Transcript for Elizabeth H. Hyde life sketch in Historical resource materials for Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho, 1955-1956, 6-7

In the spring of 1849 my husband and brother Rosel with their families started for Salt Lake Valley. The companies were divided into one hundred fifty and ten, samuel gully was captain of a fifty and died on the plains on the 4th of July with the cholera, several others of the company died with the same disease. My husband came very near going the same way. I sat up with him many nights in my wagon, fearing every night to be his last; my husband was appointed to take brother Gully's place as captain of fifty. [James A.] Livingston and [John Henry Kinkaid [Kinkead] merchants in Brother Gully's company rendered me every assistance in their power in my husband's sickness, furnishing me with medicine and lights, they said they had lost one captain and didn't want to lose another. They had him ride in their carriage until he got stronger. Sister Betsy Aldred [Elizabeth Patrick Taylor Allred] was with me, we traveled with ox teams.

We arrived in Salt Lake on the 22nd day of Sept. 1849, after being on the road between four and five months, . .

[Variant version of text also in Our Pioneer Heritage, 20 vols. (1958-77), 7:433]