Transcript for Crowther, Lydia Seamons, Autobiographical sketch, 3-4

We then did not leave Omaha until the following June, coming in Captain William {Franklin} Brown’s company. There we were organized by President Joseph Young, there being 15 wagons in the company. There was also a hand cart company came through the summer we did. They would have starved had it had not been for our company consan {constantly} helping them. My mother gave bacon and flour from our suplies. Our outfit consisted of 2 yoke of oxen 2 cows a wagon and provisions. Also some house-hold articles. I was then18 years of age and I walked most of the 2,000 miles across the plains. When we we started my health was very poor. And people told my mother that I would never live to my journeys end. But my mother said she will! And when we reached Salt Lake City—my cheeks were like roses. We left my oldest brother Henry on the Weber River, where he settled We came through Parleys Canon [Canyon] entering Salt Lake valley August 30, 1860 as the sun was just setting.