Transcript for David Moore collection, 1843-1921, Meeting minutes, 1849

9 oclock A.M. June 24 1849
Meeting of the Corp. of the Saints at Boeyo Lake <or near the>

Opened by G[eorge].A Smith

Be. . . . for the & on fin.

Prayre by Br Jos[eph] Perkins

G.A Smith said it was best to organize on this side of river on account of trouble with indians &c

Allen Taylor apointed Captain of first Hundred By Motion of G..A..S.

Andrew H. Perkins apointed Captain of <first> Fifty

Allen Taylor Motion

Also on motion A..T Redick N[ewton]. Al[l]red cap of of 2nd Fifty

David Moore ap[p]ointed Clerk of first 50 By Motion of G..A..S.

Elder G.A.S. counseled the Bretheren to go well prepared with a plenty of provisioins and good wagons
Ex[h]orted them to unity &c
if any Man Blasphemed the name of his Maker he wished him to take one side of the prairie no man alowed to abuse their teams on the road. A..P. adresed the Saints in unison with G..A..S.. on [illegible] G..A..S.. & a counselor apointed to look out a good route to the ferry

July 2nd 1849

8 oclock morning [blank space] Omaha Lands near Winter Quarters

Capt Allen Taylor gave orders to Capts of 50 & 100 to move forward for the space of ½ mile far and form into a Carrell [corral] for the purpose of Receiving instructions from Prest G.A. Smith and others which arived about 1 2 oclock[.] after Calling the Brethren together Meeting Meeting was opened by prayer by Br A[a]ron Johnson after which Pres George A. Smith addressed the Saints in Regard of their moving west[.] in such Large Camps that they must be obedient to their officers and patient in all things, after all things after which the meeting proceeded to business by which the following were duly Elected or ratified from the meeting of June 24th 1849

Allen Taylor, Election of 24 June on motion of D[avid]. Moore was ratified <and sustainedas Captain of the Hundred>

Redick N. Allred Elec of 24 June on motion of D[aniel]. [Stilwell] Thomas was ratified and sustained as Captain of first 50 in Capt Taylors hundred

Eonock [Enoch] Tease [Reese] <on motion of> Pres. G..A.. Smith was Elected Captain of second Fifty in place of Andrew H. Perkins.

Ruben W[arren]. Allred Elected Clerk of first 50 and marshal by motion of Capt. Allen Taylor

Lorenzo Clark as clerk Marshal of second fifty on motion of Andrew H. Perkins,

David Moore on motion of Prest G.A. Smith was Elected clerk of the 100 and Captain of ten ratified from previous Election of said ten

Franklin M. Perkins on Motion of A..H.. Perkins was Elected Clerk of first second fifty

Joseph Thomas [Teasdale] Egbert, Daniel S[tilwell]. Thomas, george W[ashington]. Hancock[,]Daniel Corbett David Moore James Standing & Charles Lambert, Elections as captains of ten were Ratified by Motion of A[ndrew]..H.. Perkins on Motion of Prest G..A.. Smith was Elected President of the camp

Isaac Allred and Absalem [Absalom] Pirkins [Perkins] was chosen and Elected Councillirs to Pres[iden]t A..H.. Perkins

after the [illegible] business passed business portion of the meeting was ended Prest G..A.. Smith arose and addressed the Saints in the <following> council[,] first to pray the Lord for his aid and protection in our Journeying to the Valley that our Health may be pres and lives may be preserved that unity may be in our midst. Watch your Cattle Closeley[.] Be Careful of Your teams[.] be cautious of your guns that you may not accidentally kill your friends[.] and Brethren keep unity in your midst and above all obey your officers together with much more good instructions. after which the meeting adjourned D[avid]. Moore Clerk


Beaver River July 19th 1849
Prest G..A.. Smith


Dear Sir once more we deem it a privilege of writing a few lines to You Stating our progress from Elk Horn[.] <we left> Wednesday July 11th and <arived> at Platt[e] River and old Liberty pole at Night. all safe with the e[x]ception of some teames <in Capt. Reeses company> which took fright from a Horse which broke loose from a wagon and some three or four teams sett to run[n]ing with their wagons and ran over a woman's arm and Breast and over an old man but they have both recovered[.] the two divisions traveled in sight till all arived at Looking Glass Creek[.] Camped there Monday night the two divisions Camped about a mile a part[.] Capt Reeses Company was ahead at night[.] a heavy shower of rain Came on and about 3 oclock in the morning the cattle took fright, the cause not known, and Broke out of the Carell [corral] as they were all loose and numbering 4 or 5 hundred Head they went out of the Carell with a mighty rush[.] the ground jarred and trembled like an earthquake throwing the Camp into Confusion and breaking two wagons to the earth and killing 4 sheep dead and 4 more injured so that they had to kill them and they were all found in the morning[.] Capt. Tayler [Taylor] Broke off the horses of of 4 head of Cattle[.] Some of the horses were buried in the earth and left there[.] Came to Capt. Reese in the morning & told him not to Carell his Cattle any more but he not Obeying the orders Careled the Cattle at night again but they taking fright again broke out of the Carell injuring many more of the Cattle and they were finally pacified and headed on the open prairie till light in the morning[.] they were then drove into the Carell again and yoked up and many fastened together with chains and seemed quite tame again[.] but Some Sheep taking taking fright at a dog it started all the cattle to run[n]ing again with yokes and chains run[n]ing over four men hurting one of them very severely his life all most dispaired of[,] laming five of six of them and breaking one [illegible] leg[.] Capt A.. Reese called a Council of Captains and they decided to separate into tens and keep their Cattle seperate accordingly[.] they done so and scattered from [illegible] Looking Glass Creek to Beaver River

Clerking on Road from Bluffs to Salt Lake Valley 1849