Transcript for Edward Phillips, Autobiographical sketch, reel 10, box 13, fd. 2, item 9, 3

Leaving there in the spring of 49 with Capt. Gulley's company. William Hyde was Captain of our fifty. We traveled until we arrived at Grand Island. Capt. Gulley was taken sick and died there. Daniel Collett and myself washed him and dressed him and laid him away. We then appointed Orson Spencer as Captain of our hundred for the remainder of the journey. The cholera was very troublesome on the road, it being the year of the California gold crase [craze]. A great many of the emigrants died of cholera. It also got among the Indians and made them very angry with the whites for crossing their country. A great many of them were camped at Scotch Bluffs and were threatened to wa[i]t with the emigrants. When we arrived at Scotch Bluffs, soldiers were called for at Fort Laramie to come and meet us which they did and guarded us through in safety. We traveled the balance of the way in safety to the Salt Lake Valley in October of 1849