Transcript for Cook, Elizabeth Hunter, "History of the Hunter Family," 1-2, in Hunter family histories [n.d.]

In the spring of 1852 we started on our journey for the valley of the Mountains, the gathering place of Zion, Utah the Queen of the West. We camped at the Council Bluffs to rest our oxen before crossing the plains. We were organized into companies before leaving. Brother John Higbee being captain and leader. Brother Thomas Clark ferried us across the Missouri River. Our first camp on the other side of the Missouri was a place called Winter Quarters, but nothing was left only three or four logs that rested on the corner. This structure once being a blacksmith shop. One could see where their buildings stood and a few places where dougouts [dugouts] had been.

There were ten wagons in our company when we were first organized but more joined after we started. We left Council Bluffs in the middle of May traveling in those days was different than traveling at the present time. We could make the average of twenty miles a day and when grass and water came in sight we always took advantage of the same.

Our arrival in Salt Lake Valley was the 13th of August 1852 at eleven o'clock Sunday morning and we camped at Red Buttte.