Transcript for "Died," Saline County Journal, 27 April 1882, 3

On last Thursday R. A. Baird, of Greely township, died of hydrophobia. Nine weeks ago that day he was bit by a dog not then known to be mad. It was in the night time that he was aroused by the barking of a strange dog, which was disposed to quarrel with his own dog. Going out doors he made an attempt to drive the dog away, when the animal pounced on him and bit him in several places. Mr. Baird, although ill at times, was not alarmingly so until the first of last week.

At the last he exhibited all the symptoms of that dread disease, hydrophobia, although he was not as furious as people afflicted with this disease sometimes are. He was a homeopathic physician, we understand, was forty years of age, and has been a resident of this county only about a year. He was a brother of the well-known farmer and stone-qarryman in Greely township. He was a Mason and was buried with Masonic ceremonies last Saturday. This sad affair has caused some alarm in the community, and people will be on their guard against mad dogs.