Transcript for "Elders' Correspondence," Deseret News, 22 August 1855, 190

[From Elder P. P. Pratt to Elder Geo. A. Smith.]


SAN JUAN, April 30, 1855.


ELDER G. A. SMITH, Historian—Dear Br:—b

The following is a list of our spring emigration from San Francisco Conference of the C.J.C.L.D. Saints, to San Bernardino and Salt Lake, according to the organization completed here this day: —

Wm. McBride, captain; Bechias Dustin, chaplain; Henry W. Bigler, sergeant of the guard and historian; Cynthy Jane Whipple, Henry Willard Whipple, Reuben Gates, Sarah Jane Bryant, Hamilton M. Wallace, Elizabeth Wallace, Wm. Farrer, Norman G. Brimhall, Rozilla Brimhall, Louisa Brimhall, Isabel Brimhall, Nancy Brimhall, Norman Brimhall, Geo. W. Wilkins, Catherine A. Wilkins, Mary A. Wilkins, Geo A. Wilkins, Charles H. Wilkins, Moroni Wilkins, John Lindon, Harly Swartout, Nathan Tanner, Chancey W. West, Red[d]ick N. Allred, Orren Smith, Anna A. Smith, Ellen M. Hopkins, Amelia A. Smith, Emily H. Hopkins, Francis Smith, Ann Smith, Eugene Smith, James B. Call, James R. Allred.

Add to these, Wm. Warren and George More, who have already gone to San Bernardino, and those who sailed on the 28th inst. from Santa Clara, to form a junction at San Bernardino, viz:—Willard Whipple, Betsy Whipple, Orison [Orson] Whipple, Alvina Whipple, Rosette Whipple, Charles Whipple, Walter E. Dodge, Ellen [Eleanor] Dodge, Ella Dodge, Elizabeth Warren, George Warren, Elizabeth Warren. Total—souls, 51; wagons, 13; mules, 20; horses, 23.

We hope as many more will start for Carson Valley and Salt Lake, as soon as the snowy mountains will admit; say July.