Transcript for "Correspondence: William Seeley letter to George Q. Cannon," Deseret Evening News, 19 August 1868

BENTON, D. T., Aug. 6, 1868.

George Q. Cannon, Esq:—Dear Brother,—Enclosed I send list of Saints in my train which left Laramie on the 1st inst.

The health of the Saints is generally good, and they are all in good spirits in the expectation of soon reaching Utah; We have had one death which please insert a notice of.

With best respects to all,

I remain your brother in the gospel,
WM. S. SEELEY.Names of the Saints who left Laramie City, Aug. 1, 1868, in Capt W. S. Seeley's train, for Salt Lake City.

Carl C. Asmussen; Eliza A. Adams; George Bishop and wife; Nicholas Batley; John [Mason] Burnside, wife and six children; John Burrill; Wm. [William] Coombe, wife, daughter; Theodore Curtis; Thos. [Thomas] Campbell, wife and three children; Charles Dummer and wife; Chas. [Charles]Dummer, Jr.; Wm. [William] Dummer, wife and four children; Chas. [Charles] Draper, wife and four children; Edmund Ellis, wife and three children; Wm. [William] Fawcett and wife; Robert Ford, wife and four children; Alex. [Alexander] Fife, wife and three children; John Fyfe, wife and three children; Matthew Frith; George Goble and wife; William Griffiths; Daniel Hall, wife and two children; James Hunter, wife and child; Richard Hunter, wife and one child; Andrew Hill, wife and two children; Robert Harker, wife and three children; Thos. [Thomas] Horne and wife; Thomas Johnson, wife and three children; Isaac Jones. wife and two children; Dav. A, [David Atherly] Kerr, wife and two children; John Larson; John Lunn, wife and five children; Leder [Ledru C.] Loveridge; Peter Lethbridge; Benj. [Behjamin] Laws, wife and two children; John Mead, wife and four children; James Montgomery; Thomas Morgan, wife and child, Elizabeth Nicholas; David Owens, wife and three children; Maria Pedersen; Marian Pedersen; Samuel Preston, wife and two children; William Pearson and wife; John Pembroke, wife and three children; Elizabeth Pearson; George Paramore and wife; Simon [Simeon] Pickering, wife and two children; Brown [Bower] Petit, wife and child; David Russell, wife and four children; Joseph Salisbury, wife and two children; James [W.] Stiff and wife; Henry Smith; Martin Sorensen; William Sorensen; Wm. [William] Smith, wife and five children; Samuel Stewart; James Stewart; William H. Scott and wife; Thomas Smithfield and wife; Thomas Scott; William Sargent, wife and child; John Sargent, wife and three children; John Skinner, wife and nine children; Bartil [Bartle] Turner, Senr. and wife; Bartil [Bartle] Turner junr; Joseph Turner and wife; Hugh [Williams] Thomas, wife and four children; John Teasdale, wife and two children; Thomas Tibble, wife and four children; William Joseph Underwood, wife and six children; James [Thomas] Underwood, wife and three children; G. H. [Gilbert Thomas] Van-Schoonover; Jesse Wright; Edward Wildman, wife and four children; Thomas Watkins, wife and daughter; Jane [Jane Caroline Pollard] Wiscombe and seven children; George [Alfred] Wiscombe, wife and two children; George Woodman, wife and two children.