Transcript for Dibble, Philo to Brigham Young, 24 June 1850. Brigham Young office files 1832-1878, General Incoming Correspondence

June the 24th 1850

Brother Brigham Young, I Having a few moments to wright to you I improve then in wrighting to you to Let you know my Situation. I am Here in Kainsvill my Health is Poor and I am Destitute of means to Come to the vally this summer. I Have Sent three of my family to the vally Sidney and Emma and Mary Jane is Comming on with Solon Foster Sidney with Brother garner Emma with Mr. Beck I want you to take Charge of them till we get tot he vally I want no Cang's [changes] in my family till we get to the vally un Less you Council outherwise I Have taken your Council as far as it Lay in my Power I Have Had Trouble to keep my family to gether according to your Council when they get to the they are in your Charge then I am Satisfide that all will be wright Brother young I want to get to the vally as soon as I Can it Seems Hard I Can not go this Spring I wish I could See you I Could tell you more then I Could write I Have been under the influence of that Cursed Trunk that was Stolen from Daniel Davis and me when we Came from Saint Louis with Brother Kimble team and if I am not Decieved there is an influence against the name of youngs or them that Belongs to them I Have Done I Could to forward on the Museum in the vally I Have got the Bust of of Joseph and Hiram Smith yours in Christ

Philo Dibble