Transcript for Eldridge, Joseph, [Autobiography], in Joseph Eldridge Robinson, Biography of, and some writings by, Joseph Eldridge and Joseph Eldridge Robinson, his grandson [1902-1923], reel 4, box 5, fd. 6, 22-24

We lay at Omaha several weeks while a train was beig< o >n [being] fitted out to cross the plains. I joined with Wm J[ohn]. Silver and James Steel. we got an outfit betwe[e]n us consisting of one wagon, two yoke of oxen and one cow. Brother Silver’s family consisted of himself, wife [Mary Askie] and three children [Hyrum, Joseph, John;] brother Steeel [Steel] himself and wife, myne [mine] of self[,] wife [Eliza Pearce Radburn] and two daughters, Total eleven of us to one wagon. my children Kate and Ellen were respectively 10 and 8 years old. Elder Edward Stevenson was Captain of the company. F. [Thomas] B[rown].H[olmes]. Stenhouse chaplain[,] Jas [Joseph] Eldridge musician. W[m] J[ohn] Silver Secretary;

With bedding, clothing and provisions for eleven of us there was small chance even for children to ride. Sister Silver was quite delicate. their oldest child was a cripple[;] their youngest an infant[.] They occupied the wagon the whole of the journey. Myself[,] wife, Bro[.] & Sister Steel walked the whole of the journey. I carried my daughter Ellen many miles. Kate walked nearly the whole journey.

One woman in the company a Sister [Catherine Edwards] Hopla died[.] we buried her by the road side. this was the only death in our company.

At one place we were in sight of Sioux and Pawnees in battle. Some of the Sioux came to our train to ask for food, we gave them a supply of flour

On one oc[c]asion for about two days we passed through herds of buffalo. At one time it is probable there were ten thousand buffalo in sight, Sometimes they crossed and recrossed the road passing between our teams. two buffalo were shot to make us food.

Many cattle in our train died from disease which commenced with sore feet. our four oxen died[;] also our cow died[.] we had to make exchanges and trades to get through, but got to SL City in health though considerably emaciated with our journey

The first sight of the Great Salt Lake and the valley was very impressive[.] we uncovered our heads and gave thanks to God. many shed tears of joy as they viewed the beautiful scene.