Transcript for Cooper, John. Statement, 10 October 1916

COOPER, John, called at the Historian's Office, Oct. 10, 1916, and gave some particulars in relation to the brethren who spent the winter of 1856-1857 at Devils Gate with Capt. Dan W. Jones and others. He gives the list of the 20 brethren as follows: Daniel W.Jones, dead; Ben Hampton, living in S.L. City; presidents of party. John Laty, clerk, thinks he is dead. The rest were John Cooper, living at Fillmore, Ut.; John Hardcastle, died; at Sandy; John Shorten,lives at Ogden; John Chappel, dead; John Galbraith, dead; John Ellis, dead; John Whittaker, died at American Fork; Wm.Hand, dead; Wm. Laty, dead; Edwin Summers, lives at Paradise, Cache, Co., Ut.; Geo. Watt, (butcher was disaffected and went back east, having had a quarrel with Jones); Geo. Watts; Geo. Austin, lives either at Payson or Payson, alive in 1914.

He states that the account given by Dan W. Jones is mainly correct.