Transcript for Dan Jones Emigrating Company journal, 1856 May-December

At a meeting held at the Camp near Iowa City Sunday 13th July 1856{.} The following were appointed and Sustained, which formed the organization of the Waggon Company going to Great Salt Lake City.

Dan Jones—Captain of Hundred
John A. Hunt—Captain of Fifty
William B. Hodgetts—Captain of Fifty
Nathan Davis—Captain of Ten
Henry H. Dalrymple—Captain of Ten
Charles Roper—Captain of Ten
Nathan T. Porter—Captain of Ten
John Lewis—Captain of Ten
John Swensen—Captain of Ten
Gilbert {Spencer}—Captain of Ten
Thomas Thomas—Captain of Ten
John Godsall—Chaplain
John Price—Marshall
Cha{rle}s Holl{e}y—Captain of the Guard

At another meeting held the same day D. Jones presided{.} further arrangements were made and instructions given for the future well being of the Company. It was considered necessary for a mule to be taken {along} for guarding & hunting Cattle &c{.} next was proposed by Dan Jones that a subscription be taken up to purchase one for the Company which was carried unanimously. Smiths Bellows and Tools were spoken of as been required in case of accident to any of the Waggons. Bro Thos Parker said he would buy larng Smiths Bellows, Anvil &c the tools with wanted  {on a buy co. condition haul mule that the them to.} It was proposed by D. Jones that they be purchased & a subscription be taken up for the purpose.

Wednesday 23rd July{.} Some of the Waggons moved off and camped about two miles and removed till the remainder came up.

Wednesday 30th July{.} Three companies of ten Charles Roper{,} Nathan T. Porter and John Swensen Captains, left today under the charge of W{illiam.} B. Hodgetts to make their way to Council Bluffs separately and not wait for the remaining part of the Company.

Thursday 31st{.} Early this morning a messenger arrived with a petition from the Company of thirty waggons, that left yesterday, for the use of the mule bought for the good of the Company as through the {-} of their cattle, they found they could not get along without it. A meeting of the Captains of Tens was at once called and it was unanimously resolved that considering the circumstances of their having the advantage of being {in} advance of this the remaining part of the company, and Cattle were now missing which caused the detention {to} this part of the Company, they could not spare it and sent and accordingly.

Friday 1st August. We left at 4 pm and camped {having traveled} two miles on a good camp ground, plenty of good feed for Cattle but good drinking water not to be got.

Saturday 2nd{.} Remained at this place all day{.} some waggons still left behind.

Sunday 3rd{.} A general search was made for two yoke of Oxen belonging to Mary Smith and a muley Ox of William Beasley and Men & Oxen were sent back and every waggon was brought from the last camp ground. All the lost Oxen were recovered. A meeting was called at 8 p.m. and addressed by Capt Dan Jones and others giving general instruction for the procation of the journey.

Monday 4th{.} Moved on at 10 A.M. Fifty six Waggons comprised this part of the Company{.} journeyed six miles and camped where there was water and excellent feed for cattle.

Tuesday 5th{.} Started at 9 A.M. travelled on a good road Sixteen miles, rested an hour in the middle of the day{.} camped on high ground in the midst of small trees, a creek near, and good feed for the cattle.

Wednesday 6th August{.} Heavy rain early this morning with thunder and lightning. Rolled out at 10 A.M. most of the Company rested after travelling five miles, crossed a creek in the afternoon where there was no bridge, causing a long detention. Left the road and camped to the left in a bottom. Good water and good grass for the cattle. Distance travelled 11 miles.

Thursday 7th{.} Had to pull up to the main Road about half the Company, {proceeded 8:30 a.m. at} the other half we left on the camp ground, through some individuals claiming a yoke of Oxen belonging to the Church{,} that the affair might be settled. This half journeyed 14 miles, and went half a mile off the road and camped at the bottom of a hill{.} good feed for the cattle, but not very good water.

Friday 8th{.} Started at 9 A.M{.} In going up the hill to the road unfortunately Bro. Briner {Hans Ulrich Bryner} Waggon got in a hole and tipped over. his Wife, child & Mother were in the waggon but were not much hurt, although the bows were all Smashed. Travelled 19 miles; about 9 Oclock before the whole of the company camped{.} sufficient water for the cattle and good feed.Saturday 9th{.} At 8:30 AM The company began to move off and soon all were on the way. soon after noon it rained very heavily making the roads very slippery and with great difficulty could get up the hills which have been very frequent up to the present. Some of the Company were compelled to halt and camp, before getting up to the main body{.} Distance travelled 21 miles.

Sunday 10th{.} Those left behind made up to the others, who rested until the whole had arrived. no more travelling to day{.} a good place for camping{.} good feed for cattle & good water. in the evening a meeting was called when most all of the visitors had left the camp. Captain Dan Jones had things to tell the company which was absolutely necessary for them to understand and so few attending he appointed another meeting to be held at 8 A.M. the tomorrow morning.

Monday 11th{.} Meeting at 8 A.M. as announced on the previous evening{.} nearly all attended{.} Captain D. Jones addressed them, showing their several duties and wherein they had lacked in fulfilling them. of their want of union and unwillingness to perform what is required of them. Several of the Captains of Tens also spoke and all agreed with Capt Jones that something must be done. A good spirit prevailed and those present appeared willing to answer the calls made upon them in future and it was resolved that they would obey their Captains in {their} requests to them in future. also resolved that they would give heed to the call of the Marshal for guards to look after the loose head and to be in readiness as soon as the Cattle were brought in the carel {corral}. Bros Ferguson{,} Webb and McAllister arrived this afternoon. the camp did not move; In the evening a meeting was called{.} Capt. Jones, he said that he was requested to have them bring order to join Prest. Richards Co. at Florence as originally designed to go {to} the Valley by mule Trains and he proposed Bros. {Jas} Ferguson and Webb and it was announced that Captain D. Jones was going to proceed with them with Mule Teams to Utah. Bro. John Hunt was appointed to succeed him, which was unanimously sustained by the meeting.

Tuesday 12th{.} Public prayer meeting, held this morning at 7 A.M{.} Camp moved at 10 A.M and travelled 6 Miles and camped on Indian Creek over which the Bridge was very bad. but no accident occurred to any of our Company. Here was a plentyfull supply of water and the feed for cattle was good. George Rush McDonald was rebaptized by Elder John A. Hunt and confirmed by Elder Jas Ferguson the following day. A meeting was held again this evening addressed by Captain Hunt who wished to come to some arrangement respecting the two Mules which he said were bought for herding and hunting Cattle, one of them being now used in drawing Smith, Forge & a Carriage on which it rested but it was objected that the meeting had any thing to do with the matter, it being a joint stock concern the shareholders only having the right, therefore nothing was decided upon with regard to it

Wednesday 13th {august.} A very wet morning. the camp did not move to day. Thomas Perry {Parry} aged 21 years from Wales died at noon of inflamation of the brain and {was} burried this evening about two miles from Camp in a burying ground, he was teamster to Capt D. Jones up to the time of his death.

Thursday 14th{.} Elders {Jas} Ferguson, Webb, McAllister and D. Jones left this morning with their Mule Teems{.} The Camp started at 9 A.M{.} passed over some very bad stream bridges{,} the road generally very good otherwise. The leading Ten camped at 8 pm where there was a creek of water and pretty good short grass for the cattle{.} John Lewis Capt. The rest of the Company camped about two miles behind where there was no water. distance travelled 18 miles.

Friday 15th{.} At 9 A.M. The other tens had travelled the two miles, passing the ten which was first on the preceding day{.} as each tens turn is changed every day, much time was occupied in watering their cattle so that it was noon before the last Ten had left this creek of water to proceed on their journey.

Crossed a river 40 or 50 yards wide in the evening at the town of Fort des Moines. Captain Hunt remained and assisted the Company across with extra Yokes of oxen, it was 10 p.m before the whole got on the camp ground two miles west of the town. Distance travelled 14 miles. Water scanty, feed pretty good. Numbers of the Gentiles were in and about our camp to a late hour{.} they formed a procession and paraded inside of our carel {corral} playing some instruments of music; and shortly withdrew not finding much patronage from our Company.

Saturday 16th{.} Camp moved at 9:15 A.M. Rested an hour in the middle of the day. arrived in Camp at 5 p.m having travelled 12 Miles.

Sunday 17th August. A meeting for worship was appointed to be held at 2 pm and the camp not to move. through wet weather the meeting was not held. At the prayer meeting at 8 pm instructions were given by Captains Hunt and Davis. Water at the place scanty and feed but middling.

Monday 18th{.} Proceeded on the journey at 10 A.M. and travelled without any rest, the greatest portion on a level plane and crossed a river at noon about 30 yards wide without accidents. Camped between 6 and 7 having travelled 16 miles{.} good water and plenty of feed for Cattle. Prayer meeting at 8:30 pm and instructions given by Captains Hunt and Davis.

Tuesday 19th{.} Prayer meetings held every night and morning. this morning prayer meeting was over at 7:30 A.M and the cattle immediately brought in the carel. three oxen were left in the brush and soon recovered and the Company again {on} their way. good travelling{.} level roads{.} crossed a creek at 11 A.M, rested an hour in the middle of the day{.} camped between 6 and 7 pm on the top of a hill. fuel rather scarce, good water and feed for cattle. Instructions given by Captains Hunt and Davis at the prayer meeting this evening.

Wednesday 20{.} Moved forward at 8:30 a.m{.} rested an hour in the middle of the day{.} road again very hilly, but the teems got along without assistance, the Waggons keep together well. camped between 6 and 7 p.m{.} good water & feed for cattle at a short distance from the camp. At the prayer meeting held at 7:30 pm instructions given by Captains Hunt & Davis

proposed by Capt Davis that any Man, Woman or Child who has come to years of accountability, found disobeying the commands or instructions of their Captains be compelled to leave the company which was seconded and carried. Also proposed by him that any man found taking out a gun for the purpose of shooting before the carel is formed, or shooting within ½ mile of the camp, forfeit the said gun, which was seconded & carried.

Thursday 21 August{.} At 8:30 A.M the waggons began to draw out{.} four tens were on the way. It was found that a pair of Oxen belonging to the fifth had not been brought in the carel which prevented them proceeding, and search was immediately made for them and men sent in different directions but they could not be found. Capt. Hunt stopped till 5 pm and left word for them to work on Sunday and endeavor to overtake the four tens as soon as possible.

Friday 22nd{.} Capt. Lewis’ ten still detained on account of the lost Cattle. further search was made for them up to1 pm but to no purpose and Morris Jenkins who owned them would be compelled to purpose another pair at the first opportunity. He made arrangements with Osbourn of Dalmanathe to have them advertised, and gave him authority when found to sell them, and remit him the cash after deducting all reasonable expenses. Capt Lewis Co left at 3:30 pm and camped at 6 30 p.m. travelled 7 Miles. water scarce, feed good.

Saturday 23rd{.} Our small company of nine waggons were ready and started at 7 45 a.m{.} Travelled 12 miles before dinner, and 7 after{.} camped at 6:15 p.m. feed good, water scarce.

Sunday 24th{.} Started at 10 a.m{.} passed Indian Town at 4:30 pm{.} travelled 5 Miles further, in all 14 Miles. plenty of water and very good feed for the cattle{.} camped at 7 pm.

Monday 25th{.} Waggons moved off the camp ground at 9 am and camped just over the toll bridge where we paid 20 Cents for each Waggon and oxen. plenty of water, feed not very good. distance travelled 15 miles. Capt Hunt came back on a mule and met us at 11 a.m and informed us we were but nine miles from the main company. he stopped with {us} until we passed a small bridge, in going over which in that {company} Captn. Davis’ waggon capsized on the creek and luckily only one bow was broken; we passed over all safe, there is a turn and steep descent to it.

Tuesday 26th{.} We started this morning at 8.30 am{.} traveld through very hilly country. passed three or four nice streams of water, and camped at one of them & feed good, arrived at 7 p.m. having travelled 18 miles. Main company only two miles ahead of us.

Wednesday 27th August{.} Started at 8.30 a.m{.} passed through Bluff City at 11 A.M and arrived close to the ferry on the Mosouri {Missouri} River at 6.30 pm about an hour after the main company. feed here very scanty. distance travelled 16 miles.

Thursday 28th{.} Waggons ferryed across the Mosouri River at 8 am and at 7.30 pm the whole company of Fifty six waggons were taken across, without any serious accidents, and camped close to the City of Florence.

Friday 29th{.} The company were busy in taking in Provisions and other requisites for the journey on the Plains. Flour $4.50 per Hund{red} {pounds,} Corn Meal $2.50 per Hund. Sugar 12 and 15 Cents a pound, very little bacon could be got and most of the Co have but a Auftan weight of it.

Saturday 30th{.} Meeting in the evening addressed by Elder Erastus Snow, who gave instructions concerning the journey of their travelling{.} they were to stop for nothing save it were to rest their cattle, and then was the time to do other things they required. Very little sickness in the camp{.} a case or two of ague being about the whole. Notice was given that all that were ready would move to about three miles where the feed was better and the rest to {follow as soon as possible.} Camp still remained making preparations{.} Some were going to stop here{.} Nathan Davis {with} two waggons, H{enry} Dalrymple with a waggon and many others out of the other waggons. Henry H. Wiseman aged 2 years{,} son of John & Mary A. Wiseman of Canterbury died of {sentence unfinished}

Sunday 31st{.} The company commenced to move at 8 a.m and by the evening all the waggons had moved three miles, where the feed was but middling and the water scarce. Addressed by Elder Erastus Snow and F.D. Richards in the evening. Elder Snow alluded to the saints when they were driven and settling down not far from here of the manner they provided in preparing for winter, asking them how they would feel to be in the same circumstances; he said it was the desire of Brigham Young the Prophet for settlement to be made all the way between here and Great Salt Lake City, they would then have no need of Mule or Ox Teems, but they would be able to travel from one settlement to another with their packs upon their backs. he threw out these hints for them to think upon, which caused the people to wonder if they would be called upon to settle down anywhere.

Monday 1st Septr. The Camp moved not to day. Some lightening their loads according to instructions. The cattle were brought in the Carel for safety.

Tuesday 2nd Sept. Started at 10.15 a.m. travelled a distance of 7 miles and camped at 3 p.m at Big Pattis. plenty of good water and good feed. Cattle brought into the carel.

Wednesday 3rd. Camp got ready and started off at 10 a.m. arriving at the Elk Horn river at 1:30 p.m. They were ferryed across with as much haste as possible and by 7:15 pm all were across. and Camped two miles farther on at Raw Hide Creek. water plentiful & feed pretty good. distance travelled 10 Miles. Cattle not careled.

Thursday 4th{.} All possible means was done for the Co to start earlier and they left this morning at 8 a.m. good travelling for 12 miles and rested an hour and three quarters near the River Platt{e.} Bro W{illiam} Salisbury’s son {Joseph Morris} aged 4 years was run over by the waggon & seriously hurt. he fell from the seat in front of the waggon. Camped at Slew. had to give water to the Cattle. feed plentyful but coarse. travelled 18 Miles.

Friday 5th{.} A storm commenced at 6 a.m. and continued for an hour and a half. thunder, lightning, & rain very much. Camp moved at 9 a.m. stopped at 12 noon and rested two hours. we then journeyed till 6:45 pm{.} travelled 17 miles{.} camped at Shell Creek. good water and good feed. Met some Californians at 10 a.m and some at 5 p.m. who reported that Babbitts Comp had been attacked by Indians. two Men and a Child were killed. One Woman missing{.} the other two men escaped leaving the four waggons.

Saturday 6th Septr. Ester {Hester} Walters wife of John Walters from Cardiffe Wales was del{ivere}d of a daughter at 5 Am and is doing well. Started this morning at 8:45 a.m. F.D. Richards{,} Daniel Spencer & twelve other brethren passed us with their Mule Teems at 10.15 a.m. after travelling twelve miles{.} we rested where these Brethren waited for us. who were pleased with the manner we had proceeded on the journey and gave every encouragement of success in our further prosecution of it. they then left us and we followed on having stopped two hours. Camped at 6.0 pm three miles from the Loop {Loup} fork ferry on the Platte Bottom{.} feed good. Distance travelled 18 Miles

Sunday 7th{.} Started this morning at 8 a.m{.} went three miles to the Loop Fork ferry with the expectations of crossing, but the water had risen the night before so much as to damage the tackle belonging to the Ferry Boat, and it was too high for crossing. This gave us and our cattle a days rest. Middling good feed for cattle.

Monday 8th{.} Wind rough and water very high. The Ferryman with the assistance of some of the Brethren got the rope across and straightened. Bro. G{ilbert} Spencer’s Co of Ten taken across this evening.

Tuesday 9th{.} The remaining Waggons taken over the river{.} finished at 2 p.m. A yoke of Oxen belonging to the Church was missing. several brethren sent to search for them, and they returned to camp with them at 4.15 p.m. Bro. Elias Jones lost two gentle Cows on Sunday last {at the fork loop ferry} and up to this time they have not being found. We moved forward at 5 p.m and camped at 8 p.m{.} travelled 7 miles along the banks of the Loup Fork.

Wednesday 10th{.} At 8 a.m the Waggons moved out. they we travelled 13 miles and stopped two hours for the cattle to water and feed. continued our journey till 7.15 pm, having gone 20 miles. Camped on the banks of the Loup Fork.

Thursday 11th{.} Started at 8.30 a.m{.} Went back half a mile and crossed the hills toward the River Platte, some portions of the road sandy. Rested two hours and again proceeded till 4.30 pm and camped at a Creek where there was also a good spring of water. Good feed for the cattle. Loup Fork river not a ¼ mile off.

Friday 12th Septr. Started at 7.45 a.m. Road sandy{.} went nine miles and rested{.} did not expect to find water, but {when} a few of the waggons were moving on, and the rest preparing to do so, a prairie creek was discovered not far off. all stopped and watered their cattle. journeyed 4 miles further and camped at a place where there are several wells, feed tolerably good, but no water for cattle. No Timber.

Saturday 13th{.} Started at 6 a.m. Stopped at a pool of water at 8.30 which soon became so muddy that but few of the cattle drank{.} continued our journey having stopped but a few minutes and arrived at Prairie Creek at noon. here we watered the cattle and rested 2¾ hours. We travelled 11 miles further to a creek. plenty of water. feed rather scarce. a sufficiency of timber. Distance travelled 22 miles. Time of camping 8 p.m.

Sunday 14th{.} Started at 9.30 am{.} went two miles and camped on the same creek. grass rather short, but the cattle fed pretty well.

Monday 15th{.} Started at 8 a.m{.} The weather was very hot which tired the cattle much. Crossed over Wood River at 4 pm on a very rough timber bridge, camped two miles further on the banks{.} feed good. Distance travelled 14 miles.

Tuesday 16th{.} Started at 8.30 am{.} found no water till 4.30 pm when we went off the road half a mile and camped near the River Platte, where the feed was good{.} Distance travelled 16 miles. About three miles past Fort Kearney.

Wednesday 17th{.} Started at 8.15 am{.} A cold rough wind sprang up and continued the whole of the day{.} Stopped 1½ hours{.} watered and rested the cattle. Camped at 6 p.m on Buffalo Creek. The cattle were kept in the carel all night there being no feed for them. Distance travelled 17 miles.

Thursday 18th{.} This was a very cold morning and we left at 6 pm {a.m.} travelled till 8 am{.} here there was a creek, and the feed was but scanty. the cattle fed for three hours{.} we again hitched up and moved on. Camped at 6 pm. at a prairie Creek{.} feed rather scarce{.} travelled 18 miles.

Friday 19th{.} Started at 8.15 a.m{.} in the afternoon about 5.30 a tire came off one of the wheels of Sister {Sarah} Taxford’s wagon {came off} which detained the Company a short time. the camping place being some distance we were compelled to leave the waggon on the prairie. Camped at 8 p.m going half a mile off the road towards the Platte River. Distance travelled 20 miles.

Saturday 20th{.} This morning a company of armed men returned with the repaired wheel and the waggon was brought to camp all safe. Several other waggons had loose tires and the brethren set about repairing them. we intended to move off this afternoon and all the cattle were driven in and yoked up, but it came on to rain and the camp stopped. There is good feed here. Mail passed on the other side of the river, bringing news from other companies ahead. A company of Traders camped near us.

Sunday 21st{.} The cattle were again driven in the carel to be yoked but on account of a Brother being near death, the camp was detained the whole of the day. A Buffalo was shot in the afternoon and the meat distributed. Bro. Elias Davis from {blank space} departed this life at 3.45 p.m aged 44 years leaving a Wife. he was highly respected by those who knew him. the disease which laid him low was diarrhea. he was buried the same evening at the road side.

Monday 22nd Septr{.} Started this morning at 7.30 a.m{.} passed over some sand bluffs at mid day. camped at Skunk creek three miles from the crossing at 6 pm{.} {pretty} good feed and water. Distance travelled 16 miles. Camp aroused at mid night by the guards who saw someone walking about{.} went across the carel and would not answer when spoken to{.} nothing further was seen of it and the men again retired to their beds.

Tuesday 23rd{.} A cold frosty morning{.} started at 6 a.m{.} an accident occurred to Sister Ann Davis whose husband died two days ago, after crossing Skunk Creek{.} She was in the act of getting out of the waggon{.} her clothes caught in the tongue of the waggon and she fell. the wheels passed over her thigh and shoulder but luckily the road was soft sand and the injuries received was not so great, but she was able to walk {in} a few hours after. Captains Hunt and G{ilbert}. Spencer shot a buffalo in the afternoon which was brot in camp in the evening and distributed. Camped at 6 pm on the Platte River{.} it is {now} difficult to fine good feed. Distance travelled 18 miles

Friday 26th{.} Started at 8.30 a.m{.} very soft sandy road and sandy bluffs which tired the cattle very much{.} camped at 6 pm{.} Distance travelled 10 miles.

Saturday 27th Septr{.} Started at 8 am{.} A level road but a great deal of soft sand{.} camped at 6 15 pm{.} not much feed. Distance travelled 16 miles.

Sunday 28th{.} Started at 8.10 Am{.} Soft sandy road for ten miles to some more sandy Bluffs{.} instead of going over them we passed along the Bottom of the river having to double teams and all got over safe. went on further and camped at 6.30 pm having gone 12 miles. feed as good as can be got but it is scanty. No cattle were carreled to night.

Monday 29th{.} An ox of Bros Elias {& John}: Jones found dead this morning in the carel{.} It was in good condition but had been strained the day previous{.} they have two waggons and did not double their teams as the rest of the Company did{.} Started at 9 a.m. Sandy road and hard pulling a good part of the way{.} camped at 6.30 pm.

Tuesday 30th{.} Started at 8 a.m{.} road not quite so bad{.} camped on the Platte River at 5.45 pm{.} feed rather scarce{.} distance travelled 16 miles

Wednesday 1st Octr{.} Started at 8 a.m{.} stopped 3¼ hours in the middle of the day which is much longer than usual{.} Captains Hunt & Spencer endeavoring to find out where the other Companies had crossed{.} travelled on sandy side of the river over some high bluffs but the road was harder{.} camped at 6 pm{.} some green plots of ground {but} feed not plentiful. Distance travelled 13 miles

Thursday 2nd Octr{.} Commenced to cross the River at 8 a.m and all got over in about 2¼ hours{.} a Company of Mule Teams Soldiers &c bound for Fort Laramie passed at 10 a.m. {.} A{t} 11 a.m we met a Company of People with Ox Teams who were on their way back to the States from Utah and who gave account of the poverty of the people in that part. At Noon we met a Company of Soldiers & Mule Teams from Fort Laramie. Camped at 6.30 pm on the Platte River{.} poor feed{.} distance travelled 13 miles

Friday 3rd Octr{.} Started at 8.50 am{.} A good road. camped at 6 30 pm about 4 or 5 miles from Chimney Rock{.} feed better. Distance travelled 16 miles{.} Left two worn out oxen by the way{.} one of them came to camp at night.

Saturday 4th Octr{.} Sister Susannah Bruner {Bryner} from Switzerland died somewhat suddenly this morning although she had been declining for some time past. at 1 a.m. she asked to drink and half an hour afterwards they found her dead{.} buried at 8 a.m{.} age 64 {66} years. Started at 8.30 a.m{.} passed Chimney Rock at 10{.} Camped at 4.45 pm{.} pretty good feed on some large islands in the river. Distance travelled 13 miles. Caroline Brenchley was rebaptized by Elder John Cunison for the restoration of her health. Marinda Nancy Pay daughter of Richard & Sarah Pay died of diarrhea just before midnight{.} aged ten weeks.

Sunday 5th{.} A company of twenty missionaries and some others who were travelling with them for protection passed our camp at 10 am with horse teams, Parley P. Pratt, Thomas Bullock being amongst the number of missionaries. Started at 3 pm{.} camped at 5 pm{.} distance travelled 5 miles{.} feed scanty.

Monday 6th{.} A very foggy morning & difficult to find {all} the cattle. Started at 8.30 a.m{.} Bro. John Turner from Nutley, Kent England died at 9.45 a.m of diarrhea, his illness having lasted about four weeks{.} aged 42 years, he has left a Son {John Turner, 12} and Daughter {Sophia Turner, 14} of tender age. A tire came off one of the Church waggon wheels which caused some detention. passed Scotts bluffs{.} very irregular rough road, did not rest at noon{.} camped on the Platte river at 4.30 pm{.} distance travelled 9 miles{.} feed scanty. Ruth Jones born

Tuesday 7th Octr{.} Started at 7 a.m. Bro Richard Griffiths had an ox giving out. unhitched the pair from the waggon and drove on with the one yoke of oxen, leaving the loose pair for Bro Saml Evans to drive on{.} while driving them one of the bow Keys broke, by which means the oxen became separated, and the one that had the yoke hanging to the neck ran off and so frightened some of the oxen, causing them to leave the trail and go at high speed{.} waggon after waggon was now seen going in different directions at a terrible rate and general consternation prevailed at the last half of the train{.} so many were in danger of being knocked down or crushed between the waggons: in a few minutes they were brought to a state of rest some ten or twelve waggons having left the track. we have to lament that a Sister Esther Walters from Swansea Wales was knocked down and so injured that she expired in a few minutes afterwards, leaving a babe of four weeks old, which at the time was in the waggon. She was interred this evening at 5 pm{.} aged 39 years. the accident occurred about 12.30 pm. After Bro {William} Gobles waggon axle was repaired having been broken in the affair we moved on about a mile further and camped at 6 pm{.} distance travelled 13 miles

Wednesday 8th{.} Started at 7.30 a.m{.} we travelled well and had no detentions{.} stopped at 6.30 pm{.} poor feed{.} distance travelled 20 miles

Thursday 9th{.} Started at 8 a.m{.} the latter part of the day very soft sandy road, and it was with difficulty that some of the waggons could be got along{.} camped at 7 pm about a mile from Fort Laramie. Distance travelled 20 miles. very poor feed{.} John Jos{eph} Wiseman aged 5 years Son of John & Maryann Wiseman died at 10 pm through bodily weakness.

Friday 10th{.} Visited this morning by some of the brethren from the Waggon and Hand Cart Companies who are but a few miles behind of us. Started at 3 pm{.} very sandy road part of the way{.} camped at 6 pm. Distance travelled 6 miles. poor feed.

Saturday 11th{.} Trading cattle{.} Camp remained on the same spot.

Sunday 12th{.} Bro. {William} Beasley & Family with his Waggon & Bro. {William} Bell & Family with his Waggon returned to Fort Laramie this morning; Bro Beasley on account of his team being weakly & Bro. Bell not wishing to endure the severity of the weather journeying so late in the season. Started at 12 noon. camped on the Platte river at 4 pm{.} distance travelled 7 miles{.} poor feed.

Monday 13 Octr/56. Started at 8 A.m{.} travelled over {very} hilly country{.} camped at 6.45 pm two miles from the river. feed pretty good{.} distance travelled 20 miles.

Tuesday 14th{.} Started at 8 a.m. Camped at 4.45 pm{.} distance travelled 15 miles{.} pretty good feed across the river. At the meeting this evening it was proposed that as James Crick {Creek} had removed out of the ten over which he was Captain that James Holl{e}y succeed him which was carried. proposed that James Crick assist Charles Holl{e}y Capn. of the Guard in some of his duties.

Wednesday 15th{.} Started at 8.30 a.m, forded the river at noon{.} camped at 5.45 p.m. distance travelled 17 miles{.} pretty good feed across the river.

Thursday 16th Started at 7.30 am. Forded the river at 1 pm back again on the south side{.} camped at 7.15 pm{.} distance travelled 22 miles. rather poor feed.

Friday 17th{.} Started at 8.30 a.m{.} Camped at 5.45 pm{.} Cattle driven across the river to feed which was rather poor{.} distance travelled 16 miles.

Saturday 18th{.} Started at 9 a.m{.} Camped on the Platte River at 6 pm. Feed middling{.} Dist. travelled 15 miles

Sunday 19th{.} Started at 7.30 a.m{.} passed Captn. {Edward} Martins, handcart Company just as they were ready to start{.} after having stopped for dinner, many of them pulled their carts alongside of our waggons and it was enough to draw forth one’s sympathy for them, seeing the aged Women and children drawing the carts and so many with haggard countenances. passed Fort Bridger {Bridge} about 12 noon{.} Camped at 2 pm at the fording place on the Platte River. dist. travelled 15 miles{.} Captn. Hodgetts Company had not forded when we arrived, and the Hand Cart Co directly afterwards.

Monday 20th {octr.} This morning the ground was covered with snow and prevented us moving. The cattle were driven into the carel this afternoon{.} some twelve or fourteen were missing. It commenced snowing again at 3 p.m. and continued for some time.

Tuesday 21st{.} Snow about eight inches deep and completely stopped from travelling. The missing cattle had crossed the river and got with Captn. Martins lot{.} they were all found.

Wednesday 22nd{.} Fording the river at 1 pm having doubled our teams and camped one mile further on. Cut down cottonwood trees to feed the cattle.

Thursday 23rd{.} Very cold frosty weather. William Upton who was brought over {from capt Hodgetts company} last evening by Jesse Haven to consult Doctor Wiseman died at {blank space} of mortification at the heart{.} aged 34 years. Camp still detained by snow. (Several of the cattle have died.)

Friday 24th{.} Very cold N.W. wind, snow as deep as when it fell. More timber cut down to feed the cattle. One ox found dead and two more not being able to stand the weather were slaughtered.

Saturday 25th{.} Snow became drifted by a cold & strong wind. ground clear in some places so that the cattle were able to get a little grass.

Sunday 26th{.} Slight thaw to day. The cattle looked much better. Captn. Hunt has gone to Fort Bridge to see about trading for cattle to replace those that have died.

Monday 27th{.} The snow melts gradually. sixteen head of cattle were brought from the Fort this evening. more to be had tomorrow

Tuesday 28th{.} Weaver {weather} still remains cold. Bro. Joseph Young and two others arrived this evening, which caused generally rejoicing throughout the camp, through the tidings of the snow extending westward only about 40 or 50 miles, the handcart Companies being supplied with food and clothing and our condition would be reported in the Valley speedily as we are also getting short of provision. 13 head of cattle brought from the Fort this evening.

Wednesday 29th Octr./56. The three Brethren who arrived yesterday from the Valley left us on their return expecting to be back in ten days. Started at 2 p.m. leaving one old waggon of Bro {John} Walters who has joined Bro {James Morris} Farmer bringing their teams together & making one waggon serve for both families, arrived on camp ground at 3.30 p.m having travelled 3 miles. feed rather scarce.

Thursday 30th{.} Started at 9 a.m. beautiful fine weather. very heavy road, high hills & wet sandy ground{.} camped at 2 pm{.} distance travelled 7 miles. Platte river & feed middling. Margaret Price Wife of John Price of Pembrokeshire Wales was del{ivere}d of a Daughter.

Friday 31st{.} Camped all day. The brethren who received fresh cattle from traders at Fort Bridge, upon a draft upon Brigham Young held by Brother Thomas who kindly proffered it for the use of the Camp signed bonds giving security {to him} their oxen & waggons {taken} for the same.

Saturday 1st Novr{.} Started at 11.15 am and had not been long on the road before a snowstorm came on accompanied with some rain making it very wet & muddy. All were cautioned not to let the cattle drink having to pass through poisonous creeks of water. Camped at 7 p.m. Dist. travelled 12 miles. No wood & water. We were met to day by Bros. Wheelock & Bromhead from the Valley to Know of our condition.

Sunday 2nd{.} It froze much during the night. several of the cattle had strayed away. search was {about but distance some the they} could not be found. Those who had their teams all right travelled on to Willow Springs and oxen were sent back to bring the other waggons afterwards. Captains Hunt & Gilbert Spencer {went} to the previous day’s camping place, found the missing oxen, and brought them to camp late in the evening. At this place the snow was six or seven inches deep, and it was very cold. cut down willow trees for the oxen. Dist. travelled 4 miles. Meeting in the evening addressed by Elders Wheelock, Webb & Bromhead and a unanimous vote was taken that all would be willing to do as they were bidden, if required to leave all they have behind and would be glad to get into the Valley with their lives only, and they would cease to complain at coming so late in the season, everything possible being done to start the Company early.

Monday 3rd Novr./56{.} Started at 10.30 a.m{.} very cold. left about fourteen or fifteen oxen on the road{.} camped on the Greece Wood {Greasewood} Creek ½ mile from the crossing at 6 pm{.} distance travelled 11 miles{.} Infant Child {Edith} of Wm Goble died at 9 pm

Tuesday 4th{.} Some green grass along the banks of the creek and the brethren scraped off the snow for the cattle to eat{.} Started at 3 pm{.} camped on the same creek. Distance travelled 5 miles.

Wednesday 5th{.} Jane Walters daughter of John Walters died at 9.30 am aged 8 weeks{.} Started at 11 am{.} passed Independence Rock at 2 pm and arrived at the Log House at Devils Gate at 6 pm when B. Hodgetts Co were camped and Bro Geo Grant and many other brethren were stopping to give us instructions for our further travelling to Zion. A meeting was called and addressed by Bros. Grant, Wheelock & Burton. Bro Grant told them they would have to leave their goods here till they could be sent for, such as Stoves, boxes of tools, clothing and only take just sufficient to keep them warm with their bedding. he wanted 4 or 5 waggons and teams to assist the Hand cart Co & he expected them to take but about half the number of waggons along, all present approved willing to do what was expected of them. Distance travelled 12 miles.

Thursday 6th{.} Weather intensely cold. strong wind & the snow drifts very much. Waggons commenced to be unpacked & the goods shared. Wm Burton died at 10 pm{.} he had been brot down with ague. and he could not bear the intensity of the cold. aged 26 years

Friday 7th{.} Weather continues extremely cold. more waggons unloaded and the goods stored. Ann Davis aged 47 years died at 4 pm of Diarrhea

Saturday 8th{.} Nov/56 Hodgett’s Co rolled our & the remainder of our waggons were unloaded. an inventory of the goods left {was} given to Bro. Geo. Grant.

Sunday 9th Weather mild and we started at 12 noon crossing the Sweet Water River and camped at 4 pm having travelled 6 miles. 24 Waggons were the number taken by the Co from Devils Gate.

Monday 10 {blank space}

Tuesday 11{.} Mary Hutchinson aged 70 died at 4 pm. James Reece aged 60 years died at 9 p.m. after suffering a long time from dearhea & ague.

Wednesday 12{.} Sophia Turner aged 14 years found dead in bed having been suffering from diarhea for some time past.

Thursday 13 {blank space}

Friday 14 {blank space}

Sat 15 {blank space}

Sun 16{.} John Turner aged 12 years died at 7 am of diarhea

Mon 17 {blank space}

Tues 18 {blank space}

Wed 19{.} Crossed the South Pass and camped at the pacific springs

Thur. 20{.} The Company was divided into several smaller ones.

Fri 21{.} Four horse teams arrived on camp this morning & took away about ten of our Co to each waggon.

Sat 22{.} A number of oxen came from Bridger to take on & several waggons to that place.

Sunday 23rd Nov/56 {blank space}

Mon 24 {blank space}

Tues 25 {blank space}

Wed 26{.} Arrived at Green River

Thurs 27{.} Sarah Pay aged 30 years died of diarhea.

Fri 28 {blank space}

Sat 29{.} Several waggons crossed the river & camped on the other side to be in readiness to start on the following morning

Sun 30{.} Remainder of the waggons left Green River to day

Mon 1 Dec— {blank space}

Tues 2 {blank space}

Wed 3 {blank space}

Thurs 4{.} The last of the Waggons arrived at Fort Bridger to day.

Fri 5 {blank space}

Sat 6{.} A messenger from Great Salt Lake City arrived this evening bringing intelligence of a number of Teams coming on the road to bring in the remainder of the Saints on the plains & bringing provisions with them which caused great joy in camp.

Sun 7 Mon{.} Fourteen waggons arrived this evening from Lehi City

Mon {illegible}8{.} Numbers of waggons again arrived to day

Tues 9 Dec/56{.} This morning some of the Teams started on their return.

Wed 10 {blank space}

Thurs 11 {blank space}

Fri 12 {blank space}

Sat 13 {blank space}

Sun 14 {blank space}

Mon 15{.} The remainder of the Saints arrived in Great Salt Lake City to day. the emigration has now completed.