Transcript for Diary of Aroet Lucious Hale, 1828-1849, 12, 16-17

After Mother had talked about Farthers Bearrel Close & the Infant She Cald Me into the Wagon. Ses She to me Aroet Promis me One thing. that you will take good Cair of My darling Chreldren and go to the Mountains with President Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimble there is whair Your Dear Farther Started to go with them. dont be Persuded to turn Back By Eny of Our Relations that is writing to us. Do as I have Councled you. and I bless you, and the Lord will Bless you. these are about the Last Words that My Dear Mother ever Spoke on her dying Bed. I never have forgotton those words. I promest her that I would do as She had requsted me to Do. I kep My Promice good. I arived in Salt Lake Valley in the Fawl [Fall] of 1848 The Famley was as follows My Sister Rachel 17 Years Old. My Brother Alma Ten[,] Br Solomon Seven. Farther Dide with the Chills and fever. turned to Sleepy Lethergy. the Elders would Come into the Tent, and try to arouse him from his Sleep. would get him onto his knees and get him to Praying he would Pray a Short Sentence. then fall to Sleep[.] The Last words that he Eve[r] spoke was in Prair to God our heavenly Farther. President Heber C. Kimble [Kimball], and others came and adminsterd to Farther Severals times. I will here relate a Provessy [prophecy] of President Kimble apon My Head. . . . Br Kimble made me Promis that I never would make Eny general move without Counciling him. I always kep that Council or promise as Long as he Lived.

Tuesday the ninth of May, 1848, 22 Wagons the first of the Season Left Winter Quarters for the Valley.

the first week in June President Young breok Camp at Elk Horn and Started for G. S. L. Valley with a Company consisting of 1229 Soles, and 397 Wagons. He was followed by Heber C Kimbles Company of 662 Soles and 226 Wagons. I was Orgonized into Heber C. Kimble Company first Fifty. Henry Harrison [Harriman] Capt. of first Fifty. My Outfit consisted of two Yoak [yoke] of Oxen, and One Yoak of Cows. One Yoak of Oxen on one light wagon and one yoak of oxen and One Yoak of Cows on the hevy Wagon.

The Famley as follows, I[,] Aroet[,] was the Oldest. had Charg of the famley I was in my 20 Year. My Sister Rachel in her 16 year. My Brother Alma in his 12 Year. My Brother Solomon in his 9 Year. I was apointed One of the Hunters for the first 50[.] Oure [Ozro] Eastman was My Hunting Companion[.] Buffilo and Antleop was verry plenty full common up the Plat[te] River. We had good Luck and Surplide our Division with what Buffilo Meat they Needed while we wair in the Buffilo Country. Our travels acrest the Planes was a Long tiersom trip trip over One thousand miles with Ox teames. Was hard on Old People and Woman with Chraldren[.] The Young folks had injoyment. Presedent Young and Kimble was Verry kind and indulgent to the Young. They frequently Stop within a Mile or So apart. The Young yould [would] Viset from One Camp to the Other, and frequently would get musick and have a good Dance on the Ground. Some times the Older Folks would Join with us[.] On One Occation President Young took part in the Injoyment. I formed an acuantance with a Yound [young] Lady Crosing the Plains that I after wards Marr[i]ed. her Name was Olive Whittle, a Daughter of Thomas Whittle, formerly from Canada. So I done My Sparking along the road. So I did not have So much to Do after I got into the Valley

On our travels, as we neared the Valley, we met Saints of 47 on their way back to the Mis[s]ouri River after famleys that was Left[.] Olso Quite a number of Battalion Boys. My Dear Ol friend Lucus Hogland was One of the number. He found what he was Looking for. My Dear Sister Rachel Hale. They Commenced Keeping Company before they Left Nauvoo. of corse he turned about. Came into the Valley with us. We arrived in the Valley of Grate Salt Lake in the fawl [Fall] of 1848. We camped around the Old Fort that the Poyneers [pioneers] of 47 had built. In the fawl of 48 all the Saints had Liberty to Scatter out. and farms near by Settlements, and Settle on their City Lots.