Transcript for D. H. Redfield letter to Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball, 14 October 1848


Peappeu [Pappea] Oct 14th 1848


Br Young & Kimball

Broth Taylor requesting me to write a few lines to you to informe you of our journey prosperity &c

Our cattle in Generall looks as well in general as they did when we left your camp There and Some looks better[.] There has been Some 9 or 10 head that has dide one [on] the road over the Black hills[.] We lost 11 head that ran away (as you before have be[e]n informed) & we found six of them at Fort John[.] the other 5 we could learn nothin[g] about of them[.] These cattle lost & de[a]d most of them belonged to Br Kimballs camp[.] Only 3 have di[e]d that was in Br youngs imploy[,] 1 Br Becksted[,] 1 Br Taylor drove that belonged to Br Coos [?] the runaway Ox 1 of Br Buskleys[.] Br Taylor Says their was cattle Sent back that aught not to have be[e]n[.] Things has gone one [on]very nice[.] on the road peace & harmony has prevail[e]d[.] we have lost nothing neighther Horses nor Cattle By the Indians[.] The Solders has Stuck to us to the end[.] Br Everett has be[e]n unwell most of the way & has be[e]n lit[t]le or no yous [use] on thee road[.] he having to have a driver most of the way[.] he had a very bad Swelling on his head[.] Br Taylor had a bad rising on his wrist but was able to do his one [own] work with the exc[e]ption of one or two days[.] We have yoused all the care that we could[.] we have kep[t] up a strong gard all the time[.] it will be Seven weaks to mowrow Sense we left your camp & we excest [expect] to land in winter quarter to mowrow evening[.] we Sent four men to ther camp to have the owners of the teams to meat us at the river & recd their teams[.] Br G.A. Smith came & met us here & gave us chearing news & we all felt well & the Lord has be[e]n with us all the day long & we truley have be[e]n blest of him

1 O clock Sundy Morning Oct 15 1848


d h redfield
Allen Taylor