Transcript for Eliza P. Lyman, Journal, 1846 February-1885 December, 43-45

June 29th Since I last wrote we have been very busy in making preparations for our intended journey to the valley of the great Salt Lake, where we hope to live in peace and serving God as he commands us. Br [Amasa Mason] Lyman has returned from his southern mission accompanied by quite a number of saints who will travel westward with us. Among them are John Brown, Wm Crosby, Wm Lay and Br Bankhead. We are some better fixed for traveling than when we left Nauvoo but our outfit is very scant. Have provision enough to last a few month after we get there, but not enough to last till we can raise more. But we go trusting in the Lord who never forsakes his people. Sister Caroline have one waggon for our use and cook and eat by ourselves. We have a bedstead laid on the projection so that our bed do not have to be moved about. We have room for a chair which is a luxury for me under the circumstances. My Mother’s wagon is next to mine. My sister Emily has gone on with her husband B[righam]. Young and the rest of his family, so I am leaving none of my near relatives behind which is a great satisfaction to me. We started on our journey and traveled 6 miles and camped for the night.

July 1st After staying in camp two nights we started again for the Horn river, but were detained another night in consequence of the rain.

2,nd Crossed the Horn and waited till the 7th for Dr. Willard Richards, when both camps left and went to the Platte river.

15th Crossed the Loup Fork, went 4 miles and camped on the Pioneer’s old camping ground.

16th Our men and teams went back and helped the Dr’s company across the Fork. Saw the first Indians here since we started.

August 20th Platte Dealton [De Alton] Lyman born, at about 6 o’clock on Sunday morning. This is the second son that I have had born in a wagon and I still think it is a most uncomfortable place to be sick in. He was born on the east bank of the Platte river opposite Fort John or Laramie. The journey thus far has not been very pleasant to me, as I have been very nearly helpless all the way, but it is all right, we are going from the land of our oppressins where we hope to raise our children in the fear of the Lord and where they will never suffer by the hands of our enemies as we have done.

21st Crossed the Platte river. The rocks in the bottom are so large that it seemed sometimes as if they would tip the wagon over. I held fast the baby and sister Caroline held fast to me so that I was not thrown quite out of bed.

Oct 17th Reached the place of our destination in the valley of the Great Salt Lake. I have been quite as comfortable on the journey from Laramie as could be expected under the circumstances. Some of the time the weather has been very cold with rain and snow, so that I could not be comfortable anywhere as I had no stove in the wagon, but I and my child have been preserved through it all and I feel to give thanks to my Father in Heaven for his kind care over us. We are now at our journey’s end for the present. The weather is beautiful. The country barren and desolate. I do not think our enemies need envy us this locality or ever come here to disturb us.