Transcript for Elijah Mayhew diary, 1853 June-September

At a meeting in the evining Bro. [Lewis] Dunbar Wilson was appointed—Chaplain—

June 11th Son born to Mr. [Charles] Jameson

Rules & regulations adopted by the emigrating Saints of Potawatamie Co. Iowa bound for Salt Lake—camped on the west bank of the Missouri river June 8th 1853.

1st The camp will be called together at the Sound of the Trumpet morning and evening for public prayers When a General attendance is expected except those whose Camp duties require them to be absent.

2nd No Card playing will be allowed in Camp.

3rd No Profane Swearing will tolerated.

4th Those owning Dogs will be required to keep them tied up during the night.

5th No noise or Confusion will be allowedd in Camp after 9 O’clock at night.

6th The horn for rising will be blown at half-past 4 Oclock.

7th The hour for prayers in the morning will be half past 5 O’clock.

8th That each man will be required to assist in driving to the herd.

9th The horn will be blown as notice to heardsman to bring in Cattle.

10th The Correll [corral] will not be broken nor any wagon move[d] from the ground until all the Cattle are yoked.

The following officers were then appointed

Capt. of 50 Luke Johnson
1st Capt. of 10 Benj[amin]. Willis
2nd Capt. of 10 Sol[omon]. Freeman
3nd Barlow Wilson
4 Capt. of 10 D[aniel].R Allen
5 Capt. of 10 Jacob Bigler
Clerk Elijah Mayhew
Seogeant of the Guard John Whitbeck
Chaplain L[ewis]. D[unbar]. Wilson

The company organized as above consisted of the following named persons under the presidency of D.R [Daniel A.] Miller & John Cooley.

D[aniel]. A. Miller—1 person, 1 wagon, 2 mules, 8 cattle
J[ohn] W[illiam]. Colley & Susan J. Cooley—6 persons, 3 wagons, 5 horses, 26 cattle, 56 sheep
William Clinger—1 person
Sim[eon]. Drol[l]inger—1 person
Mosiah Booth—1 person
Lydia Brown—6 persons, 1 wagon, 4 cattle
Chas. [Charles] & Nancy Jameson—4 persons, 1 wagon, 6 cattle
Isaac Hunt—1 person
Ruth Thayer—1 person
Willis & Mary Boren—3 persons, 1 wagon, 6 cattle
Jas. Kilfoil [James Kilfoyle]—7 persons, 2 wagons, 18 cattle, 13 sheep
Barlow & Agnes Wilson—12 persons, 2 wagons, 12 cattle
Jeremiah & Susan Bingham—8 persons, 1 wagon, 12 cattle
Cooley & Miller—11 wagons, 50 cattle
Geo[rge]. & Elizabeth Wilson—12 persons, 3 wagons, 2 horses, 12 cattle
Henry & Caroline Radmall—4 persons, 1 wagon, 2 cattle
John & Elizabeth Smith—3 persons
Dan[ie]l. R. & Eliza Allen—7 persons, 1 wagon, 12 cattle
Sol[omon]. P & Elizabeth Jane McIntosh—5 persons, 1 wagon, 6 cattle, 4 sheep
John & Mary Ann Holmes—5 persons, 1 wagon, 8 cattle
Wm [William Batson] & [Mary] Adeline [Pierce] Ballard—2 persons, 1 wagon, 1 cattle
Jos[eph]. W[hite]. & Amanda Pierce—6 persons, 2 wagons, 2 horses, 16 cattle
Mary H. Jos[eph]. G & Crapo—8 persons, 4 wagons, 3 horses, 18 cattle
Augustus Root—1 person
Alvin M & Harriet [Crapo] Monteith—2 persons, 1 horse, 1 wagon, 6 cattle
Lewis D[unbar]. Wilson—9 persons, 1 horse, 2 wagons, 9 cattle
Solomon & Hannah Freeman—7 persons, 2 horses, 3 wagons, 16 cattle
Rich[ar]d & Elizabeth Hatton—3 persons
Jacob & Sarah Bigler—5 persons, 2 horses, 3 wagons, 17 cattle
William & Talitha Avery—2 persons, 1 cattle, 1 sheep
Owen Batson—1 person
Everet[t] & Harriet L[e]ish—2 persons, 4 cattle
Werham & Elizabeth Wheaton—4 persons, 1 wagon, 6 cattle
John Stageman—1 person
Jane Ford—1 person
Abra[ha]m & Catherine Rose—7 persons, 1 horse, 2 wagons, 14 cattle
Benj[amin] & Hannah Willis—4 persons, 1 wagon, 2 horses, 25 cattle
John Whitbeck—1 person, 2 wagons, 28 cattle, 50 sheep
Amos Ordway—1 person, 1 wagon, 1 horse, 5 cattle
John Young—1 person
W[illiam]. A Sharkey—1 person
Henry Savage—1 person
H[illard]. B. & Aseneth [Asenath E.] Taylor—2 persons
Elizabeth Mills—3 persons
James M[adison]. & Mary Ann Perse [Peirce]—7 persons, 2 cattle
Elizabeth Pulsifer—1 person
W[illia]m & Sarah Broadhead—4 persons
John & Mary Reese—4 persons, 3 cattle
Tho[ma]s. Davis—1 person
Esther Core—1 person, 2 cattle
Fred[erick Hawkins] Piercy—1 person
Mary L. Shearer—1 person
Mary Williams—5 persons
Jane Booth—5 persons
Tho[ma]s & Ann Freestone—8 persons, 1 wagon, 2 cattle
Sarah Farr—3 persons
Chas Binnell [Charles Binnall]—1 person
Sarah Brown family [of] Mrs. Worsley—8 persons, 1 wagon, 2 cattle
Joseph Ayers—1 person
John & Ann Bradshaw—2 persons
W[illia]m & Mary Stone—6 persons, 2 cattle
Elijah & Lydia Mayhew—6 persons, 2 wagons, 9 cattle
M[oses]. F[ranklin]. Farnsworth—1 person
Lucy Ann Milliard [Millard]—1 person
Roswell Blood—2 persons
[Total] 232 persons, 57 wagons, 22 horses, 360 cattle, 126 sheep

2 Mules, 126 Sheep, 22 Horses, 360 Cattle, 232 Persons

June 9th Thursday
Left camp near old Winter Quarters at noon[.] Came to 6 Mile grove and camped—

Friday June 10—
Came to Pappea [Papillon] Creek Camped on the east Side—Travelled 10 miles

Saturday June 11th
Crossed Pappea Creek and came to Elk horn[.] Camped on East Side travelled 12 Miles. During this day a Son was born to Mr. Jameson[.] no detention to the Camp on account of Said Occurrence. Two Wagons were broken this day one belonging to Jacob Bigler & one to Mr. Freestone.

Sunday 12th
Remained in Camp on the east Side of Elk horn[.] The day Spent mostly in repairing Wagons. In the afternoon of this day the following persons who had been detained on the east bank of the Missouri river Came up & Joined our Camp—

Asahel & Elizabeth—11 persons, 2 horses, 14 cattle, 28 sheep, 3 wagons
Joseph & Laurana [Lorana] Thorn—6 persons, 3 horses, 46 cattle, 2 wagons
Wm [William] & Ann Cort—2 persons, 4 cattle
Cisson [Sisson] A. & Miriam Chase—9 persons, 14 cattle, 2 wagons
Erick Cast—1 person
Sol[omon]. D[rake]. & Lydia Ann Chase—5 persons, 6 cattle, 1 wagon
Calvin & Lucretia [Elizabeth Lucretia Thorn] Bingham—5 persons, 5 cattle, 1 wagon
Perry [Levi Perry] & Elizabeth Bingham—2 persons, 4 cattle, 1 wagon
Richd [Richard] & Harriet A. Thorn—4 persons, 13 cattle, 2 wagons
Danl. [Daniel] & Mary Bagley—3 persons
John [Winters] & Mary [Elizabeth] Lusk—2 persons, 4 cattle, 1 wagon
[Totals] 50 persons, 5 horses, 110 cattle, 13 wagons

Making a total of 282 persons 70 Wagons 27 Horses 470 head of Cattle & 154 head of Sheep—

Monday June 13th
Crossed the Elk horn[.] Ferried the Wagons & Swam the Cattle—Camped on the West Side—

Tuesday June 14th
The Camp divided[.] The following persons with their families organized under Capt. Jacob Bigler forming the advance train

Asahel Thorn, Joseph Thorn[,] William Cort, Cisson A. Chase[,] Eric Cast[,] Sol. D Chase[,] Calvin Bingham, Perry Bingham[,] Richd Thorn[,] Danl Bagley[,] John Lusk[,] John Holmes, William Ballard[,] Jos. W. Peirce [Pierce,] Jos. G. Crapo[,] Augustus Root, Alvin Monteith[,] Sol. Freeman[,] Richd Hatton[,] Jacob Bigler[,] Wm Avery[,] Owen Batson, William Wheaton[,] John Stageman[,] Jane Ford[,] Abram Rose[,] John Whitbeck[,] Benj Willis[,] Amos Ordway[,] John Young[,] W.A. Sharkey[,] Henry Savage & H.B. Taylor[,] making in all 116 Persons 19 horses 274 Head of Cattle 36 Wagons & 81 Head of Sheep

Luke Johnson who had been appointed Capt. of 50 not having come up[.] D.A. Miller was chosen in his place[.] Gilbert Cox was appointed Capt of 10 – and Sol. McIntosh was apointed Sergeant of the Guard. Travelled 7 miles up the horn[.] Camped on the West Bank.—

Wednesday June 15
Travelled 12 Miles, broke a Wagon detained 3 hours in repairing Same[.] Campd on Platt[e] [River] Bottom

Thursday 16th June
Travelled 15 Miles and Camped on Shell Creek[.] Soon after Starting this morning Bro Henry Radmal[l] had his right leg broken by his Wagon passing over it. The Camp ditained [detained] 1½ hour by this accident[.] In the after noon Bro McIntosh brok an axle of his Wagon—Arrived at Camp after dark—

Friday June 17th
Detained until noon in repairing Wagons—Several Indians came into Camp[.] The first we had seen this Side of the Missouri river[.] Bro. Cooleys Gray Mare a valuable animal was left on the road to day being unable to travel any farther—she died during the night on next day—Travelled 13 Miles[.] Camped on—Platt[e] bottom near a pond—

Saturday June 18th
Travelled 11 Miles & Camped at the Ferry on the east bank of the Loop [Loup] fork—Here we Came up with Capt. Biglers Company—which had a difficulty on hand relative to the taking up 360 head of Sheep by some of Said Company which was referred for Settlement to D.A. Miller & John W. Cooley of our Company and Captains—Willis[,] Freeman & Thorn of their Company—who had the following action in the premises—to wit—

In Camp on the east Side of the Loop [Loup] fork of the Platt[e] river June 19th 1853.

In the matter of complaint of the Camp of emigrating Saints under Capt. Bigler against Werham Wheaton[,] Jacob Bigler &—others concerning the taking up of Sheep near Shell Creek—

The Council Composed of D.A Miller[,] John W. Cooley & Captains Willis[,] Freeman & Thorn to whom said matter of Complaint was referred—hereby declare their disapproval of the course taken by Said Wheaton[,] Bigler & others in not taking efficient and dilligent steps to Inform the owners of Said Sheep of the taking up of the Same. And also their disapproval of the application of the funds received for the taking up of Said Sheep to individual purposes. Which Said decission was approved by Said Company.

Sunday June 19th
Remained in Camp[.] Meeting at 10 Oclock[.] While in Camp here Bro. Millers Mules Estrayed off—Day Clear & pleasant

Monday June 20th
Crossed the ferry[.] Camped on the west Side of the Loup fork[.] Bro Miller went in Search of his Mules[.] did not return this day—Bro Cooley lost an Ox this day by being mired near the Camp on the west Side of the river. Day fair & Pleasant

Tuesday June 21st
Came 15 Miles—Camped on the bank of the Loup fork[.] Bro. Miller not yet returned from Search of Mules. Day Warm & Windy[.] Some rain in evening

Wednesday June 22—
Travelled 17 Miles[.] Day Windy & Cool—Bro. Miller not yet returned to Camp. Camped about 1 Mil[e] from Loup fork[.] no timber—Slough—Water

Thursday June 23—
Morning clear, very Cool[.] Came 17 Miles[.] Camped on Small Creek[.] good water No wood[.] Bro Miller came to Camp Mules not found

Friday June 24th
Bro Miller started again in Search of Mules. Mules taken up by Capt. Thorns Company in the afternoon, & returned to our Camp at night[.] Came 15 Miles[.] Camped on Small Creek or Slough

Saturday 25th
Came 4 Miles & crossed Prairie creek[.] in crossing Bro McIntosh’ Wagon ran off the Bridge & upset—his wife being in the Wagon was Some what injured & badly frightened—Wagon not broken nor goods much injured—Came 4 Miles further & Crossed a Small Creek & Camped—this creek very miry—Making 8 Miles this day—Bro Perse [Pierce or Peirce] tried for Swearing & cut off

Sunday 26—
Came 7 Miles to Wood river & Crossed[.] Camped on West bank. Roads fine[.] Weather hot. Platt[e] Timber in Sight on our left all day[.] country level & Sightly—

Monday 27—
Came 18 Miles[.] Camped on Bank of Wood River one mile north of Road[.] Day hot & Windy Rain at night[.] Roads good[.] in sight of Platt[e] Timber all day

Tuesday 28—
Remained in Camp till 2 Oclock[.] Sett 14 Wagon tires—made Some Axles & a general Wash day[.] Came 14 Miles[.] Camped 1 Mile from Platt[e]

Wednesday 29th
Came 17 Miles[.] Camped on West bank of Elm Creek[.] Passed Thorns Company

Thursday 30th
Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on West Side of Buffalo Creek[.] Saw a Herd of Buffalo in the after noon[.] Rain at Camping time—

July 1st Friday
Started late[.] Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on Platt[e] Bottom 2 Miles from river[.] Saw large herds of Buffalo in after noon[.] a chase after them[.] Several Shots fired[.] none killed[.] Heavy Thunder Storm in evening—The South side of river lined with Buffalo for Miles—No Wood—Slough Water—

Saturday July 2—
Passed 14 Wagons which were going down on the South Side of river[.] Came 12 Miles[.] Camped on bank of Platt[e]

Sunday 3rd
Passed Sandy Bluffs[.] Camped on Skunk Creek—Came 12 Miles[.] Came up with Capt—Williams Company

Monday 4th
Came 15 Miles[.] Camped on bank of Platt[e] river

Tuesday 5th
Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on West bank of Wide Creek on the Bank of Platt[e] river

Wednesday 6th
Remained in Camp[.] Sent hands to an Island & got wood for burning Coal—Capt Thorns Company passed us in the after noon—

Thursday 7th
Remained in Camp[.] Sent Letters by train of Horse teams to Salt Lake City—Large drove of Cattle passed. Mended Wagons Chains &c

Friday July 8th
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped on West bank of Bluff Creek[.] Bradshaw’s Wagon broke down

Saturday July 9th
Mended Wagon[.] Started late[.] Came 16 Miles[.] Camped on Shepherd’s Creek[.] Bro. Cooleys Child Who had been Sick for Some days—died this evening about 10 O’clock. Roads Sandy & heavy nearly all day

Sunday 10th
Remained in Camp until 12—Oclock to attend to the burial of Bro. Cooleys Child[.] This Child was buried on a ridge extending down from the Bluffs a few rods west of Shepherds Creek, and about five rods north of the road—Supposed to be about 2 Miles east of 2nd—East foot of 3rd Sandy Bluffs & about 336 Miles from Old Winter quarters[.] A. Board with the following inscription was placed at the head of the grave—S.W. Cooley Aged 11 Mo[n]ths. Son of J.W.C. Died July 9—1853[.] A grove of timber Supposed to be on an Island in the Platt[e] river may bee Seen from this point about one & half or 2 Miles South West—oposite the east foot of Sandy Bluffs. Came 6 miles[.] Shepherds Creek is mentioned in Horns guide but not in Claytons—Camped this evening on Petite Creek[.] Here Otto [L. Mayhew] accidentally Shot off the end of his thumb

Monday July 11
This Morning the three Wilson families with 7 Wagons left the Company & went a head[.] Came 16 Miles[.] Camped on the bank of Platt[e] river 4 Miles west of Cedar Bluffs—Met Train of return Callifornians this morning

Tuesday July 12
Came 18 Miles[.] Camped on bank of Watch Creek[.] Heavy Sand all the afternoon—

In <Company> Acct [.th] the Commenced Service July 12th at $2,0.00 Per Month

Wednesday July 13—
Came 17 Miles[.] Camped on bank of Platt[e] river[.] roads good.

Thursday July 14—
Came 17 Miles[.] Camped on bank of Platt[e] above the Mouth of Crab Creek[.] Roads Sandy. Passed 2 Wagons & Some Pack Mules or Horses which were going down on the other Side of Platt[e]

Miles South R Round Co

Friday July 15.
Came 18 Miles[.] Passed ancient Bluff Ruins[.] Road Sandy[.] Camped on bank of Platt[e]—Saw Chimney Rock this morning at a distance of 40 Miles

Saturday July 16
Came 13 Miles[.] Camped on Bank of Platt[e] river[.] Chimney rock in sight all day[.] Scotts Bluffs in Sight this evening

Sunday 17th
Came 6 Miles[.] Camped on bank of Platt[e.] Meeting in the after noon[.] rain in the evening

Monday July 18—
Splendid view of Scotts Bluffs[.] Sun Shining on them while it was all overcast—Met 27 Elders from Salt Lake[.] Mr. Hubbs’ Sons among them[.] Came 16 Miles[.] Camped on Bank of Platt[e]

Tuesday 19th
Came 17 Miles[.] Camped on Spring Creek—Roads good[.] passed Scotts Bluffs

Wednesday 20—
Came 16 Miles[.] Camped on Bank of Platt[e.] Laramies Peak in Sight 70 Miles off

Thursday 21stCame 16 Miles[.] Camped on bank of Platt[e]. Roads Sandy in after noon

Friday 22
Came 15 Miles[.] Camped 6 Miles this side of Laramie—West[.] Passed Ft. Laramie this day—

Saturday 23rd
Came 18 Miles & Camped on Platt[e] river Except Allens ten who came 10 Miles & Camped in Black Hills—Broke hind wheel of Cooleys Wagon & hind Axle of Mayhew’s Wagon—

Sunday 24th
Remained in Camp—Allens ten Came up in the after noon—Cattle all on the other Side of river.

Monday 25th
Bro Miller left for the Vally[.] Came 10 Miles[.] Camped at Cold Spring or Alder Clump[.] Poisonous Water near the Spring—

Tuesday 26th
Came 18 Miles[.] Camped on Bank of Platt[e] river

Wednesday 27—
Remained in Camp[.] Sent the Cattle over the river—Burned Coal &c

Thursday July 28th
Remained in Camp[.] Thorns Company came up & Camped[.] Cattle herded together over the river

Friday 29th
Remained in Camp[.] Commenced Black Smithing[.] 6 Indians Came in to Camp

Saturday 30thRemained in Camp[.] Continued Black Smithing—A great quan[ti]ty of Indians came into Camp[.] Continued Coming and going all day—

Sunday 31st
Remained in Camp[.] Indians Came in early[.] Held meeting at 10 Oclock[.] Several Indians present[.] Meeting again at 3 Oclock

Monday Aug 1st 1853
Remained in Camp

Tuesday 2
Came 10 Miles[.] Camped on Bank of Platt[e.] Gale of Wind at night—

Wednesday 3rd
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped on Platt[e.] Cattle over the river[.] Roads Mountainous

Thursday 4th
Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on Platt[e.] Cattle over the river

Friday 5th
Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on Platt[e.] Cattle over the River[.] Mouth of Deer Creek opposite[.] Roads Sandy to day.

Saturday 6th
Laid by to repair Wagons[.] Built 2 Forges & Burned Coal—

Sunday 7th
Remained in Camp[.] Continued to repair Wagons

Monday 8th
Remained in Camp[.] Continued to repair Wagons—About 100 Tires Set at this Camping place & about 50 but & Welded[.] J [Jeremiah] Bingham left the Company & Went a head

Tuesday 9th
Came 14 Miles[.] Started at 10½ Oclock[.] Camped on Platt[e.] roads Sandy & heavy to day

Wednesday 10th
Came 15 Miles[.] Camped at Upper ferry of Platt[e.] Capt. Johnson’s Company Camped with us[.] Roads Sandy & heavy

Thursday 11th
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped on Platt[e.] Roads Sandy & Hilly to day—Here we left the Platt[e]—Capt Johnson’s Company Camped with us.

Friday 12th
Came 22 Miles[.] Camped on Small Creek South of road[.] reached Camp at ½ past 9 oclock

Saturday 13th
Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on Sweet Water 2 Miles below Independence Rock

Sunday 14th
Came 10 Miles[.] Camped on Sweet Water. Passed Saleratus Lake[.] gathered about 200 lbs[.] Passed Indeps. Rock & Devils Gate—This is a great curiosity—

Monday 15th
Came 16 Miles[.] Camped on Sweetwater[.] roads Sandy—The following Persons who were detained at the Missour River Joined us at upper crossing of Platt[e] & Were organized with us to day

Tuesday 16th
Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on Sweetwater. This evening Capt. Leuke [Luke S.] Johnson was instructed by vote of the—Company to assume the duties of Capt. of 50 to which office he had been previously appointed—During the night—Simeon Drollinger[,] Hiram Willis and Alonz. Bingham left supposed for Salt Lake

Tuesday Wednesday 17th
Came 20 Miles Camped on Sweetwater. Roads Sandy & heavy[.] arrived at Camp after night[.] Wind River Mountains Covd. with Snow in Sight all day—

Thursday 18th
Remained in Camp till 3 Oclock[.] Sit Wagon Tires & Came 7 Miles[.] Lost my ox Torn [Team] This after noon[.] 2 others left on the road to die—Camped on Sweetwater[.] arrived in Camp after night

Friday 19—
Lucy Ann Millard got her leg <thigh> broken soon after starting—Train detained 1½ hour—Came 17 Miles[.] Camped on Quakingasp Creek 1½ Miles above the Crossing[.] Roads hilly & Rocky

Saturday 20th
Came 7 Miles[.] Camped on Sweetwater 1½ Miles below upper crossing

Sunday 21st
Came 17 Miles[.] Camped on Paciffic [Pacific] Creek 3½ Miles below Springs[.] Came through S. Pass[.] Altitude 7085 feet[.] day cold & Windy

Monday 22nd
Cold Morning[.] Ice in Wash Pans & Buckets—Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on Pacific Creek[.] No grass[.] bad Water—Came new road South of old one—

Tuesday 23rd
Came 20 Miles[.] Camped on Big Sandy—roads Sandy & heavy[.] no Water on the road[.] Oxen Suffered[.] Reached Camp after night.

Wednesday 24th
Came 14 Miles[.] Campd on Big Sandy—Poor Grass—

Thursday 25th
Came 15 Miles[.] Crossed Green river[.] Camped on West bank—

Friday 26th
Came down Green river 8 Miles[.] Camped on bank opposite mouth of Big Sandy—

Saturday 27th
Came 14 Miles[.] Camped on Blacks fork. Bro. Miller from the Vally met us this evening—

Sunday 28th
Came up Blacks fork 8 Miles[.] Camped on Hams fork. A Difficulty having occured yesterday morning between Willis Boren & Andy Kilfoil [Kilfoyle]—The matter was calld up this evening & by consent of the parties Submitted to Bros Miller[,] Cooley[,] Johnson & the Capts of 10s[.] The Said Boren being charged with profane Swearing & also with threatning the life of Said Kilfoil by Shooting & preparing his gun therefor—The Said Kilfoil being charged with using abusive language toward Said Boren—And the Statements of the parties—having been heard & also the testimony of witnesses[.] It was considered by the Said board that the said Boren is guilty of the charges above specified & that he make Suitable acknowledgements to the Camp & humbly ask forgiveness of the Same[.] Which he accordingly done—& it was further considered that the Said Kilfoil is not guilty as Specified above—All of which proceedings were approved by the Camp, and agreed to by the Said parties—

Monday 29th
Came 18 Miles[.] Camped on Blacks fork

Tuesday 30th
Came 13 Miles[.] Camped at ft. Bridger

Wednesday 31st
Came 13 Miles[.] Camped on Muddy fork—Hard frost & ice next morning

Thursday Sept. 1st
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped at East foot of Divide ridge—

Friday 2nd
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped at Spring 4 Miles west of Bear river—

Saturday 3rd
Came 16 Miles[.] Camped at Deep ravine[.] Bro H. W Miller met us here with Supplies

Sunday 4
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped in Ecko Kanyon [Echo Canyon]

Monday 5th
Came 11 Miles[.] Camped on Small Creek 3 Miles West of Weber—

Tuesday 6th
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped on Kanyon Creek [Canyon Creek]—Left Buck to day 6 Miles this side of Weber. Letter N cut on left horn

Wednesday 7th
Came 12 Miles[.] Camped on Brown Creek—

Thursday 8th
Came 8 Miles[.] Camped at mouth of Kanyon 5 Miles from City[.] Resolution adopted

Friday 9th
Came 5 Miles to the City

New Organization
Sergt of Gard Sol. McIntosh
Capt of 10 Gilbert Cox
Capt of 50 Dan[ie]l Miller
Moved that L.D. [Lewis Dunbar] Wilson [Willis] Boren & [William] Stone be elected Herdsman to Control the boys in herding Cattle—also Roswell Blood—

The following was added to the journal, possibly for the benefit of succeeding wagon trains, or perhaps just a summary for the journal.


Guide To Camp


Road Joines River, 0
Fine Bottom between hills—Steep hills—7½
Alder Clump[.] A Spring opposite[.] Grass & Wood, 1½
One Mile further Come to good road, 1
A Creek, 3
A Deep Creek Muddy[.] bottom not Bad, 1
Road good Sandy in places to River[.] Good Camping, 8
Road Rough for 4 Miles to River[.] Land Sandy & barren[.] Steep & Craggy ascent, 4
10 Miles Road Mountainous, 10
Road descends to near the river barren, 5
Low Lands bordering upon river, 15
Ferry to the Platt[e], 3
Upper Ferry[.] Some feed upon river Side for 26 Miles further[.] No Water but what is poisonous & little grass[.] Road over a barren & Mountainous Country[.] Road hard & Dusty, 19
A Spring & Lake[.] Water bad, 13
A Small Stream to the left of the road[.] Water brackish[.] Grass plenty,13
Willow Springs on Right of road[.] Water good Grass plenty, 3
Prospect hill[.] Rattle Snake mountains—1
Creek on left of road[.] Some Grass & Water but no Wood, 4½
Grease Wood Creek[.] No feed[.] Alkali Water all the Way to, Sweet Water—11
Independence rock, 1
Crab Creek, 0
Small L.S. Road, 1¼
Cobble Hills E. Foot, 5
Cobble Hills W. Foot, 2¼
Ancient Bluff R., 1¼
Road Joines River, 10½
Low Sandy Bluffs, 7½
Low Sandy West Foot, 1
Chimney Rock, 14½
Scotts Bluffs, 19½
Spring Creek, 4
Road near River, 12½
Low Sandy Bluffs, 2¾
Creek South Road, 2
Timber N. River, 11½
Raw Hide Creek, 5¼