Transcript for Daniel Duncan McArthur Emigrating Company journal, 1856 May-September

Monday evening 19th May. A Meeting was Called. Brother Spencer presiding. when the present Company P.E passengers was devided into two Hand Cart Companies. Brother Edmund Ellisworth [Ellsworth] to be Captain over the one Company. and Brother John D T Mc Allister the other

Tuesday 20th A meeting having been called this morning of the Bren [Brethren]. Brother Henry Bowring was unanimously selected Captain of Guard for this Company, and Brother William Wright was also unanimously Chosen Clerk. The Saints according to instruction attended to the Cleaning of the Camp Ground after which it looked Sweet and Clean. All things in good order. Provisions served out out this evening Consisting of Flour, Tea, Sugar, and Dried fruit.

Wednesday 21st engaged all day weighing Luggage (17 lb pr head) for the Hand Carts. In the evening president Mc Allister Called a meeting of the Bren. for the purpose of instructing them into the nature of the Hand Cart Luggage regulations. he together with several of the Bren took a lively Part in address[ing] the Meeting. a good and energetic spirit was infused into the Saints. and the blessing of God rested upon all present. On putting the Question whether the Saints were agreeable to go with their 17 lb pr Head all responded with a hearty Amen. Elder Mc Allister promised should they do this and not murmer. the blessing of God would be upon them to impart strength to them. to enable them to perform the jour[ney] which they were about to under take. and neither Indians nor Devils would be permitted to harm them. the meeting Closed with prayer all seperating under the sweet influence of the Holy Spirit. The Saints were instructed those who were intending to Store by their goods here in Charge of Bro Spencer until sent for. also those who were Capable of sending them through this season by the Teams & [illegible] to make out an Inventory of said goods to be handed into the hand of the president so that all things be kept Correct. Provisions served out Consisting of Flour and Tea.

Thursday 22nd Saints all well and a good spirit prevailing. engaged in taking the Inventory of goods in Camp. Flour, Pork and Salt delt out.

Friday 23rd Weighed Luggage, and made out invoices &c Weather Hot, Saints all well with one or two exceptions Flour delt out.

Saturday 24th Saints all up pretty early out of their beds. a beautiful morning the Sun in all his splendour was sheding over the Saints his refulgent rays tending to Cheer and enliven their hearts. P[resident]. M[cAllister]. attended to the weighing of Luggage and making all possible preparations for our journey or departure. Instructions were given to the Saints to have all rubbish Cleaned from off the Camp Ground. attended to and looked firstrate and healthy

Sunday 25th The Bren & Sisters all engaged in making preparations to go to meeting. all well. The Children having been washed and got on Clean Cloths looked Neat, Sweet, Healthy and Godlike. At 11 OCo [o’clock] our meeting assembled. a goodly number being present, both of Saints and Strangers, Elder Godsall was introduced to speak, which was Complied with, a very good and appropriate di[s]course was delivered upon the opening up of the last despensation, and the Restoration of the ancient gospel. Meeting seperated to meet again at 1 OCo. Meeting again assembled according to adjournment. Elder Chauncy Webb was introduced, who spoke largely & eloquently upon the Moral degradation of the Human Family and how to better their degraded Condition. he also presented them with the first principals of the Gospel. these subjects were treated upon very warmly. and caused feelings of Holy aspirations to burn in the breasts of all the Bren & Sisters present. A Meeting was Called in the evening for the purpose of reading the names of those who embarked from Liverpool in the Ship ____ President Spencer and several of the Bren spoke upon the necessity of sacrificing our feelings in relation to leaving our luggage behind us and the propriety of starting for zion with our 17 lb per Head, all was deeply influenced by the Holy Spirit the bren also expressed their satisfaction in seeing the saints so Compliable with these things and their intention to Carry them out. They separated being doubly buoyed up with a determination to prosecute their journey with Zeal & integrity, and thereby leave an example for those Comming after us, well worthy of their imatiation

Monday 20th This morning being so rainey nothing of any importance could be attended to. In the evening a smart breeze set in attended with a good deal of Rain, Thunder and Lightening, so much so that a Continual illumination was kept up for the Space of two Hours. those unacquainted with this strange phenomenon were a little alarmed in Consequence thereof. but through the blessing of God no accidents happened. Some one or two tents were blown down, but the Saints soon found shelter beneath other ones,

Tuesday 27th The Cloths and other material which got wet the past night, were all put out to dry this morning. the Company are still in a healthy & prosperous looking Condition. one or [two] exceptions. provisions served out Consisting of Flour, Pork, Sugar and apples. In the evening <at 10½ OCo> Jane wife of John Frew was delivered of a fine son, named William McAllister Frew.

Wednesday 28th As usual Camp duties going on. Saints all generally well. attended to Collecting of Cash and making out Receipts for forwarding Luggage to the Valley. In the evening Bro McAllister called a Meeting for the purpose of instructing the Brethrn not to be going away strolling through the Surrounding vicinity when their services were Continualy required in Camp.

Thursday 29th Saints all well, nothing of importance going on. Flour, sugar Tea and Butter delt out.

Friday 30th Engaged in bringing up the Hand Carts from the City &c[.] Orginised a goodly Number of the Brethrn & sisters into families for the Carts, Saints tolerable well

Saturday 31st A little breezy, but a good morning. At 4 OCo this morning Elisbth [Elizabeth] wife of Ralph Ramsay was delivered of a Daughter (named Jane). In the evening a Meeting was Convened for the purpose of instructing the Saints into the principle of Cleanliness, and other matters Connected with Camp duties. Bros McAllister[,] Ellsworth and [James] Ferguson spoke upon the Necessity of these instructions being Carried out, & keep the Camp ground Clean and in good order. All felt inclined to take hold of the instructions and Carry them out to the letter, Pork, Flour and apples served out.

Sunday 1st June 1856. Saints all up and getting washed and prepared for Meeting. Elder Daniel Tyler was introduced to address the assembly. he beautifully illustrated the principal of Gathering. Brother Webb then arose and delivered a very influantial decourse upon Mans Mental and physical abilities and how to apply the same to a good & proper use[.] P.M. Meeting assembled Bro James Ferguson arose and delivered a fluent decourse upon the first principles of the Gospel, and demonstrated them to a nicity in showing their Harmony with scripture & Reason. At the same time showing the principes as taught by the world as being opposed to Scripture & Common sense. the subject was properly & manfully handled, great attention was paid to the speaker, all felt highly satisfied and departed in peace. In the evening a meeting was Called at which Bro Daniel D McArthur was unanimously Chosen to preside over this Company in room of Bro John D T Mc Allister whose presence was Considered more servicable here at the starting point in helping to facilitate the imagration[,] Keeping the Stores &c

Monday 2nd A fresh company of Emigrants arrived today. Composed principaly of Welsh, one or two Scotch, one or two Irish, and a Number of Inglish. Provision delt out Consisting of Flour, Tea, Sugar, and Coffee. Saints all well today with Some four exceptions who are in a bettering Condition

Tuesday 3rd Usual routine of Camp duties going on. Potatoes served out, a good Spirit prevailing in Camp —

Saturday 7th At 8 OC this morning Jane. Daughter of Ralph and Elisbth Ramsay departed this life at the Camp ground, Iowa City, Iowa, aged 7 days. buried in the evening at the same place. In the evening a number of Bren and Sisters who were Baptised some few days ago were Confirmed.

Flour, Pork, Tea, Suger, and apples delt out.

Sunday 8th Held preaching at 10 OCo A.M. and at 3 OCo P.M. a goodly number of Strangers attended. all Came off well. In the evening a number of the Bren met where the following resolutions were motioned and Carried unanimously
1st Motioned that the present Company be seperated into two Devisions, or Hundreds to be Called the first & second devisions
2nd Motioned that Brother Truman Leonard preside over the first devision and Brother Spicer W Crandell [Crandall] the Second
3rd Motioned that presidents be appointed over each respective tent, or Twenty
4th Motioned that Brother Walter Granger, William Hillhouse, John Gray, John Frew, John Dreany [Draney], Sam[ue]l Hargrave[s], Robert Parker, William Heaton, John Bell, William Wright, and John Sheers [Schies] be appointed for this purpose.

Monday 9th Saints all generally well with few exceptions

Tuesday 10th Making fast preparations for to Start on our journey. Luggage all settled up. ready to start.

Wednesday 11th About 11 OCo this morning the Company rolled out from the Camp ground with 161 adults 61 children[,] total 222 Souls for Florence. also the following[:] 12 oxen, 2 waggons and 44 Hand Carts. The Saints left the Camp Ground full of valour & Spirits. They were accompanied for about the distance of a mile with Brothers James Ferguson and John D. T Mc Allister. when they were about to return, the Carts were all brought to a halt and Brother Mc Allister was introduced to sing the Hand Cart song[.] the Saints all joined merrily in the Chorus. Brother James Ferguson then proposed Three Cheers to Brigham Young. F D Richards. D Spencer, D. T. Mc Allister & D D Mc Arthur. the Saints in return gave Three hearty Cheers to Bro Jas Ferguson. Three cheers were then delivered & responded to from every heart in favour of our Hand Carts. And a loud Three Cheers for our selves. this was a time particularly long to be remembered and will be recorded in the archives of the Church to be handed down to generations yet unborn. in a few moments every one was at their post and the Carts began to roll amid loud Cheers and God Bless You. 6 OCo P.M. overtook Elder Ellsworth’s Company at the 9 mile house. Camped hence

Traveled 8 miles this day. had provisions served out Consisting of Flour, <Pork> Tea, sugar and apples. one of the Body Carts broke down, axle broke.

Thursday 12th President Mc Arthur Called a Meeting and gave the saints some good instructions relative to not flinshing from their duties to God. Camped at 6¼ OCo P.M. Left at 9½ OCo A.M. and Camped at 6 OCo P.M. Traveled 12 Miles. road very sandy and heavy. Weather very Hot,

Friday 13th Left at 6¾ OCo AM. and Camped at 1 OCo P.M. Traveled 7 miles. The following Individuals returned to Iowa as the[y] did not feel inclined to proceed any further. Thomas Lucas, Mary Lucas senr. Elisbth Lucas, Mary Lucas Junr, Martha Lucas, Patrick Birmingham, Elisbth Catherine Birmingham, Mary Catherine Birmingham, Edward John Birmingham, and Jane Elisbth Birmingham[.] Flour, Indian meal, Pork, suger & yeast Powder delt out. all well and agood Spirit prevailing universally. A meeting was Called when Brothers Mc Arthur, Lennord [Leonard], and Crandell instructed the Saints to be carefull of those Gentile spirits that are going about seeking to draw away the (Females especially) from prosecuting their journey with their sympathetic delusine [delusional] spirits. but to have a strong resolution and determination to rebuke such. Council was also given to seek to study the interist of our Hand Carts, to avoid all dangers that Could be possible be avoided. Also to seek to Cultivate the spirit of Union. which would make a Heaven to us under all Circumstances and if we would not do this we Could make a Hell right in our midst. Meeting seperated under the genial influence of the holy spirit. Bros Walter Granger and William Heaton were appointed Commissaries for the provisions.

Saturday 14th Left at 7 OCo and Camped at 11 OCo A.M. for the purpose of giving the sisters an opportunity of washing their Cloths &c Traveled this day 7 miles[.] In the evening Bro James Ferguson arrived from Iowa with the brethren & Sisters who returned on the 13th of this month[.] Provisions served Consisting of Flour, Suger, Tea, Apples, and Baking Soda.

Sunday 15th We were favoured this day with an excellent decourse [discourse] from Elder France and Frost. upon the fundimental principals of the gospel. quite <an> excitement was made amongst the strangers who Constituted a good portion of the meeting. they Came forward and expressed their wishes to purchase some of our Books, so that they might learn more fully of our principals. In the evening the Saints again Congregated for the purpose of partaking the sacrament in Commeneration of the death and suffering of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. this was quite a time of refreshing from the Lord in as much as they had not an opportunity of doing this holy act for a good length of time previous & there was a calm silence prevailed the meeting during this whole time and the spirit of God illuminatied the Countaninces of each one present. We were favoured likwise with a few very appropriate remarks upon the nature of the Hand Carts Expedition, that inasmuch as they would honour the Lord w And his servents in accomplishing this glorious object it would be held in honerable rememberanace and handed down to the latest posterity of Israel. these remarks were made by Elder Ferguson. Three members were Confirmed and the meeting closed, who are as follows James Gardiner [Gardner] Walter Gardiner [Gardner] and Janet Clotworthy

Monday 16th Left Apple Grove <Little Bear Creek> at 7 OCo A.M. Camped at 6¾ OCo. Stoped to serve out provisions[,] Cooking &c 1½ hour. Traveled 15 miles. Saints all in good spirits. the name of Camping ground is Big Bear Creek

Tuesday 17th Left <Big Bear Creek.> at 7½ OCo A.M. and Camped at 3 OCo P.M. Stoped during the journey 1¾ hour. Traveled 15 miles. Saints all well, but a few fatagued with the hot weather. camped this day at Apple Grove.

Wednesday 18th Left at 6 OCo A.M. and Camped at 10 OCo A.M. Traveled 10 Miles. provisions served out Consisting of Flour, Indian Meal & soap. In the evening a meeting was held principally of the brethren when some good instructions were delivered about the nature of our journey. also upon the propriaty of training ourselves up to be real practi[c]al economists. there was a good spirit prevailing and a strong determination and resolution fixed to prase [press] onto their journey with more vigor & strength

Thursday 19th Left at 7 OCo A.M. and Camped at Elk Creek at 2 OCo P.M. Stoped during the journey 1½ hour for Breakfast. Traveled this day 12 miles. Flour, Indian meal, Suger, Tea and Apples delt out to the Saints.

Friday 20th Left Elk Creek at 7 OCo A.M. and Camped at Indian Creek at 4½ OCo P.M. Stoped for resting &c 2½ hours[.] Traveled this day 14 Miles. Saints Considerable tired and fatagued, with Soar feet. day very hot with a gentle breeze. One of the Covered Carts broke down (Axle broke) put in a new one

Saturday 21st Left Indian Creek at 7½ OCo A.M. Traveled 14 Miles and Camped at the South Skunk Creek at 3¾ OCo P.M. Stope is for Various purposes 2½ hours[.] Two opened Carts broke down (axles broke) provisions delt out Consisting of Flour, Indian Meal, Suger, Tea, Rice and Salt,

Sunday 22nd P.M. A Meeting was Called and was favoured with a very excellent decourse from Elder William Heaton, upon the principal of Immediate Revelation. Elder Mc Arthur and Ellisworth then arose alternately and gave the Saints instructions relative to the health and prosperity of the Camp. also upon the principal of Union. for by it the Nation would yet be made to Quake and fear. also to guard against such Characters as are going about using their sympathy and philantrophry as a means through which to turn away the Saints from prosecuting their journey and to regard it as you would do the Cracking of sticks beneath a dinner pot knowing it was from the devil, the good spirit was realised by all present.

Monday 23rd. Left South Skunk Creek at 7¼ OCo A.M past through a small place called the “Rising Sun” and Camped the four Mile Creek at 12 OCo A.M. Traveled 10 miles. Flour, Suger and apples served out.

Tuesday 24th Left the four Mile Creek at 7½ OCo A.M. Traveled 13 miles past through Fort Demoine [Des Moines] a good many persons manifested a very evil spirit towards us by hooting us and shouting silly Mormons dupes &c. Camped at 4 OCo P.M. Stoped during the journey 2¾ hours[.] the Camping place had no particular name. Flour, Yeast Powder & Salt served out[.] Saints all well with a few exceptions through fatagued &c

Wednesday 25th. Left at 7¼ OCo A.M. Traveled 19 miles. Camped on the banks of the North Coon River at 4½ OCo. Stoped during journy 2 hours. Weather Considerable Cool and mild. In the evening Captn Mc Arthur Called a Meeting for the purpose of giving the Saints an opportunity of expressing their sentiments relative to how they felt since they Started from Iowa. a good number of the brethren embraced the chance and spoke favourably of the blessings of the Lord which had attended them on their journy and felt highly satisfied with their leader whom the Lord had placed there for their directions, and was perfectaly satisfied that better leaders could not be given them then Bros. Mc Arthur as Captn and his Counselors Bros Lennord [Leonard] & Crandell [Crandall]. all felt well with this evenings prosedour,

Thursday 26th Left the North Coon River at 7¼ OCo A.M. Traveled 12 miles. had to ford the above mentioned river after starting. Camped on the banks of the Middle Coon River at 2½ OCo P.M. The Saints had to ford this River which was a Considerable depth but got over all right. Flour, Soap, Yeast Powder, and Apples delt out.

Friday 27th Left the Middle Coon River at 7½ OCo A.M. Traveled 9 miles. Camped on the banks of the South Coon River at 12¼ OCo P.M. A very plesent day with a nice breeze. At 6¼ OCo John Smith son of Ralph & Jane Ramsey [Elizabeth Burns Ramsey] died of Diarrhoea. Aged 19 months and 11 days.

Saturday 28th Left the South Coon River at 6½ OCo A.M. Traveled 16 miles. Camped at Middle River at 3½ OCo P.M. stoped during journey for some purposes 2½ Hours. The buirrel [burial] of the child that died last evening was attended to on starting this morning at Middle River. road good. Weather mild and pleasent. Provisions delt out Consisting of Flour, Apples, Suger, Tea, and Yeast Powder. In the evening a heavy gale of wind blew attended with very heavy rain.

Sunday 29th Elder Sam[ue]l. Hargraves preached a decourse upon the Worlds Apostasy, or departure from the true order of the ancient Gospel. Also beautifull illustrated the principle by which they could be restored. a good many strangers were present and paid good attention. the meeting was brought to a close by sin[g]ing & prayer. the Saints were requested to remain on the ground to have instructions given[.] Bro Spicer W Crandell was appointed to address the meeting which he did in a very able and manly manner. Elder Ellisworth, Mc Arthur and Lennord took an active part in exhorting the Saints to faithfullness. Also on the principle of order. Union, and of wives being subject to their Husbands in the Lord. A first rate time was enjoyed by all present, their joyfull Countensense indicated a merry heart.

Monday 30th Left the Middle River at 6¾ OCo A.M. Traveled 16½ miles and Camped at Turkey Grove at 3 OCo P.M. stoped during journy 2 hours. Weather cool and road pretty hilly, but Clean. Flour, Soap, and Salt delt out, Saints all well without any exceptions so good Spirits prevailing

Tuesday 1st July Left Turkey Grove at 7¾ OCo A.M. Traveled 14 miles and Camped at the Head of Turkey Creek at 2¾ OCo P.M. stoped during journey 1½ hour. <one> Open Cart broke this day. (axle broke) road in poor order for traveling in consequence of some rain being the last evening which lay the dust to a good extent. Saints all well, but a few fatagued. Weather a little hot attended with a refreshing breeze[.] Flour, Indian Meal, Pork and Yeast Powder delt out, About 12 OCo A.M. Arthur, son of Robert Parker, strayed away from the Company and could not be found this day. we were visited in the evening with a very heavy storm. Lightening & Thunder. one tent blown down.

Wednesday 2nd Brothers Mc Arthur and Lennord started out this morning in persuit of the boy and searched all the Country over. they had to return without finding any traces of him. In Consequence of the boy being lost, and the late rain which drenched all the cloths and required to be dried, the Company did not start this day

Thursday 3rd Left the Head of Turkey Creek at 6½ OCo A.M. passed through “Indian Town” at 9½ OCo and Camped at Prarrie [Prairie] Creek at 7 OCo Traveled 24 miles. Stoped during journey 4 Hours. Bro Robert Parker did not start with the Company this morning. remained behind to endeavour to find his son, either living or dead.

Friday 4th Left Prarrie Creek at 7¾ OCo A.M. Traveled 20 miles and Camped at Silver Creek at 6¾ OCo P.M. Stoppages for various purposes 3¾ Hours.

Saturday 5th Remained at Silver Creek all day so that the Saints might get rested and the little bits of articles attended to. At 8½ OCo A.M. Bro Robert Parker arrived in Camp with his son[.] there was a joy manifested from every soul in Camp. it was found the boy had in Comming along the road with the Company lingered about half a mile behind between the Carts and Waggons and had fallen asleep among the long grass before the Waggons had been up in time to have him picked up. on waken some glimmer of light had attracted his attention, <The light which he saw was in the woods> believing it to be the Camp he made his way for it as quick as possible but finding it was not he lay himself down and slept till morning. when he gathered himself up as well as he could and repaired to a Dutch mans house and reported himself where his Father had the pleasure of finding him

Sunday 6th Weather very hot with a little breeze. In the evening a Meeting was Called at which some generic instructions were given to the saints in relation to their duties as Saints. not for to quarrel or Contend among themselves. but to be united as one man for the time would come when this would be required from every individual in this Company and that tro with unflinching integrity all realized a good time

Monday 7th Left Silver Creek at 7¾ OCo A.M. Traveled 20 miles and Camped at Missquitoe [Mosquito] Creek at 6 OCo P.M. Stoped during journy 3½ Hours. Weather very hot, Road extreeme hilly and bad. Saints all well, but a little fatagued

Tuesday 8th Left Musquito Creek at 6¾ OCo A.M. and arrived at the Missouri River at 4½ OCo P.M. Crossed the Ferry and Camped at 6½ OCo. Traveled 16 miles. Stoped during journey 2¾ hours. Weather Hot and Road very hilly. The Country which we passed along this day presented one Continual range of sceneries

Monday 14th At 10 OCo P.M. Elisbth wife of Peter Richardson was delivered of a Daughter[.] it lived 2½ Hours and died at 12½ OCo. The Mother is recovering fast,

Tuesday 15th Elizbth daughter of Henry [Heinrich] and Margaret[he] Elliker departed this life at 1 OCo P.M. Amid a wide Circle of relations and acquantances who sorrifully laments her absence. May her ashes rest in peace till the morning of the Resurection. for she gained while in this life a most prominant part in the esteemation of the saints

Saturday 19th This morning quite an alarm was Created with the Cry of Somebody having fallen into the river. on discovery it was found to be Bro Bedson Eardl[e]y who had been shooting Birds and some how or other had been persuing the bird when wounded near the brink of the river, and tumbled in. the brethren was soon at him with ropes and saved him (in all propability) from a watery grave. this day a Company of hand Carts – emigrants under the direction of Captn Bunker arrived from Iowa. Visited last night with a very heavy Thunder and Lightening, all well.

Left Florence for Great Salt Lake City July 24th 1856 on Thursday 10½ OCo A.M. all well with 3 exceptions. With 13 yoke of oxen. 4 Waggons 16 Cows and 47 Hand Carts. The folowing individuals remained behind at Florence as they did not fell disposed to prosecute their journey any further. Thomas Lucas. Mary Lucas senr. Mary Lucas Junr. Eliza Lucas, Martha Lucas, Rebecca Sanderson, Sarah Ann Sanderson, Roada [Rhoda] Sanderson, Peter Richardson, Eliza Richardson, and Agnes Stewart. Bro James Reid & his family Eliza[beth] Reid senr, Eliza[beth] Reid junr. James Reid, Mary Reid, & John Reid. were prevented from starting with the Company, in Consequence of him having received a shot in the leg from some Scoundrels on Wednesday evening. what raised them to committ this barbarous and Cruel act could not be correctly assertained. Stoped about 3¾ hours to have dinner then started & Camped at little Pap [Papillion] Creek at 5½ OCo P.M. Traveled 7 Miles

Friday 25th Left Little Pap Creek at 8¼ OCo a.m. Traveled 16 miles and Camped at Elk Horn River at 5½ OCo P.M. Stoped during journy for resting 2½ hours. Bro Mc Arthurs mule broke loose this morning and run off 7 miles on the other side of Florence, where he got it. Camp in good spirits

Saturday 26th Left the Elk Horn river at 7½ OCo A.M. detained 2 Hours in crossing the Ferry and Camped at the Platte River at 5¼ OCo P.M. Traveled 15 miles stoped on the way 1½ hour. Weather good. all well.

Sunday 27th Remained in Camp all day: in the evening a Meeting was held and good instruction given.

Monday 28th Left the North Corner of the Platte river at 6¾ OCo A.M. Traveled 17 Miles and Camped at 6 OCo P.M. Stoped during journey 2¼ hours.

Tuesday 29th Rolled out at 8½ OCo A.M. Traveled 18 Miles & Camped at 7¼ OCo P.M. Rested on Shell Creek and had Breakfast. Stoped for all purposes 2½ hours. all well and a nice cool day.

Wednesday 30th Rolled off at 8 OCo a.m. arrived at the Loup Fork at 20 minutes from 3 P.M. detained 4 hours in Crossing it and Camped on the other side. an immense cloud of Grass hoopers was seen here today. the people were quite alarmed in consequence therof it being rare for such to be seen in the past. Camped at 20 minute from 7 OCo P.M. Traveled 9 mile. Weather hot. Saints all well things are going on first rate

Thursday 31st Left at 7¼ OCo A.M. 9¼ OCo rested 45 Minutes. 10¾ OCo stoped & had tea. 2 OCo P.M. Rested 45 Minutes. 4½ OCo rested 25 minutes & Camped at 6¼ OCo[.] Traveled 23 Mile. A good spirit prevailing in Camp. likewise good health

Friday 1st August A.M. Left at 7¼ OCo 10 OCo rested 40 minutes. 11 OCo Stoped 2¾ hours & had Tea. 3½ OCo P.M. rested 30 minutes then Camped at 6 OCo[.] Traveled 20 miles, the first part of this journy for about 6 mile was very sandy & heavy drag. the latter part very good. Weather hot. all well,

Saturday 2nd Left at 6¾ OCo A.M. 9 OCo rested 30 minutes and had a first rate supply of spring water. found a signae of Cap Ellsworth Comp[an]y with particulars of their position. when there &c 11 OCo stoped 1½ hours & had Tea. 4 <P.M.> OCo rested 45 minutes, and Camped at 7½ OCo. destitute of water & fuel here. Weather Cool very heavy sand to travel through this day[.] Traveled 22 miles

Sunday 3rd Rolled out from Camp at 5½ OCo A.M. Traveled over a very heavy sandy road. 9 OCo stoped 3¾ hours and Tea. Bro Mc Arthurs mule run off this morning but caught him again. 4 OCo P.M. rested 45 minutes & Camped at 6¼ OCo[.] killed one Buffalo <Heffier [heifer]> this day. Weather Moderate, Road very sandy & heavy[.] Traveled 15 miles. all well & in good spirits

Monday 4th Did not start till 1½ OCo P.M. detained 1 hour fording the Creek which is a branch of the Platte river. rested about 30 minutes & Camped at 6 OCo P.M. all well[,] five exceptions. road a little soft in Consequence of some rain the past night. Traveled 9 mile

Tuesday 5th Bro Andrew Smith died this morning at 12 OCo A.M. buired at same place. Complaint Diarrahaia. Company rolled out at 3¼ OCo P.M. and Camped at 6¼ OCo[.] all well with 3 or 4 exceptions who are in a mending Condition. Traveled 8 miles.

Wednesday 6th Left at 6 ½ OCo A.M. 9½ OCo rested 25 minutes 11¼ OCo stoped 1 hour & 40 minutes for Dinner & Camped at 5 OCo P.M. all well, extreme hot day. but a pretty road. Traveled 16 miles

Thursday 7th Rolled out from Camp at 6¾ OCo A.M. 9 OCo rested 30 minutes. 11 OCo rested 30 minutes. 2 OCo P.M.stoped for dinner 1¾ hour and Camped at 5¾ OCo at a deep dry Creek. Traveled 24 miles. Weather very moderate & cool. Road level. all well & in good spirits

Friday 8th Started at 7 OCo A.M. 11 OCo stoped took dinner & hunted Buffalo for 5½ hours. Killed one. Cam then Camped at 8½ OCo P.M. Weather cool & road good[.] all well. Traveled 14 miles

Saturday 9th Rolled out from Camp ground at 4¾ OCo a.m. 6 OCo stoped took Breakfast & hunted Buffalo for 6¾ hours Killed two. 2 OCo P.M. stoped 2¾ hours took dinner and delt out provision and Camped at 6 OCo all well[.] Traveled 11 miles.

Sunday 10th Remained in Camp all day. In the evening a meeting was called when Bros. Mc Arthur, Lennard and Crandell addressed the meeting in a very approprate manner, exhorting the Saints to faithfulness. all felt well and a good spirit exists throughout the Camp. Killed one Buffalo today.

Monday 11th Left the Camp ground at 6¼ OCo a.m. Stoped during journey 3¾ Hours and Camped at 6¼ OCo P.M. Traveled 19 miles. all well. Weather hot. road very bad with heavy sand

Tuesday 12th A.M. Started at 7 OCo Stoped during journey for all purposes 3¾ Hours P.M. Camped at 6 ½ OCo extreme heavy sand today. very heavy rain[.] Met a man to day traveling across the plains without any food or a single article. but by the goodness of Captn Mc Arthur he was soon supplied with some meat and Bread. upon saying it assertained he had been deserted by some Californian gold Diggers on these wild Prarries. whether his story was valid or not, is not for to determine. Traveled this day 15 miles

Wednesday 13th Started at 10 OCo a m[.] detained in consequence of heavy rain. Stoped during journy 2 hours and Camped at 6 OCo P.M[.] all well 3 or 4 exseptions. by the Roads being soft it was a Continual drag all day. heavy sand part of the road.

Traveled 15 Miles

Thursday 14th Started at 5½ OCo a.m 7 OCo rested 20 minutes and had a refreshing drink of pure spring water. 8¾ OCo stoped 3½ hours had all the tents put up and dried cloths put out to dry and all things put right. took Breakfast then started & Camped at 5½ OCo P.M. all well and in good spirits. one B[r]os Cart broke down today. Forded a small stream. Weather moderate. traveled 19 Miles.

Friday 15th Started at 6¾ OCo A.M. 11 OCo Stoped 1½ Hour for Breakfast. P.M. 3 OCo rested 20 minutes. Forded 5 small creeks, & Camped at 4 OCo all well. Weather mild & good. Traveled 17 Miles

Saturday 16th A.M. Started at 5 OCo 7½ OCo stoped 1½ for Breakfast[.] 12 OCo stoped for Dinner 2½ Hours P.M. 4½ OCo rested 15 minutes then Camped at 5¾ OCo. this day Sister Mary Bathgate was bitten by a Rattle snake in the leg. in a dangerous looking Condition. likewise Sister Isabella Park got her leg severally bruisyed in Consequence of the waggon wheel running over it. Weather hot. Crossed the Bluffs today, had a very heavy drag through the sand[.] Traveled 20 Miles

Sunday 17th Remained in Camp did not start this day. At 6½ OCo in the evening Susa[n]na (Daughter of Henry & Margaret E[lliker] Died of the Black Canker. About 9 OCo a Meeting was held and a glorious time was realized by all present. Brothers Mc Arthur, Lenord and Crandell addressed the Meeting & each took up a lengthy time in laying before the Saints the importance of Keeping faithfull to their duties, to cease all murmurings and Complaining & to seek to Cultivate a spirit of meekness & humility & in a word to do all in their power to furthur this Camp for it lay upon each to do so. in fact all felt happy & determined to go on, meeting seperated under the blessing of God.

Monday 18th Susana Eliker was buirred this morning at the Camp Ground at 6½ OCo am. The Company then rolled out after the Solom [solemn] act was attended too. at 8½ OCo the Company rested 30 Minutes. at 11½ OCo stoped 2 hours for dinner. then Started and Camped at 5 OCo P.M. Road very bad with heavy sand. Weather cool. Traveled 18 miles

Tuesday 19th Started at 6¾ OCo A.M. 9¼ rested 15 minutes[.] 11½ OCo stoped 1¾ hours for dinner. 4 OCo rested 30 minute then Camped at 5½ P.M. all well. extreme heavy traveling all day through heavy sand. Weather very hot[.] Traveled 19 miles

Wednesday 20th Started at 6½ OCo a.m. 12 OCo stoped for dinner til 1¼ OCo P.M. then started and Camped at 6 O,Clock. all well. traveled over very heavy sandy Bluffs. Weather very cool in the Morning but hot in the afternoon[.] Traveled 19 Miles

Thursday 21st Started at 7¼ OCo A.M. 10½ OCo rested 45 minutes. 12½ OCo P.M. stoped 2 ¼ Hours for dinner. then started and traveled till 5½ OCo when we Camped. Road good. Weather moderate. Traveled 20 miles, all well, with few exceptions. a good spirit prevailing in Camp, little or no grumbling

Friday 22nd Rolled out at 7 OCo A.M. 9 OCo rested 15 minutes[.] 12 OCo stoped for dinner 2 hours[.] 3 OCo P.M. stoped from a heavy rain 30 minutes. Camped at 6½ OCo all well. Weather Cool. Road pretty good. Traveled 22 miles.

Saturday 23rd Started at 7 OCo. 10 OCo rested 30 minutes. 12 OCo stoped for Dinner til 1¾ OCo P.M. then Started & Camped at 5¾ OCo all well. Weather moderate. Road pretty good[.] Traveled 24 Miles

Sunday 24th. Remained in Camp all day. A meeting was held in the evening and the Saints received good instructions concerning their duties from Captn Mc Arthur & others

Monday 25th Company rolled out from Camp ground at 6½ OCo A.M. at 9 OCo the company rested 30 minutes[.] 12 OCo stoped for dinner 2 Hours. then started & traveled till 6½ OCo P.M. when the Company Camped for the day. Weather cool & road good. Traveled 26 miles. all well today & in good spirits

Tuesday 26th Started at 7¼ OCo A.M. Rested for 25 minutes at 9½ OCo stoped for dinner at 12 OCo 2 hours. then started & traveled till 5½ OCo when we Camped. all well, a good spirit prevailing in Camp. Weather very hot today. Road very bad.

Traveled 14 miles

Thursday 28th

Wednesday 27th Started at 7 OCo A.M. rested 15 minutes at 9 OCo. at 12¾ OCo P.M. the Company stoped for dinner till 2¾ OCo. Camped at 5½ OCo. Weather very hot & road real bad. Saints all well & in good spirits. Traveled 21 miles

Thursday 28th Started at 7¼ OCo and Camped at 6½ OCo P.M. Stoped during journey, Crossing the Platte. detention at Fort Lar[a]mie &e about 4 Hours. Traveled 13 miles. Old sister Marg[are]t Maxwell remained at the Fort

Friday 29th Started at 7½ OCo A.M. stoped 2 hours for dinner at 12 OCo Camped at 6 OCo P.M. Crossed the ridge of mountains intervening between the Fort & the river. Weather cold, road good, Traveled 21 Miles. all well

Saturday 30th Started at 7 OCo A.M. 12 OCo stoped for dinner 1½ Hours then started & traveled till 6¼ OCo P.M. when we Camped for the day[.] Weather on good Condition for traveling[.] Road good. The Saints all felt anxious in proscuting their journey & in fact the whole Camp realized the hand of God in favour of preservation & prosparity

Sunday 31st Remained in Camp did not travel any this day. Killed one ox for the benifit of the Company

Monday 1st Sept Started at 7½ OCo A.M. 10 OCo rested 15 minutes. Crosed the Platte then stoped for Dinner 2 Hours. Camped at 7¼ OCo P.M. Weather Hot & Road Bad. Traveled 25 miles

Tuesday 2nd Started at 8 OCo stoped for Dinner 2¼ Hours. forded another Crossing of the Platte and Camped at 7 OCo P.M. Weather cool with a refreshing breeze. Road good. Met the waggons today from the vally at Dear [Deer] Creek with Flour for the Saints[.] Traveled 25 miles

Wednesday 3rd Started this morning at 7½ O.Clock A.M. rested 15 minutes at 10 O.clock. Stoped at 12½ O.Clock for Dinner 1½ Hour. this day one of our Cows died. Weather moderate & Road good. Camped at 7 O.clock. Traveled 22 miles. Camp all well and in good Spirits.

Thursday 4th Rolled out from Camp this morning at 7½ O.clock a.m. rested 20 minutes at 10 O.clock. Stoped at 11½ OCo for dinner 2¼ Hours. Camped at 5½. Traveled 16 miles. Forded the last Crossing of the Platte this day which was exceeding deep and difficult to ford. Saints all well today & still retaining the Spirit of the Lord

Friday 5th In Consequence of a heavy rain the Company was prevented from traveling today. Snow was discovered to be on the surrounding hills to the depth of about three or four feet. because of this the air was very Cold & Chilly. had pretty good feed for Cattle. favoured also with plenty of Fuel & water. got a great deal of timber & made splendid large fires round the Camp which tended to make us Comfortable.

Saturday 6th Left the Platte this morning at 7½ O.clock a.m. rested 15 minutes at 11½ O.C[.] at 1 O clock P.M. Stoped for dinner 1 hour & 15 minutes. then started out & traveled till 3¾ O.clock when we Camped for the day.

The reason why we Camped so soon today was to attend to the Killing of a Cow (attended to) another preventative for not traveling was in Consequence of a scarcity of feed for Cattle. Crossed two Creeks which was swollen to a good extent by the snows &c Traveled 14 miles. Weather cold. Road bad

Sunday 7th Started at 7 O,clock rested 30 Minutes at 9 O clock[illegible.] Stoped from 1 to 3 O.clock P.M. for dinner, then traveled till 6 O.C. when the Company Camped. Traveled 21 Miles. Weather good. Road a little hilly

Monday 8th Started at 7 O,clock A.M. Stoped 2½ hours for dinner at 12 O clock. then started & Camped at 6 O clock P.M. Traveled 18 Miles. Very indifferent feed for Cattle but plenty of water. A brother named Conroad [Conrad] Eliker was found amissing from our camp this Morning. in fact it was assertained he had not made the camp on the night previous. Bro. McArthur in company with one of the brethren & mule team from the valley went back in Search of him, but returned without finding any traces of him[.] this Caused great Sorrow in Camp & particularly with his Parents. It was concluded he had been picked up by some Calefornians who passed us for the States. he was 20 years of age. made the Sweet [Sweetwater] river today.

Tuesday 9th Started at 7 O,clock A.M. Stoped at 9½ for 20 minutes[.] 11½ O clock stoped for dinner till 1½ O. clock P.M. then traveled till 5½ Oclock when we Camped. Weather very Cold & Windy. Passed “Devils Gate” today. One of the waggons & one open cart broke down today. Traveled 20 miles Camp [.] all in good health

Wednesday 10th Started at 9 O,clock this morning. Stoped from 12½ to 2¼ O,clock P.M. for Dinner[.] Camped at 5 O,clock. Weather Moderate, Road good, forded the first Crossing of Sweet water, Traveled 19 miles. all well

Thursday 11th Started at 9 O clock a.m. Stoped from 11½ till 1½ O,clock P.M. for dinner. then traveled till [illegible] ½ O,clock when we Camped. Overtook Cap. Ellesworths Company today. Camped beside him. forded the Sweet water four times. part of the Road good & part bad. Weather good. Traveled 30 Miles[.] a good spirit prevailing in our Company

Friday 12th Started at 9 O.C. a.m. Stoped from 12½ till 2½ O,clock P.M. for dinner. then Started & Camped at 4 O,clk[.] Traveled 12 miles Camp all well & in good health

Saturday 13th Started at 7½ O clock A.M. Stoped from 12 till 2 O.C. P.M. <for dinner> Started & traveled till 5 O.clock when the Company Camped at the last Crossing of Sweet water at 5 O,clock. Weather & Road good[.] Traveled 17 Miles

Sunday 14th Started at 7½ O.clock a.m. Stoped from 12 till 1½ O,clock P.M. for dinner then started & traveled till 4½ O,clock. Camped at Pacific Creek, traveled 18 Miles & held Meeting today & had excellent descourse from the brethren.

Monday 15th Started at 9½ O clock a.m. Stoped from 12 till 1½ O.C. P.M. for Dinner. then Started & traveled till 9½ O clock[.] Camped at Little Sandy Creek[.] Traveled 26 miles[.] Saints all well & in good Spirits

Tuesday 16th Remained in Camp all day. attended to the washing of cloths &c & getting other necessary articles attended to.

Wednesday 17th Left Little Sandy Creek at 6½ O,clock a.m. rested 30 minutes at 10 O,clk. Stoped from 12 till 1½ O.Clk P.M. for dinner. Camped at 5¼ O,clk at Big Sandy Creek which we forded. Traveled 25 miles

Thursday 18th Left Big Sandy Creek at 7½ O,clk a.m. rested 15 minutes at 9 O,clk. Stoped from 12 till 1½ O,clk P.M. for Dinner. Crossed the Green River & Camped at 4½ O.clk[.] In Consequence of it being 16 miles to the nearest Camping point the Company had to remain here for the night. Elder Pratt & C. passed here about one hour before our arrival & took a different rout[e]. Traveled this day 16 miles. Saints all well.

Friday 19th Left the Green River at 20 Minutes passed 6 O,clock A.M. rested 45 Minutes at 10 O,clock. Stoped from 12 O,clock till 3 for Dinner & to give the Cattle an oppertunity to have some feed. then Started & traveled till 5 O clock. Camped (if I mistake not) at Black fork River, which we crossed[.] Traveled 24 miles

Saturday 20th This morning at or about 4 O,clock the Camp was alarmed by hearing that brother John Mc Cleve <Henry Eliker> was got lying dead in bed. the roomour was found to be a fact. he died of Diarrhoea. burried at same place Aged 59 years. The Company rolled out at 6½ O,Ck a.m. rested 30 minutes at 10 O,ck. Stoped from 12 till 2 O,clk P.M. for dinner then started & traveled till 8 O,clk[.] Camped at Fort Bridger. Overtook Cap Ellisworth’s Co here again

Traveled 30 Miles

Sunday 21st Did not start this day till 2 O,clk P.M. as the Killing of an ox &c had to be attended to. Traveled 12 miles & Camped at 5 O,clk at Cold Spring Creek.

Monday 22nd Left Cold spring Creek at 7½ O,clk. at 5 O clk this morning Marg[are]t wife of George Muir was delivered of a son [James]. both Mother & child in a healthy Condition. company stoped for dinner at 12 till 2 O clk P.M. then traveled till 5½ O.clk. Camped at Bear River

Tuesday 23rd This morning John M Cleeve [McCleve] was found lying dead in bed. he had been badly for some time previous with the Diarrhoea Age 48 years

Wednesday 24th Started at 8 O,clock this morning. stoped for dinner from 12 till 2 O,clock. then started & traveled till 6 O,clock. Camped in Echo Kynon [Canyon]. Saints all well

Thursday 25th Left Echo Kynon at 6 O,clock a.m. Stoped for dinner from 12 till 1½ O,clock P.M. then traveled till 9 O,clock. Camped on the big Mountain

Friday 26th Started from the Big Mountain at 5 O,clock[.] Stoped & had breakfast from 8½ till 12 O,clock, opportunity was also given to the Saints for to get washed & get them selves cleaned up. here also the Saints hearts was made to rejoice by a fresh supply of provisson being sent out from the vally by our beloved brother Brigham. the Company then rolled over the Little Mountain at the foot of which they were met by Brigham & his splendid escort. attended with music which tended to cheer & enliven <their hearts> & to drown their Sorrow wh <the troubles> and difficulties which they had passed through. they were escorted through the city to the square where they arrived at sun set. thus having Completed the journey in 8 Weeks & 2 Days from Florence to Great salt Lake City[.] This day at the little Mountain William Heaton son of William & Christopher [Ester Beilby] Heaton died of Inflamation of the Bowels.

In Conclusion I would remark that throughout the whole journey the manifold blessings of the Lord was displayed remarkably in their favour & peace and Contentment seemed to be the general Characterestes [characteristics] of the whole Company. and for this and other blessings our Captain felt a pleasure in Conducting us over the plains. In Consequences of being supplied with a guide for the journey a great many of the names of the places could not be assertained.

D D Mc Arthur Capt
Wm Wright Clk