Transcript for "Companies En Route," Deseret News, 8 October 1862, 105


Among the companies on the road from the east to this city are, Capt. [Isaac A.] Canfield’s, which will be, as supposed, among the first that will next arrive; Capt. [David P.] Kimball’s freight train; the fifth and sixth church trains, and a freight train in charge of Capt. W[illiam]. H. Dame. The fifth church train, Capt. H[enry]. W. Miller, is supposed to be somewhere between Fort Bridger and Green river. Capt [Horton D.] Haight, with the sixth church train, is believed to be nearly one hundred miles in the rear of Capt. Miller, and Capt. Dame’s freight train, heavily loaded, in the rear of all, and may not yet have reached the South Pass.

It will unavoidably be late before the last company will get over the mountains, and more than one of them may encounter snow storms before they get into this valley, but it is hoped that the weather will continue favorable and that no heavy storms nor extreme cold will occur till after the last immigrant or freight wagon this fall shall have reached this city.