Transcript for Dille, David Buel, His Life and His Family, Also Journal of His Mission to England, 1853-1857, Born 1812, 59-63

I Star[t]ed from Be[n]tonsport in the Spring of 1850. I Brought with me a widow woman & her three children, two sons [Henry Jefferson Doffelmeyer and George Washington Doffelmeyer] & one daughter [Clarinda Jane Doffelmeyer] I come with a good fit-out. I had two wagons[,] three yokes of oxen and four cows one good mare. Plenty of clothing and Provisions[.] 24 miles this Side of Missouri my wife Harriet dide with the Colara [cholera] . . . . Our Company Buried Eight in the Same place . . . .

I then married the widow woman I sop Spoke of whose name was Louisa Dolfamine [Doffelmeyer], her maiden name was Louisa Hort, the Siramona [ceremony] was Said by Elder Joth Johnathan O. Duke[.] She did not prove true to me.

Harriet Lucretias youngest daughter Mary died not far from Fort-Bri[d]ger. we got into Salt Lake City in good Season