Transcript for Curtis Edwin Bolton in Salt Lake Stake, Salt Lake Stake Melchizedek Priesthood minutes and records, 1848-1976, vol 2: 1848-1860, 72-73

Curtis E[dwin] Bolton related an antedote of what happened to him on the road when on his way from Winter Quarters to the Valley in Bro Brighams Company. He had a heavy load of awkward team. His oxen would stop at every mud hole & hard pull. He was fretting and worrying his cattle and his cattle were fretting and worrying him for he was all the time cutting, whipping & hallroing to them. The day after crossing the Loup fork the rains had made the road excessive muddy[.] the wagons often rolling hub deep for ½ a Mile at a time. Bro Brigham rode up at one of these muddy places & said "Bro Bolton that's not the way to drive cattle. Here let me shew you[."]—So I handed him the whip and he drove & then the cattle went well enough plowing thro' the mud without balking. After driving them for more than a mile Bro Brigham threw me back the whip and Said "There, that's the way to drive cattle. Carry the whip over the left shoulder and look tother way.", Now I believe this most excellent maxim will apply to the government of families, Conferences, Wards or any charge entrusted to man.