Transcript for "Departure for the Plains," St. Louis Luminary, 26 May 1855, 106


On Monday evening, the 21st inst., about three hundred and fifty souls of Saints, left this city on board the Equinox bound for Atchison, in charge of Elder William Glover. Elders' William Pitt, Chas. Smith, Benjamin Brown, Elias Gardner, N. [Noah] T. Guyman. M. G. McMullen, John Mayer, S. H. [Sylvester Henry] Earl, O. M. [Osmyn Merritt] Duell, James F. Bell, J. W. Coward, Joseph Hall, and Daniel Cavern, have all left by this boat. These brethren have held important and responsible Missions in Europe. Under the Presidency of Elder F. D. Richards, having faithfully executed their duties, and honored the trust imposed in them. They are returning home to Zion with Bro. Richard's approbation, counsel and blessing, and the blessings of many thousands of faithful Saints upon their heads. We may mention also Elders' Alred [Allred], Pace, Secrist, Colburn , and [George C.] Riser, who also share liberally in the good feelings, confidence and blessings of their brethren; and are now wending their way with joyful hearts, to their peaceful homes in the west.

It is a source of unbounded pleasure to us, to shake hands with our faithful brethren, after their long absence on missions, to the dark and benighted nations of the earth; where they have suffered bonds and imprisonments, and every indignity that could be offered them, because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hail their return with pleasure and satisfaction and pray God the Eternal Father to conduct them in safety to the blest home of the Saints, with all those who love truth and righteousness.

Elder Seth M. Blair has recently returned from Texas with a faithful band of brethren. He has been out on his mission about twelve months—has done a good work and is returning home to Zion with our approval and blessing, and has the satisfaction and honor of taking many of his sheaves with him. He had been engaged for several days purchasing goods for himself and company, and is now preparing join his brethren at Atchison, and will there make arrangements to lead them home to Zion.