Transcript for "Naomi Debenham Dowden, reminiscences," 2.

Here [Florence] we rested three weeks, doing patching and mending and preparing for the tedious journey across the plains.

Each individual was assigned to their company and wagon. Captain [Daniel D.] McArthur having charge of the company to which the Dorsans [Dawsons] and I were assigned. Everybody in camp was called to an early breakfast, after which the days journey began. We would travel until noon, when a stop was made for dinner; rest one hour, then resume the journey until sundown. Sometimes the noon meal would be prepared and a sand storm come up, and would blow everything away.

Food was obtained from the Comissary, which consisted of beans, rice, bacon or ham, and brown sugar very sparingly. Baking powder soda bread was prepared.

The distance traveled per day, would vary according to conditions of the roads. The oxen were slow, but sure and steady. All persons enjoying good health and strong bodies, covered the entire distance on foot, most of them walking bare footed, and wading shallow streams. The early evenings, after supper, were spent in singing, dancing and enjoying different sports. Meetings for the entire company were held at least, once a week.

My brother Edgar walked fifteen miles from Salt Lake City to meet us, at this time he was very ill. The company arrived in Salt Lake valley October 2, 1863.