Transcript for Duncan, Homer, [Autobiographical sketch], in Andrew Jenson, comp., Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, [1971], 1:626

In the fall of 1850 I moved to Salt lake City, and in 1855 I went to Texas on a mission, returning to the Valley in May, 1857, with a company of Saints of which I was captain. We brought with us over thirteen hundred head of cattle, besides the animals used for drawing wagons. A number of incidents happened on this journey which are of much interest. When we reached Fort Leavenworth, on the Missouri river, Mrs. Elizabeth Whitmore expressed a desire to return to Texas to sell her farm, gather up the remainder of her cattle, sell them and came on to Utah the next year. She had already sold the cattle she had brought with her to Fort Leavenworth, when she came to me and told me her desires. She also wanted to word of the Lord for her through me, as to whether she should go back or continue the journey. After talking over the matter with her, I finally told her that the word of the Lord had come to me as follows: 'Tell Elizabeth Whitmore, that she will arrive in Great Salt Lake valley the 15th day of September, and that she will get there before her captain.' She was much surprised and the first words she uttered were: 'You don't know that; you don't know that I shall live till tomorrow morning. Why, it is a guarantee of my life until that time.' I old her I did not know it of myself, but the lord had made it know to me. Then she said, 'You cannot know that of yourself. I will go on, and if I land in Salt Lake City on the 15th of September, then I shall know that the word of the Lord to me is true; and shall also know that 'Mormonism,' is true, and you are God's servant.' She did land in Salt Lake City Sept. 15, 1857; and she got there ten days before I did.