Transcript for David and Catherine Uch Thomas Ap Richard Roberts family record and temple book, 1880-1920, 1948 August, 67-69

Logan City February 15th..1901

In peruseing over my record book I find that I omited recording the time that I went to Florence to meet the immigration.

In the year 1862 there was a call made on Cache Valley Stake for thirthy Wagons with four yoake of Oxen to each Wagon[.] seven Wagens was equeped in Logan[.] the teemster's names are Morgan Evans. James Denings. Sidney Dible. Barnerd Sandford [Hanford]. William Ricks, Fredrick Goodwin. and Robert D. Roberts. About the first of April we geathered togeather and camped about a mile South of Millviel at the food [foot] of the hill that raises to go on the bence as you go on the road South to Hyrum or Paradice[.] we staid here some over a week to recrut the teems as there was good feet [feed] and to find that we had every thing necessary for the journey and wait for the road to dry as it was quite muddy[.] the snow was not all off where it had drifded in the road

We were loaded with Tithing wheat at Wallsvile for to take to Brigham Young's Mill which was South East of Salt Lake City little above the Penatencery on the crick

When we got down as far as Ogden bottoms below north Ogden we learn that Ogden bridge was washed away[.] we had to stay here untill there was a ferryboat put in the River to ferry us acros[.] The water was very high this year[.] we stayed here some over a week[.] it took us a month to get to Salt Lake City[.] by this time we were recruted with thirty teems from Weber County and Henry W. Miller from Farmington Davies County for our Captain[.] we now numbered sixty wagons[.] we took our march through Parly's Canyon through Parly's Park and down a Canyon to Weber River[.] we swome our Cattle acros and ferryed our Wagons[.] it was about ten miles above the mouth of Echo Canyon[.] we followed the River down to the mouth of Echo Canyon[.] we had to wade through snow water most every day[.] it was quite dificult to cros some of the streams[.] Bare River we ferryed and swom the cattle across[.] on arivein at Hamsfork we found that we had to build a bridge to cros it[.] the River was away above its banks[.] here we found a company of imigrants waiteing for some way to get acros[.] The next day I belive some party come there loaded with timber to build the bridge[.] We was here about two weeks working on the bridge[.] we had to float willows for some disdant to make a road to the bridge[.] the ground was very soft and under water[.] the water was very cold and the weather quite cold at times[.] we arived at Green River[,] I ferried our Wagons and swom our cattle acros[.] one Ox was drounded belonging to Seath [Seth] M. Blair[.] we was one month comeing from Salt Lake City to this place one hundred & sixty miles from this on we had no hinderance[.] We had about 2388 bounds of flower for our supply to come back[.] we left a part of it in an over land Station on sweet water[,] the other part at a Station by the uper bridge below the uper crosing of The Plat[te] River[.] arived at Florence about the first of August[.] There was a company of four or five men and one women with a Wagon and a band of horses traveling nearly all the way down[.] thay were from California going back East

On the 8th of August we start on our return homeward loaded with sixhundred and sixtyfive immigrants with thire supply of provetion for the journey[.] some of us was loaded with flower[.] I was loaded with flower[,] others with Pork and groseris[.] we were very heavely loaded[.] we had to wade through every crick and River to get every Ox to pull its share of the load[.] our cloaths would be wet and get dry on us[.] some times as soon as our cloaths would get dry we would have to wade through another crick[.] with the work we had to do on our way down in wading through snow water[,] some of us had to suffer in bed with Rhumatisam all winter[.] I was one of them[.] We arrived in Salt Lake City October 17th[.] the company had considrable sickness of which twenty eight died