Transcript for Davis, Albert Wesley, Biographical sketch [ca. 1921], 4

The next year father fitted up three wagons and got everything ready to start for the Salt Lake Valley. We came up the river in a steam-boat to St. Joseph, Missouri. There we bought cattle and father set his wagons up and we went on to Council Bluffs. When we left for the west, from Council Bluffs, there were one hundred wagons in the company, but they divided into two companies of fifty wagons, with a captain over each. There was also a captain over each ten wagons. The water that season was very high and spread over the valley so that we could not follow the old road after we were west of the Missouri River. We followed up a creek to the northwest for about two hundred miles before we could cross and get on the emigration road. We arrived in the Salt Lake Valley that fall without any particular accident although we had some difficulties to meet on the way.