Transcript for Dorius, C. C. N., [Journal], in Earl N. Dorius, The Dorius Heritage [1979], 107

During our stay at Florence, making ready for our trip across the plains, the Civil War was raging. Although Florence was some distance from roaring cannons and shooting guns, the people were in a state of excitement and confusion. John [Johan Frederick Ferdinand Dorius] and I [Carl Christian Nikolai Dorius] bought a yoke of oxen and a wagon, for our transportation to Salt Lake City. It seemed much better to be crossing the plains with oxen and wagon than when we covered the same route six years before with handcarts.

When all was in readiness we left Florence on July 24, 1863, under the guidance of our captain, Peter Nebaker [Nebeker]. Our company was well organized. We made good progress, traveling from 12 to 16 miles per day. The trip was not without some tragedy. Some sickness was experienced. Two women and seven children died on the journey. We arrived in the Salt Lake Valley on September 25, 1863. . . .

As the wagon came closer I recognized my dear wife Ellen, sitting in the front seat with our little boy, Charles, now nearly four years of age. She had come to meet us with someone who was traveling East. The happy surprise she gave me will always remain vivid in my memory. John was disappointed that Kaia did not come also.

We came into Salt Lake City, and proceeded to the campgrounds with our oxen and wagons. I waited to see that our people had places to stay.