Transcript for Duncan, Homer, to Brigham Young, 5 Aug. 1861, in Brigham Young, Office Files 1832-1878, reel 38, box 28, fd. 4

Fort Laramie, N.A. August 5th 1861

President Young

In accordance with the statement in my previous letter I now proceed to forward you an account of the progress of the Company under my charge.

From my last date the Brethren and Sisters have enjoyed very good health and happiness and contentment dwells in their midst up to the present. The Sister that was ran over has recovered and is now able to walk about without assistance.

On the 24th July we laid by a part of the day at Ash Hollow to commemorate the Anniversary of the Entrance of the Pioneers into the Valley. This was carried out with great spirit and a general feeling of rejoicing throughout the whole Camp.

From the time we started the roads have been very heavy with sand and mud; and though our cattle are looking extremely well yet many of them have sore necks.

On the 1st instant Br. Jones[,] Br. Gates and Br. Spencer drove into Camp; they were in good health and their mules in fine condition[.] They travelled with us the following day and left us on the 3rd intending to cross the Platte the same day.

We crossed the Platte on the 4th inst. without any accident and are now camped about three miles from the Fort and shall lay by part of the 5th for a few necessary repairs to the wagons.

The grass is exceedingly good here on the South side, better than I have ever before seen it and from the heavy rain which has fallen I expect to find good feed in the Black Hills which I shall strike in a few days.

I expect to be in the Valley from the 15th to the 20th of September

I remain yours truly

Thomas George Odell
Prs. Homer Duncan