokuk and found Father [Christopher Able Arthur] under the weather. Our trip up was a pleasnt & enjoyable one. We camped in Keokuk on the hill 6 weeks. Our tent was near a clump of trees—The camp in white looked very nice. We spent an enjoyable time—After going into the woods nearby, shooting game birds, and it furnished us many a game dinner.

One morning shortly after our arrival, Father walking thro the camp met Cyrus Wheelock—Bro Wheelock spied Appleton Harmon walking about and called to him at the same time informing Father that here comes the Utah giant. Father put his arm across Bro Harmons Shoulder, showing that he was taller. Isaac C. Haight had charge of the emigration and ran short of funds. He asked father to help him out. Father told him he had divided his means among his children. If they were willing he could have $1000.00. Bro. Haight came to me and I said I was perfectly willing to loan my part. Bro Haight on arriving in the valley paid the loan but I never saw a cent of my portion but I felt all right if father needed it.

Our first camp after leaving Camp at Keokuk was Montrose opposite Nauvo[o], wher Claudius V. Spencer was camped with several wagons awaiting our arrival. We organized the first night; Claudius V. Spencer President, Father captain of the 50 wagons & C[hristopher]. J[ones]. Arthur Clerk. Next morning we started for Salt Lake City, sometimes stuck and mending and repairing breakdowns. I drove a wagon across with 2 yoke of steers and they were beauties. My wagon contained the provisions for our outfit. We met many adventures killing buffalo and had one stampede.