Transcript for Eliza Ann Haven Westover letter to Lewis Westover in A Legacy of Faith: A Family Portrait of Lewis and Eliza Westover and Their Parentage (2003), compiled by Paul Lewis Westover, 110

In the Spring of 1848 we left for Winter Quarters, the general gathering place of the Saints, then started for Salt Lake in President Brigham Young's company, a large one. He had most of his family in it. I had a very pleasant time. I was young with no cares. Father [Deacon John Haven] had a team of 2 yoke of oxen and two cows in the sling, so we had milk all the way. It was on the plains that I first met your father. He drove part of President Erastus Snow's teams across the plains. The first time he saw me I had one of Father's oxen by the horn leading him up under the yoke. Once on the Platte River the whole company had to stop to let a large herd of Buffalo pass. There were hundreds on the lope going to the river to drink.