Transcript for Dille, David Buel, [Autobiographical sketch], 79-80, in His Life and His Family, Also Journal of His Mission to England, 1853-1857, Born 1812

We come to Benton-Sport [Bentonsport], a little villege on the Desmoins [Des Moines] River Vanburin [Van Buren] County Iowa. we Staid here four years. and come away with a good fitout, two Wagons three yoke of Oxen one good mare[.] we left Iowa in the Spring of 1850. My wife Harriet died the Second day travel west from Missourie River. we Burried her without a coffin with Temple garments on her Boddy[.] I then married a widow Woman [Louisa Doffelmeyer] that I had brought with me from Bentonsport[.] She had three Children, two sons one daughter. this widow woman did not prove true to me[.] She left me.