Transcript for "Correspondence," Deseret News, 22 August 1855, 192



G.S.L. City, Aug. 21st, 1855.


Ed. Deseret News,— Sir:—

I arrived in this city on Saturday evening, 18th inst., at 6 o'clock, in good health and spirits, having left San Francisco, Cal[ifornia], on the 20th of June, br[other] Nalles, San Jose Mission, on the 26th June, Dr. McIntire's, near Sacramento City, on the 2d July, and Col. Reese's Mill, Carson Valley, on the 18th July.

Our company (including some packers who joined us on Mary's River) consisted of 16 men, 2 women, 6 wagons, and 29 horses and mules.

The names of the party were as follows:--

P. P. and Elizabeth Pratt, of G.S.L. City,

Mr. Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, and Rhanaldo Mowery, from San Francisco, Cal.

Elders James Hawkins, Thomas Morris, Joseph Peck, M. D. Merrick, of G. S. L. City, returning from Missions.

James Peck, Henry Coltrin, and Samuel F. Neslen, of G.S.L. City.

M. D. Hamilton, of San Pete, Utah.

Thomas King and J. C. Dobson, of G.S.L. City.

M. S. Hadley, A. Thompson, and C. Dodge, for U.S.A.

We had good luck by the way—good grass and water. Met many companies from Utah and the States. Saw several hundred Indians on the waters of Mary's river,— from whom we had a supply of salmon trout—all very friendly.

We were all weary with our journey and pilgrimage, and thankful to get home; and the joy of meeting with our friends and families was more than we shall attempt to describe.

I had been absent upwards of 15 months, during which I had promulgated the gospel on the Pacific, with all the energy and gift that God saw fit to bestow upon me, and with some degree of success.


P. P. Pratt.