Transcript for Curtis, Joseph, "History of Joseph Curtis, 1818-1883," 6-9

Tuesday May 30, 1848 I started in company with several others for the vally of the great salt lake[.] got 6 miles. Arived at winter quarters on 2 of june Friday and on 8 of june thursday we crossed the river[.] remained here untill the 2 of july when we went out 2 miles and camped[.] we remaine[d] there untill July 5 Wednesday[.] The company now numbering something like 60 waggons organized with a Captain of 50 and of tens[.] Captains of tens started for the pappea 18 miles[.] the next day to the horn 9 miles

July 7 Friday we continued our journey in the advance of a large company which had previously arrived at this place[.] came to Platte/river and liberty pole 11 miles thence to a small narrow lake south sade [side] of the road 3½ miles[.] camped

July 8 Saturday went 9 miles[.] camped on the river bank[.] one of my oxen was so lame that I was oblaged to leave him lameness in the siflejoint and or to have him kiled[.] the latter was the result[.] he mad[e] some good beef

July 9 Sunday remained there

July 10 monday we went to shell creek 10 miles[.] camped

July 11 Tuesday went 10 miles[to] long lake near the river

we continued our journey Wednesday, thursday & Friday[.] Passed the pawnee village on Saturday evening[.] July 15 we crossed the luke [Loup] fork

July 16 Sunday all on the west banks of the luke fork

17th Monday went 12 miles or 14 and Camped on the luke fork

18th Tuesday went to Preoria creeke 22 miles

19th Wednesday very warm and dry[;] some prospects of rain[.] we continued our journey with prosperity Untill the Sabath

July 23rd Sunday on the banks of the Platte 215 miles from W[inter] quarters[.] all well[.] Buffalo deer antelope plenty[.] meeting 3 oclock

July 24 Monday at the same place meeting of the camp[.] the result was that the captains deside the order of traveling which was that both divisions corell together

July 30, 1848 Sunday meeting of the camp[.] Amasa Lyman spake at some length respecting the order of the camp conclusion[.] the conclusion was that the camp be divided into 3 party Andrew Cunningham chosen Capt over 3 tens[;] Capt [Phineas] Richards over 3 tens[.] Bro Adams Capt over 4 tens[.] it fell to my lot to be in A. Cunningham Co

July 31 Monday commenced traveling in separate divisions[.] the road generaly good except sand ri[d]ges[.] we continued our journey in prosperity and like Saturday the 5th


5 Aug 1848 – 8 Sep 1848


August 5 Saturday we were met by a company of Sioux Indians

August 6 Sunday passed their camp[.] we continued our journey

& on August 10 Thursday pass Bluff ruins

& on August 12 saturday We passed the chimney rock

& on Aug 17 thursday came to the fort

Friday passed fort larimy [Laramie] went on to the dead Ash grove 6 miles[.] camped[.] burned our … went the river road until Monday

On Aug 22 Tuesday Bro [Moses] Martin went back for his calf[.] got over done[.] melted dangerously

23 Wednesday Continued our journey among the hills[.] Bro Martain alive[.] better

On 25 Friday came to the main road some 60 miles from fort Laramie[.] camped on the labonte [La Bonte] river

August 26[,] 1848 Saturday went to a small creek and camped[.] some something like 12 or 13 miles.

Sunday Box elder creek

monday to Deer Creek 619 miles from winter quarters

August 29 Tuesday to a small grove of timber on the banks of the platte 629 miles from w.q.

30 wednesday to crooked muddy creek[.] feed on the banks of the creek

31 thursday went within 4 m iles of upper ferry & ford of the platte

SEPT. the 1. 1848 Friday rainy[.] went to the ford

2 saturday crossed the river to mineral spring

Sept 3 Sunday Continued our journey over hills & hollers covered with little else than wild sage[.] came to branch of cool spring[.] short feed & little of it

Sept 4 Monday we met the waggons returning from the first Company at the willow springs & continued our journey to Greese wood [Greasewood] creek[.] 12 miles

5 day of the month tues we came to Independence rock

6 Wednes to Devils gate

7 d thurs at the same place

SEPT 8th Friday moved up the river 8 miles

9th Saturday

10th sunday within one mile of where the bluf on each side of the river & road

SEPT 11, 1848 Monday one Co of 10 then 3 miles for better feed. killed a mountain sheep

SEPT 12 Tuesday [-] about 7 miles

13th Wednesday Traveled 16 miles camped on the river Sweet Water [Sweetwater] 271 miles from the valley

14th THUrs one of Georg,es [George's] oxen found dead in the morning[.] principal cause suffered a snakebite[.] express comes from the hind companeys. all well. Loss of cattle a considerable

SEPT 15 2 oxen went back[.] 11 miles

16th went 14 miles

17th sunday came to last crossing of sweet water [Sweetwater]

18th monday to paciffic [Pacific] springs through the south pass

SEPT 19 1848 Tuesday went 20 miles to little Sandy

20th wednesday to big Sandy 12 or 14 miles

21 thursday big Sandy 17 miles

22 friday Green river 10 miles. 169 miles from valley

23rd remained at the same place

24 Sunday moved down the river 5 miles

25th Monday 15½ miles to blacks fork[.] 6 rods wide

26 Tuesday crossed huns [Ham's] fork & went on to a small creek about 14 miles

27 wednesday went within 9½ miles of fort bri[d]ger

& on 28 thursday arived at the fort[.] all well & in good spirits[.] our cattle look well in general[.] some got lame and C[urtis]. reeds ox got bit by a wolf

SEPT 29 1848 Friday we continued our journey for the valley & traveled about 13 miles over high ri[d]ges & down steep hills

Sept 30 we went something like 19 miles[.] camped on a ridge[.] bad place to get water

Oct 1st, 1848 Sunday passed the oil spring & sulphur creek to bear river

Oct 2 Monday remained at the river 950¼ miles from winter quarters 80 2/4 miles from the valley

Oct 3 tuesday to the cave south side of the road

4 wednesday echo creek

thursday to weber river 44½ from the vally

Oct 6 1848 friday remained here. one of Capt [Benjamin] wilcoxes [Wilcox's] creters [critters] left

7 Saturday the company generally went on[.] a few remained [.] Capt Wilcox went back for his bull[.] found him

8th Sunday to kanyon [Canyon] creek

9th monday East foot of a high mountain on kanyon Creek

10th tuesday browns Creek near a spring & birch bushes

11th wednesday last creek near the mouth of kanyon

Oct 12, 1848 Thursday the whole company arived at the valley of the great salt lake