Transcript for Elizabeth Neff letter to her mother (Anna Bitner), 8 June 1848, in Musser family, Letters 1847-1849; 1877

The Horne
June the 8 1848

Dear Mother Brenne and Martha

I take my pen in hand to write a line to you letting you know w[h]ere we are and how we are[.] We arrived at this place on Tusday but did not cross untill yesterday[.] My health has improved some though I have to be very Carefull[.] A little Work makes me feel as bad as ever[.] I tried to get A plaster from the Docter[,] he has not got any[.] Sis is good when the wagon is gong [going,] when it stops She wants to be nursed all the w[h]ile. She rests weell [well] at night[.] I have got to write my letter and hold her And I suppose you will have hard work to read it[.] Brother Snow delivered your letter last Sabbath[.] I was very much pleased to hear from you[.] I hope when you get this you will be settled and try to feel at home[.] Br Brigham Called to see me[.] he Said he gessed I would know how travling went by the time I got to the Vally[.] he said I must be carefull of my health[.] There was A company went out yesterday[,] there is another going out today. There is talk of Br Brighams going in the morning[.] I do not beliv he will get off before sunday or monday we are going with him[.] Hannah is not with me. she is going to help me any time[.] she will wash for me tomorrow if we do not Start[.] We have had Some trouble with our wagon breaking which detained us some[.] I think it will Stand now[.] we have had to unload and get <some of> our goods halled[.] I think of nothing more to write except that there has been two deths Since the we are here[,] A babe Six weeks old[,] the other was drowned[,] one of John Neffs children[,] A boy Eight years old[,] and two of John Bays wommen went after gooseburry and lost themselves[.] they were gone a day and night[.] We do not get wet when it rains[.] There is a man Close by that is going East by the name of Curtus. I will Send this by him for feer [fear] of not having another chance[.] Excuse all mistakes and bad writing as I have written in a hurry[.] except of our love yourselves And Remember us to Br and Sister Davis and all inquiring friends


Mrs Anna Bitner


Elizabett Neff



Martha wears her [w]ristlet[,] it looks very nice[.] She grows fast[.] Send us a letter if you have a chance [to] my mother Ann Musser.