Transcript for David Prosser Jones, , Autobiography, reel 5, box 6, fd. 4, item 9, 4-5

. .We reached the frontiers in safety & my wife & I crossed the plains in Capt. John Holladay's Ox train.

I was choosen secritary of the Comissary department. Many were Sick <and> eight of them died by the way. a very sick Sister desired to be baptized as many times as Naman the Assyrian washed himself in the river Jordan for the cure of his lepresy. We lowered her down in an open Sheet from the banks of a narrow but clean Stream & baptized her for her health Seven times in Succession but she failed to recover. I laid hands on An acquaintance of ours, a young Sister whose mother had tried many things in vain to alliviate her suffering & by whose request I laid hands on. <I laid hands on, and she> recovered. She is now the mother <of a> large family and testifies <that> the Lord, through My administration, saved her life. We arrived in Salt Lake City Sept 25, 1866.